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New partnership between Canada Running Series and CelePLATE

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CelePLATE becomes the official personalized medal engraving provider for all Canada Running Series events through 2024. 

TORONTO, ONTARIO, December 5, 2023 – Canada Running Series (CRS) is pleased to announce a new partnership with CelePLATE, a new Canadian, female-owned business offering personalized laser etched inserts for the back of participants finisher medals.

Participants have the option to purchase an engraved plate which fits nicely into the recess on the back of their race medal or the ribbon clip which is secured onto the ribbon with a custom-made clip. Participants simply collect their race medal at the finish line and their personalized CelePLATE will arrive in the mail within two weeks, laser engraved with their name and finish time.

Expanding on their commitment to sustainability, Canada Running Series is delighted to be working with CelePLATE. “With most of our participants residing in Canada, participants will receive their engraved plate in just a few days and with a much shorter travel distance using a local, Canadian company,” said Charlotte Brookes, National Event Director of CRS. 

“CelePLATE is thrilled to partner with Canada Running Series, providing their participants the opportunity to enhance the race experience and celebrate their achievement with a custom plate insert. With the endorsement of Canada Running Series, a world-class running event organization, CelePLATE is poised to grow our brand presence within the Canadian racing community and play a part in recognizing the hard work and dedication that goes into training and participating in a race.” Chief CelePLATION Officer, Tara Melville adds.

Registration for Canada Running Series 2024 events is now open. Visit for more information.


About Canada Running Series 

Canada Running Series is Canada’s premier road race series, offering seven annual events nationwide. Since 2017, CRS’s flagship event, the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon, has served as the Athletics Canada National Marathon Championship race and has doubled as an Olympic qualifier. In 2022, CRS raised $4.2 million for over 240 local charities through the Charity Challenge. 

Using innovation and organization as guiding principles, Canada Running Series stages great experiences for runners of all levels, from Canadian Olympians to recreational and charity runners. With a mission of “building community through the sport of running,” CRS is committed to making sport part of sustainable communities and the city-building process. 

Media Contact:
Ian Cater
Senior Manager of Marketing & Partnerships 

About CelePLATE

CelePLATE is proudly Canadian. Founded by Race Director and Co-Owner of Run Well Events Inc., Tara Melville, CelePLATE was created to offer Canadian events, from running to triathlon, an alternative to using an overseas supplier for personalized medal inserts. As a Canadian company, orders are delivered quickly, with sustainability in mind. CelePLATE’s head office is located near Guelph, Ontario. 

Media Contact:
Tara Melville
Chief CelePLATION Officer


Thomas Broatch and Andrea Seccafien blaze to the finish at the 10th Anniversary of the Under Armour Eastside 10K

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Over $36,000 has been raised for local charities that support Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

VANCOUVER, September 24, 2023 — The sun shone down this morning as Canada Running Series (CRS) celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Under Armour Eastside 10K, alongside nearly 3000 participants. There was a glow about this race as Thomas Broatch blazed to a 30:02 finish. Canadian Olympian Andrea Seccafien led the way on the women’s side with a finish time of 34:16.

“It’s my favourite day of the year,” said Ryan Chilibeck, Race Director at Canada Running Series. “Seeing the Vancouver run community rally around this race each year, it really means a lot to our team at CRS and our amazing charity partners. I only wish I could run it myself. The energy is electric”.

With over 2800 participants toeing the line today, we also saw 152 moving with us virtually. This race treats runners to a route that is unlike other Vancouver races, touring the runners through a historic and industrial course, in Gastown and Strathcona.

The men’s field played it tight this morning, opting to run as a pack for most of the race. Vancouver’s Broatch broke away at about 8K with Alex Drover, taking turns in the lead before Broatch made his final push. This 10K race is renowned for its grueling “Kill the Hill” segment, an 800m incline push that tests the fitness of runners. “My favourite moment of the race was the downhill. I ran this course last year and was so happy to make it back,” Broatch commented, all hills considered. He is hoping to carry the momentum from this win to his marathon debut at the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.

It was an amazing finish in the women’s race with Andrea Seccafien and Glynis Sim battling it out to the finish line, finishing in 34:16 and 34:19 respectively. Vancouver’s own Samantha Jory rounded out the top three, crossing the finish line at 34:42. It was great to see Andrea competing today after relocating to Portland to run with the Bowerman Track Club. With her eyes on the Paris 2024 Olympics, this win should give her some confidence as she looks to qualify for Team Canada.

The 2023 Under Armour Eastside 10K raised over $36,000 this year, which brings our fundraising total to over $250,000 since the races inception. This race is a dedication to the community in the Downtown Eastside and we’re grateful for the continued partnership with local charities: Urban Native Youth Association, Downtown Women’s Eastside Centre, Kids Sport BC, and PHS Community Services Society.

Men’s Winners:
1. Thomas Broatch (30:02)
2. Alex Drover (30:12)
3. Trevor Hofbauer (30:18)
4. Mitch De Lange (30:19)
5. Ryan Tyrell (30:23)

Women’s Winners:
1. Andrea Seccafien (34:16)
2. Glynis Sim (34:19)
3. Samantha Jory (34:42)
4. Kiana Gibson (34:55)
5. Leslie Sexton (35:09)

For more information about the Under Armour Eastside 10K, please visit the website:

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Under Armour Eastside 10K

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F-1 Andrea Seccafien Guelph ON
F-2 Leslie Sexton Vancouver BC
F-3 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC
F-4 Samantha  Jory Vancouver BC
F-5 Glynis Sim Vancouver  BC
F-6 Kiana Gibson Vancouver BC
F-7 Katrina Sutton-Allison North Vancouver BC
F-8 Andrea Lee North Vancouver BC
F-9 Keila Stark Vancouver BC
F-10 Katherine Watson Vancouver BC
F-11 Charlotte Browning Burnaby BC
F-12 Megan Crocker Whistler  BC
F-13 Kathleen  Saxon  Edmonton  AB
F-14 Maria Sang Surrey BC
F-15 Rozlyn Boutin Vancouver  BC
F-16 Katrina Lim Burnaby BC
F-19 Carley Gering Victoria BC
F-20 Eriko Soma Vancouver BC

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
M-1 Trevor Hofbauer Kelowna BC
M-3 Thomas Broatch Vancouver BC
M-4 Brendan Wong Coquitlam BC
M-5 Matthew  Hope Edmonton AB
M-6 Tyler  Dozzi Vancouver BC
M-7 Alexandre Ricard Squamish BC
M-8 Daniel Molushet Zewdu Victoria BC
M-9 Yemane Mulugeta Surrey BC
M-10 Evan Elder Vancouver BC
M-11 Kevin Friesen Port Coquitlam BC
M-12 Ryan Tyrell Hamilton ON
M-13 James Hoad London UK
M-14 Mitch  de Lange Thornton ON
M-15 Cole Dinsdale Burnaby BC
M-16 Alex Drover Calgary AB
M-17 Logan Arthur Edmonton  AB
M-18 Christian Gravel Vancouver  BC
M-19 Nicolas Jirot Abbotsford  BC
M-20 Julian Meyer Vancouver BC
M-21 Mark Klassen Mission BC
M-22 Riley Stuermer St. Albert AB
M-23 James Lamers Vancouver BC
M-24 Sam Wensink Langley BC
M-25 Ron  Loewen Surrey BC
M-26 Kyle Kimura Vancouver BC
M-27 Adam Buzinsky Vancouver BC
M-28 Michael Barber Victoria BC
M-29 Carlos Lesser Vancouver BC
M-30 Andrew Geiger Vancouver BC
M-31 Matt Melnik Delta BC
M-33 Nikolai Gauer Vancouver BC
M-34 Gus Amundson  Vancouver BC
M-35 Aryou Manouis Edmonton AB
M-36 Fernando  Medina Mossley ON
M-37 Evan Dunfee Richmond BC
M-38 Aven Kifle Surrey BC

Choosing the right footwear: training shoes vs. race day shoes

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As the sun rises on race day, every runner knows that their choice of footwear can make or break their race. The battle between training shoes and race day shoes is a critical decision.

Training shoes are like a reliable companion. These are the shoes that accompany you through your daily preparation for race day. These shoes are designed for durability and support during long training sessions. The UA HOVR™ Machina 3 Clone Running Shoes are built tough for your longest runs, providing extra springy UA HOVR™ cushioning in the toes to help you explode through every step.

The technology within this shoe supports your training from day one. The UA Clone auxetic upper stretches and adapts to your foot shape and stride for a custom 1:1 fit. The responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact and returns energy to propel you forward. With a combination of carbon rubber and blown rubber in the outsole that provides strategic durability and a lightweight rebound.

During your preparation for the Under Armour Eastside 10K race, your training shoes are your go-to companions, delivering the necessary support and comfort for your daily runs and helping to prevent injuries leading up to the big day.

When race day arrives, it’s time to introduce the race day shoes. Race day shoes prioritize minimalism, so you can put your training to the test. These shoes are designed for speed and breaking personal records. These shoes are often more lightweight compared to training shoes. Their reduced weight helps to conserve energy and support acceleration throughout the race.

The UA Flow Velociti Elite Running Shoes and UA Velociti 3 Running Shoes were built for speed. The Flow technology eliminates the rubber outsole, creating a more lightweight and seamless ride on any surface, while the sock liner creates enhanced resiliency and bounce with every stride.

If you have the goal of finishing the race, then stick with what you know. Your training shoes will provide the support needed for longer distances.

If a personal record is your goal, then as race day approaches, consider incorporating your race day shoes into your runs. This helps your body adapt to the feel of different shoes, so on race day you will be ready to go all out.

In the end, the choice between training shoes and race day shoes ultimately depends on your goals, and which will help you conquer the course to reach your personal finish line.

Malindi Elmore Breaks Course Record at Tenth Editon of the Under Armour Eastside 10K

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The tenth edition of the Under Armour Eastside 10K, organized by Canada Running Series (CRS), took place today, returning to in-person racing for the first time since 2019. Defending champion and course record holder, Malindi Elmore, broke her own course record in 32:37, while Ben Preisner tied the men’s course record of 29:20, which was set in 2014. 

“It was an incredible feeling to bring this race back to the city after a two-year hiatus,” said Ryan Chilibeck, Race Director at Canada Running Series. “The goal of the UA Eastside 10K is and has always been to celebrate Vancouver’s local running community and the neighbourhoods we run through. This race operates in tremendous support of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community, and we’re proud to have hit a new fundraising record for our four incredible charity partners.” 

2,042 participants took part in the in-person race, with another 213 registered for the virtual 10K or virtual 1K Kids Run. Unique among the city’s many races, the UA Eastside 10K takes racers through the heart of East Vancouver, from the city’s Gastown neighbourhood and through Strathcona on this out-and-back course. 

From early on, defending champion and women’s course record holder, Malindi Elmore, lead the race before breaking her previous course record of 32:42, which had been set in 2019. Vancouver’s Leslie Sexton was close behind, crossing the finish line in 34:11, followed by the Vancouver Half Marathon winner Samantha Jory in 34:58.  

“I felt really good off the line,” said Elmore, who maintained a steady lead throughout the race. “I ran a PB so that’s always awesome.” Referring to her training as she builds for her upcoming marathon, she noted, “I’ve done nothing this fast, but on the day, the strength is there.” 

The elite men had a tight race, with Olympians Ben Preisner and Trevor Hofbauer pushing each other throughout much of the course. In the end, Preisner broke ahead to take gold. Hofbauer placed second in 29:26 and Thomas Broatch finished in third place in 30:00.   

“It’s always a great run locally here in Vancouver, so I’m very grateful for all the organizers who put it together for us,” said Preisner, who admitted he wasn’t confident about securing the win. “Trevor is a very good competitor and he was always on my shoulder. It was a good incentive to keep pushing hard. I don’t think there was ever a place where I was super comfortable.” 

Malindi, Sexton, and Hofbauer will be building off the momentum from their strong finishes today as they prepare for the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16, 2022.  

The 2022 Under Armour Eastside 10K has raised over $31,860 to date, surpassing the event’s previous fundraising record of $30,022, which was set in 2015. Dedicated to supported Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community, this race has partnered with four local charities: CLICK – Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids, Urban Native Youth Association, Downtown Women’s Eastside Centre, and PHS Community Services Society. With a focus on creating sustainable events, Canada Running Series has also partnered with two environmentally focused charities, Trees for Life and Trans Canada Trail. The deadline to donate to the official charity partners is September 30, 2022.  

Men’s Winners:

  1. Ben Preisner – 29:20
  2. Trevor Hofbauer – 29:26
  3. Thomas Broatch – 30:00
  4. Luc Bruchet – 30:16
  5. Josh Kozelj – 31:13

Women’s Winners:

  1. Malindi Elmore – 32:37
  2. Leslie Sexton – 34:11
  3. Sam Jory – 34:58
  4. Andrea Lee – 35:59
  5. Ally Ginther – 36:12

For more information about the Under Armour Eastside 10K, please visit the website:  To download a PDF of the press release, please find it HERE

Race Day Essentials for the 2022 Under Armour Eastside 10K

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The countdown is on for this year’s Under Armour Eastside 10K, back in person on September 17 through Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood. We’re rounding up our top race day essentials to help you stay focused to the finish and crush your PB!

Cool, calm and comfortable:

Feeling the pressure? Don’t sweat it. Running gear from the Iso-Chill product line by our sponsor Under Armour feels cool to the touch, with sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric to keep you ultra comfortable. The Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 Shorts feature built-in mesh inner shorts to disperse body heat so you can breeze past the other runners.

Rain or shine:

The only way to really beat the forecast is to come prepared for any type of weather. A packable, water-repellent jacket like the Under Armour Run Anywhere Storm Jacket and the lightweight, breathable UA Shadow Run Adjustable Cap will keep you covered.

New best pace:

We know you’ve got it in you. Hit your stride and log a new best pace with shoes that put in work for you. The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2 grips the ground with a rubberless sole that feels super lightweight and comfortable, sending you soaring over the finish line.

A photo finish:

Show the people what they want! Whether you’re participating virtually or in person, share your favourite #UAEastside10k moments on social media to show the world why the Under Armour Eastside 10K is the best run in Vancouver.

Who you are supporting:

The 2022 Under Armour Eastside 10K proudly supports the Vancouver community by working with four local charity partners – The Downtown Eastside Women’s CentreCLICK – Contributing to Lives of Inner City KidsPHS Community Services Society and the Urban Native Youth Association. Learn more about how you can help fundraise for our Eastside charities.

Under Armour Ambassadors Give Eastside 10K Training Tips

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With the Under Armour Eastside 10K just over a month away, you’ll want to do some planning to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be. Under Armour ambassadors shared with us some of their best tips for race day.


When it comes to the food that fuels you, you’ll want to avoid trying to level up the night before with a new nutrient-rich meal thinking you need a “healthy” boost for the next day. Eating something untested pre-race is a gamble no runner should make.

What should you do instead? Run Coach, Stéphane Hetherington, suggests testing meals as part of your training ahead of time so, that come race day you already know what works. Think of pre-race food as fuel, not nutrition, and go with what leaves you feeling satisfied and energized time and again.

“After years of experimentation, my pre-race meal evolved into one (1) Little Caesar’s Hot n’ Ready Cheese Pizza or if I raced in the morning, I’d have frosted mini wheats with skim milk. Pretty fancy huh? Oh, and time your meal based on your last bite, not the first,” he goes on to say.


“Whether you’re aiming for a time, a place, to finish or something else, use that goal to structure your entire program,” Stephane suggests. He stresses that being realistic about how much time and energy you have for training is important – consistency or lack thereof can make or break your development.

Dr. Mitch Broser emphasizes the importance of including exercises in your warmup that prepare your joints for running. “A mobility routine that takes your spine, hips, knees, and ankles through their full range of motion will help not only prime your joints for optimal performance but reduce your risk of injury.”

Personal Trainer, Kevin Yeboah, suggests adding in weight training in between running days. Start off with three days a week, with different focuses each day. One day for your upper body, one for your lower, and one for a full body routine. The trick is to keep your weights light and your reps high! He recommends wearing training shoes like the UA Project Rock 4 for gym sessions so that you can maximize ground contact and get superior stability.


“If we don’t believe we can reach our goal, we likely won’t,” says runner Sylvie Manaigre. “Positive self-talk and mindset are key.” Be sure to write out your goals to maintain your accountability and see your progress over time. Check out Under Armour’s Flow Velociti Wind 2 running shoes, which digitally connect to MapMyRun, an app that helps you track your running metrics. These shoes are rubberless making them lightweight while maximizing breathability. The outsole is super-durable, increasing ground traction to give you the kind of speed that feels like you have the wind at your back.

Show us how you’re applying these training tips on Instagram and be sure to tag @underarmourca and use the hashtag #UAEastside10K.

Cancellation Announcement for the Under Armour Vancouver Eastside 10K

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We want to thank you for your ongoing support and for being an important part of the Canada Running Series family.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the Under Armour Eastside 10K. The safety of our running community is our top priority and we know this is the only solution until we can run together safely again.

We know how important it is to stay motivated and active and we are excited to continue supporting our participants and charity partners through the launch of the Under Armour Eastside 10K Virtual Race!

For those who are already registered, please check your inboxes for new options regarding your registration. If you are not yet registered, online registration for the Virtual Race will open on July 7th. If you have any questions please take a look at our FAQs page or email

Race Day Tips for #UAeastside10k

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Every year we’re joined by hundreds of new runners at the Under Armour Eastside 10k. We’ve taken some tips from the seasoned runners out there and come up with the ABC’s of how to set yourself up for a great race – both before and after the event.

While this guide is primarily aimed at new runners, it’s always good to refresh your memory even if you’ve been racing for decades! Also be sure to check out our Race Etiquette Page.

Before the Race

A – Know where you need to be and when

This may seem obvious, but it’s so often overlooked. You can save yourself a lot of stress on Race Day (and the days leading up to it) by knowing where to go and when. This includes knowing where to pick up your race package and bib number in the days leading up to the race, as well as how to get to the start line.

  • Package Pickup – ALL participants must pick up their race package and bib number at Package Pickup before Race Day. Package Pickup is located at Sport Chek on Robson Street — 788 Robson Street (Robson @ Howe) and is open on Thursday (Sept 12) and Friday (Sept 13) from 10:00am to 8:00pm, and Saturday September 14th in the Woodwards Atrium from 7am-8am. More details here.
  • Start Line – The run will start and finish on Cordova Street, near the Woodward’s Development. Your best way to get to the Start Area is to take public transit. To plan your trip, click here and select your starting location then choose Transit direction. Woodward’s is a short walk from either Waterfront Station or Stadium Skytrain Station. The second best way to get there is to bike, as BEST will be providing a complimentary and secure Bike Valet right beside the Start/Finish Line. A reminder that road closures will be in effect for the event, so please leave extra travel time. Recommended routes into Downtown are Hastings Street, Georgia Street, and Cambie Street Bridge. Driving to the start line? The easiest access/parking option is to take Cambie Street northbound to Cordova, then turn right to access the parking garage off of Cordova Street. Note that this access route is only possible until 8:15am, after which Cordova Street will be fully closed for the start of the race. If you are dropping someone off, please do so on Hastings Street.For full road closures details click here.

B – Don’t do anything new! We mean it!

A common mistake is to try something new just before or on Race Day. This could be anything from wearing a new pair of shoes during the run to changing up your diet the day before. If you typically eat a simple pasta the night before your training runs, don’t try out that new sushi place around the corner on Friday night. If you don’t usually have coffee before your training runs, don’t go for a double espresso on Race Day morning. Stick with what works for you – from your meals to your running clothes to your morning routine.

C – Start in the right corral

What’s a corral? In order to give everyone their best experience on Race Day, runners are typically assigned into a corral based on their predicted finish time. At the #UAeastside10k all runners will self-assign themselves to a estimated finish time.  Speedsters can start at the front of the pack while walkers start further back. Please be respectful of other runners and line up according to your expected finish time, and be honest in your approximations. Please also be mindful of other runners who may need to pass you on course.  Keep in mind the race start closes 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.  Make sure you arrive on time.

Corral colour Est. finish time Start time
Black Elites  8:30am
RedRed Corral < 50min   8:30am
Yellow CorralYellow 50–59min   8:30am
BlueBlue Corral 60–79min   8:30am
GreenGreen Corral 80min +   8:30am

Corral details for the race here.

BONUS – use our Gear Check to store a bag of warm, dry (and less-sweaty) clothes for after the race. Your $2 donation will go to our Featured Charities.

During the Race

A – Make sure your bib number is on your front and visible

We use a bib-tag timing system, which means your timing chip is embedded in your bib number. In order for it to work properly and have your time recorded:

  • Do not remove the “bibTag” or foam spacer from your bib.
  • Do not fold your bib or excessively bend or twist the “bibTag”.
  • Wear your bib on your chest/abdomen. Do not wear on your back, side, leg or arm.
  • Do not cover your bib with clothing – always make sure it is completely visible.
  • Make sure you cross over the timing mat at both the Start Line and the Finish Line.
    ***Start Line will CLOSE 10min AFTER THE SCHEDULED START TIME ***

B – Start slow and stay even

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Race Day and start out too fast. Do the opposite – start a little slower than your normal pace and gradually pick up your pace over the first kilometre. After that, try to keep an even pace throughout the race and save your extra energy for the final push to the Finish Line!

C – Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings

No one knows what the weather will be in September, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. If it’s hot, bring your own water, but we’ll also have three aid stations on course, serving up both water and Nuun Hydration. If you are using one of the aid stations:

  • When approaching a hydration station, move to the side of the road, grab your fluid/nutritional needs and keep moving. There will be multiple hydration tables so if the first table is busy KEEP MOVING.
  • There will be water refill stations for those runners carrying their own bottles.
  • Throw your used cup to the side of the road as close to the hydration station as possible, ideally in one of the marked bins. Drop your cup down by your waist so you don’t hit/splash another participant. Please don’t litter on the course after passing the last aid station garbage bin.
  • If you plan to stop at the aid station, move past the tables and pull off to the side of the road.
  • Say thank you to the volunteers!

After the Race

A – Keep moving

Collect your medal as you cross the Finish Line, then keep moving through the chute until you get to the Post-Race Recovery Area. Keep moving for at least 10 more minutes afterwards to gradually bring your heart rate down and help your legs flush out that lactic acid (this will prevent you from being stiff tomorrow).

B – Refuel and rehydrate

Right after the finish line we’ll have water and Nuun for you to rehydrate with. Grab a cup and keep walking – there will be more in the Post-Race Recovery Area. A variety of snacks will be available in the Recovery Area, including bananas, Larabars, juice, and yogurt. The carbs will help replenish your energy stores while a bit of protein will help rebuild your muscles. Make sure you eat something within 30 minutes of crossing the line.

There will also be an Under Armour stretching station after the Finish Line, so you’ll have a designated area to do a proper cool-down and post-race stretch!

C – Get warm and enjoy the Finish Area

After you’ve fuelled up, stop by Gear Check to collect your spare clothes. Even on a sunny day, your core temperature will drop fast once you stop moving, especially when you’re still wearing sweaty clothes.

Post-race brunch is always key. There are many excellent restaurants in the area, including some of our favourites: the Alibi Room, Belgard Kitchen, Local, The Birds & the Beets, Catch 122, Jam & Deacon’s Corner.

Congratulations! Now it’s time to start planning your next race – registration for the 2020 Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k is now open!

Your Race Day Essentials for the Under Armour Eastside 10K

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It’s almost the end of summer but you still have time to crush some PBs! We’re days away from the Under Armour Eastside 10K and if you’re feeling less than ready, set, go, check out the rundown below for all your race needs:

Look good, feel good:

If you’re looking for a way to smash last year’s race time, look to the UA RUSH product line by our sponsor Under Armour. The mineral infused fabric absorbs your body heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. This recycled energy promotes improved performance, energy and recovery, giving you that extra edge over the other runners. Since we haven’t had the best conditions in past years, be sure to plan for any type of weather and bring your rain jacket. If mother nature is on our side, be sure to wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

Do it for the ‘gram! Setting your PB in a 10K and even just finishing a 10K is a major accomplishment. What better way to boast about your success than to share photos on social media? Use #UAEastside10K to share your before, during, and after race pictures. Not only are we excited to see the run from your perspective, but we want you to show the world why the Under Armour Eastside 10K is the best run in Vancouver.

Who you are supporting:

The Under Armour Eastside 10K proudly supports the Vancouver community by supporting three local charities – The Downtown Eastside Women’s CentrePHS Community Services Society and YouthCo. Last year we were so proud to raise over $29,000. Let’s keep it rolling!

Now you’re race ready. See you at the starting line!