Diversity and Inclusion

Acknowledgement Statement

Here at Canada Running Series, we continue to listen, learn and reflect upon how running is not as accessible as it can and should be. Marginalized people continue to face systemic and individual barriers to participation, and we can no longer be complicit. As leaders in the Canadian running community, we are holding ourselves accountable to influencing change and committing to a diverse, equitable and inclusive running community and we hope that our community will hold us accountable and highlight the areas where we can continue to do better.

Commitment Statement

Our community comes from all walks of life. Canada Running Series is committed to ongoing learning, engaging diverse voices and fostering an equitable and inclusive global running community to promote accessible running for all.

Overarching Inclusion Action Plan

Ongoing Learning

  • We are committed to providing diversity and inclusion training to all staff, contractors, event staff and volunteers
  • We are committed to hosting continuing education on further topics in the realm of diversity, equity and inclusion that are open to the broader community to open dialogue and elevate marginalized voices

Engaging Diverse Voices

  • We are committed to reviewing our current recruitment and hiring practices, understanding our implicit biases in order to diversify our workforce and embed and prioritize diversity and inclusion in our hiring processes
  • We are committed to engaging with various focus groups to understand how we can do better as an organization and further our actions
  • We are committed to actively recruiting charities that directly support marginalized communities and equitably reducing barriers for charities that require additional support
  • We are committed to elevating the voices of our diverse running community and ensuring better representation on all platforms

Fostering Inclusive Excellence

  • We are committed to championing this conversation amongst our peers to further work in this area on a global scale to develop a running community more reflective of our broader community
  • We are committed to reviewing how we hold our partners accountable to their own actions in this area
  • We are committed to reducing barriers to participation through accessibility audits and monetary grants
  • We are committed to the Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action in Sport and supporting our local Indigenous communities

Sample Milestones Thus Far

  • We have created an internal Inclusive Working Group dedicated to creating a framework which will enable long term change and ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to following through on our commitments
  • We are beginning to audit our community through surveys to better understand who is underrepresented and using the information gathered to help inform us of the immediate and long-term changes necessary in our organization
  • We have helped initiate discussion amongst the Canadian Endurance Sport Alliance to support the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Sub-Committee which will bring together voices from organizations across the country
  • We are using our online platforms to elevate diverse voices by ensuring our imagery, our podcast and Facebook Live guests and our recommendations are reflective of the broader community

Feedback Mechanism

We know we can always do better. We are here to listen and learn. If you have any feedback on how we can continue to strive towards a more diverse, inclusive and equitable run community, we want to hear from you! You are part of what makes our running community so unique so please, let us know your feedback.