10K Event Details

Course Description & Map

Start Location — Woodward’s Development
Course Certification – BC-2017-069-BDC

Printable Course Map (300 KB)

The 10K course is marked every kilometre, only in kilometres.

Full Route Description

Runners will start and finish on Cordova St beside the Woodward’s Development. After heading west, runners will turn back onto Water St through Gastown, continuing on Alexander St to Gore Ave. The route circles Oppenheimer Park, then follows Alexander St under Heatley Ave and onto the Powell St overpass. Runners continue on Powell St up to Dundas St, then climb Templeton Dr up to circle Pandora Park before returning down Dundas St and back onto Powell St. The route continues onto Alexander St and then drops down to Railway St before returning to Gastown on Alexander St. Runners turn up Columbia St onto Powell St, then take Carrall St to Cordova St to finish back at Woodward’s.

Watch it in action – video map of course

Course Limitations

The City of Vancouver has a 1h45min time limit on the road closures for the Eastside 10K. The course will reopen to traffic based on a rolling schedule, based on a 1h45min finishing time or 10min30sec pace per kilometre. Please do not enter the 10K if you are unable to meet the time restriction. Slower runners and walkers are asked to start at the back of the event. The Start Line will close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Further Details

Entrants in the 10K should be able to maintain a 10 minute per kilometre pace for the duration of the distance. If you decide to continue the event past the time limit, you do so as an informed pedestrian, following all rules of the road and not as a part of the event. No road closure will be in place, nor may any aid still be available after the time deadline has passed. Aid stations along the route will close according to this pace and their location on the course (i.e. Aid at 5km point will close 1 hour from the start of the race). The finish line of the event will officially remain open for 1h45min.

Under no circumstance may participants be on the course before the official start time. Beginning before the official start will result in disqualification. Any person on the course prior to the official start is not considered as part of the event. The Start Line will close 10 minutes after scheduled start time

Course Restrictions

No wheels, other than athletes registered to be using wheelchairs or strollers, are permitted on the 10K course, due to safety and insurance reasons. No coaches, hand cycles, bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, or dogs are allowed on the course, may be removed from the event at any time, and may be held liable for any incidents resulting. Participants using Nordic poles are requested to start in the last corral. The course is limited to registered participants only. Each participant is required to wear the identifying bib number on their front. Disqualification may result from non-compliance with any of the above terms.


Participants will be allowed to push a child in a stroller for a $5 entry fee. You will be provided with an additional bib that must be worn on the back of the individual who is pushing the stroller. This additional bib is for everyone’s safety and will read “STROLLER” to indicate to those around you that you are pushing a stroller. The course involves some steep downhill sections so the stroller should be equipped with a tether and brakes.

This is a recreational category and you will be assigned to the last corral and asked to start at the back. Please note, you will only receive 1 finishers medal for this entry.

Participants using wheelchairs

Athletes using non-motorized wheelchairs are welcome in the event. Please indicate on your registration form if you are planning on participating in a wheelchair and email crswest@canadarunningseries.com with your expected completion time and to discuss whether an advanced start would be appropriate. Note that the 2 hour course time limit still applies to all participants.

Participants requiring a support person

Participants requiring guides, such as athletes with a visual impairment, are welcome in the event. Please email crswest@canadarunningseries.com to discuss whether an advanced start would be appropriate and to provide your support person’s name and contact information. The event must be notified of any guides but they have the choice of:

  • Participating in the event at no cost. They will need to complete the event waiver and wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.
  • Register in the event at the standard registration fee. They will receive the event shirt, bib with timing chip, and a finisher’s medal. The will complete the event waiver during registration and will need to wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.

Start Line

Start location: Cordova Street at Abbott Street (across from Woodward’s Development)

Corrals and Start Times

Your starting corral will be marked on your bib and will correspond to signage at the starting line (see map in previous section). Corrals are self seeding and you should line yourself up according to your finish time. If you feel that you need to change your corral, don’t worry, just line up closer to the start line. You do NOT need to have your corral changed in your timing or on your bib, the corrals are self-seeding and self-policed. Age category awards are based on Chip Time (from when you start to when you finish), but Overall awards are based on Gun Time (from the start of all runners, to when you finish) as per IAAF rules.

Corral colour Est. finish time Start time
Black Elites  8:30am
RedRed Corral < 50 min   8:30am
Yellow CorralYellow 50–59min   8:30am
BlueBlue Corral 60–79min   8:30am
GreenGreen Corral 80min +   8:30am

The Start Line will close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. 

Aid Stations

Three water stations will be located on route. Water and Nuun will be available at each station; plus areas at the Start and Finish lines.


Port-o-lets will be located at the Start and Finish Areas and on course near the Aid Stations.


Trained medical personnel will be located at the Start/Finish Area. In addition to this stationary team, other medical personnel will be roving the course by vehicle and bicycle.

If you require medical assistance along the course, please head to the closest Aid Station and the medical team will be called to assist you there.

In the event that you need to drop out of the event, we again request that you inform the medical team or the closest Aid Station so that they may pass this information on to the Finish Line.

Finish Line

The Finish Line for the 10K is located on Cordova Street at Abbott Street.

Google Map of Area

All runners are reminded to keep moving through the Finish Chute, heading towards the Party and Refreshment Area.

Hotel & Travel

For 2020, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown.

CLICK HERE for all the information to book your stay for the Under Armour Eastside 10K weekend rate.


Online Training Plan

mapmyrunGet fast, strong and ready to toe the line come race day!

Whether you’re running your first 10K or your 100th, having a well-structured prepared training plan is your best bet to set you up for a successful race day. From mobility and endurance to strength and recovery, this plan provides everything you need to have your best race yet—and maybe even snag yourself a PR along the way.

All you need is eight weeks, a foam roller and a lot of commitment to get fast, strong and ready to toe the line come race day.

Are you ready for the Under Armour Eastside 10k?

Download the training program as a PDF here.

Elites and Awards

Elite Hosting

Only applications submitted through the online elite application form will be considered. We do not accept emails or telephone calls.  Please note, we do not issue invitation letters for athletes requiring a VISA to attend this event. All athletes must submit a race finish time run within the past 9 months on a certified course, preferably the same distance as the race applied for.

An Elite Athlete application does NOT guarantee entry. All applications must be approved by the CRS Race Director and Elite Athlete Coordinator. Sub-elite applications may receive a discounted entry or preferred starting position, with the Open and Masters Athletes.

Best efforts will be made to inform applicants the first of each month and the day after the application deadline. Our application deadline will close on August 7th, 2020. 


2020 Elite Standards


Open — sub 31:00
Sub-Elite — sub 32:00
Master (40+) — sub 35:00


Open — sub 34:00
Sub-Elite — sub 37:00
Master (40+) — sub 40:00

Prizing and Awards 2020

Don’t just win your prize, claim it! Participants have 30 days to claim any prizes. Please send an email to crswest@canadarunningseries.com with your mailing address, age category and place you came in and your prize will be mailed out to you.

Event Records Men & Women will receive $500 for new record in their respective gender.

Men: 29:20 Kelly Wiebe CAN 2014

Women: 32:42 Malindi Elmore CAN 2019

10K Canadian Men & Women (gun time) $1500 $800 $400 $200 $100
10K Masters Men & Women (gun time) $200 $150 $100
Age Category Awards – Men & Women (chip time) CRS Medal CRS Medal CRS Medal
  • “Canadian” is defined as: Citizens; Landed immigrants; and Refugees with official status who have been domiciled in Canada for at least one year (proof may be required).
  • BC defined as: BC athletics membership or mailing address in BC, or having domiciled in BC for 12 months.
  • Master defined as: athlete being 40 years old plus, day of event.
  • 10K Age Categories: 14 & Under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85+.

Prize money winners in the Canadian and Masters categories can double dip and collect prizing in both categories, but collecting prize money in any one category removes you from winning an age category medal.



Back by popular demand, we will have the UA Pace Team on course to help you achieve your goal time! Note, pacers run consistent pace throughout the race, we do not have run/walk pacers for this event.

We will have pacers for every 5 minute finishing time from 40 to 75 minutes.

To apply for the chance to be on the 2020 Under Armour Pacer Team, please hit the link below. Application deadline is June 1st, 2020.