UA Technical Shirt

With its clean print on the front and back, this 10th Anniversary shirt will be a staple in your running wardrobe for years to come.

Participant Medal

Bold, gold, big and beautiful….our favourite words to describe the 2023 UA Eastside 10K finishers medal.

UA Hoodie

Participants in the Vancouver Special will also receive this limited edition, 10 Year Anniversary hoodie.


A race in, for, and with the Eastside! 

Join us on September 24, 2023 for the in-person Under Armour Eastside 10K as we return to the streets of Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood. It’s the perfect goal race to keep you motivated throughout the summer! 

Race Kit Includes: 

  • Finisher’s Medal 
  • Under Armour technical race shirt 
  • Race bib with timing chip 
  • Under Armour 8-Week Training Plan 
  • Limited edition Under Armour Eastside 10K hoodie (Only available with registration for the Vancouver Special) 

Start Line 

The 10K race will begin at 8:30 a.m. PST. 
Start location: Cordova Street at Abbott Street (across from Woodward’s Atrium)  

Participants will be organized in start corrals, based on individual expected finishing time. Your assigned corral will be indicated by the colour on your bib.  On race day, corrals will be identified by coloured flags, look for the flag that matches your bib. 

 Start Corrals 

Red Corral:  Under 49 minutes 

Yellow Corral:  50 – 59 minutes 

Blue Corral: 60 to 105 minutes  

The race will start in 6 waves with 2 waves per corral.  If you would like to start at the same time as another participant, stand near them in the corral. 

Finish Line 

The Finish Line for the 10K is located on Cordova Street at Abbott Street. 

Google Map of Area 


Start Location — Woodward’s Development
Course Certification – BC-2017-069-BDC 
The 10K course is marked at every kilometre. 



Full Route Description 

Runners start and finish on Cordova Street beside the Woodward’s Building. Heading west, runners turn onto Water St and run through Gastown, continuing onto Alexander Street to Gore Avenue. The route circles Oppenheimer Park, then follows Alexander Street under Heatley Avenue and onto the Powell Street overpass. Runners continue on Powell Street up to Dundas Street, then climb Templeton Drive up to loop around Pandora Park before returning down Dundas Street and back onto Powell Street. The route continues onto Alexander Street and then drops down to Railway Street before returning to Gastown on Alexander Street. Runners then turn up Columbia St, take a right onto Powell Street, then take Carrall Street to Cordova Street to finish back at Woodward’s. 

Course Restrictions 

Entry limits:  Maximum 3,000 participants. 

  • No wheeled devices other than athletes registered to be using adaptive aids, wheelchairs or strollers, are permitted on the 10K course. Please see information for adaptive athletes below.  
  • No dogs or other animals are permitted on the course, with the exception of service animals, which should be visibly identifiable as such.  
  • Participants using Nordic poles are requested to start in the last corral.  
  • The course is restricted to registered participants only; coaches or unregistered pace runners are not permitted on course.  
  • Each participant is required to wear the identifying race bib on their front, outermost layer. Disqualification may result from non-compliance with any of the above terms.

Participants Using Strollers 

Participants wishing to race with a stroller must indicate this in their registration. An additional “stroller” bib will be provided and must be worn on the back of the participant pushing the stroller. This additional bib is for everyone’s safety and indicates to other participant that there is a stroller on course. The course includes steep hill sections, and the stroller should be equipped with a tether and brakes. 

Participants pushing a stroller will be assigned to the last corral and asked to start at the back. Please note, only one finisher’s medal will be provided for this entry. 

Participants Requiring a Support Guide 

Participants requiring a guide are welcome in the event.  

When registering a guide, there are two options:  

  1. A “GUIDE” entry will be provided at no cost, with proof of registration of the participant requiring the guide. The guide will not receive a race shirt, race bib, or finisher’s medal.  
  2. Alternatively, guide can register in the event and pay the standard registration fee. They will receive the race shirt, bib, and finisher’s medal. Guide bib will also be provided.  

All guide entry requests must be emailed to crswest@canadarunningseries.com for further information.

Time Limits 

The City of Vancouver has a 1h45min time limit on the road closures for the Under Armour Eastside 10K. The course will reopen to traffic on a rolling schedule after the final participant, based on a 1h45min finishing time (10min30sec per kilometre pace).  

Please do not enter the event if you are unable to meet the time restriction. Slower participants may be required to move to the sidewalk if they are over the race time limitations.  

The Start Line will close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, late participants will not be permitted to start and will forfeit an official race time.  

*What happens if I don’t complete the race within the course time limit? 

Course Amenities 

Water Stations 

Three water stations will be located on route. Water and Nuun (electrolytes) will be available at each station and at the Start and Finish lines.  


Toilets will be located at the Start and Finish Areas and on course near the Water Stations. 

Medical Services 

Trained medical personnel will be located at the Start/Finish Area and on course.  

 If you require medical assistance along the course, please head to the closest Water Station and the medical team will be called to assist you there.  

In the event that you need to drop out of the event, we again request that you inform the medical team or the closest Water Station so that they may pass this information on to the Finish Line. 

The Vancouver Special (In-Person 10K + Virtual 10K)

Sunday September 24, 2023 

Get ready for your very own Vancouver Special! Challenge yourself to race both the virtual 10K and in-person 10K. Participate in them separately or try them both on one day. It’s The Vancouver Special, your way. 

 In-Person Race: Sunday September 24 

Virtual Period: September 1-30, 2023 

 Race Kit Includes: 

  • Finisher’s Medal 
  • Under Armour technical race shirt 
  • Digital finisher’s certificate  
  • Under Armour 8-Week Training Plan 
  • Bonus swag, a limited edition Eastside 10K branded Under Armour Hoodie
In-Person 10K Info Here
Virtual 10K Info Here

Race Kit Pickup

Location: Sport Chek Robson St (788 Robson St)


Friday September 22,  10am – 8pm

Saturday September 23, 10am – 6pm

All participants in the In-person 10K and The Vancouver Special Challenge must pick up their race kit at race kit pickup. Leftover race kits will not be mailed out.

Picking up for a Friend?

Not a problem! Please bring their original Race Roster Registration Confirmation Email and a text, e-mail, or hand-written note that states they allow you to pick up on their behalf.

Elites and Awards

Elite Hosting 

All elite athlete information and application forms for Canada Running Series events (with the exception of TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon) are located HERE. 


Other Prizing and Awards 

10K Age Category Awards: 

  • Men, Woman & Non-Binary based on chip time 
  • Categories include 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+ 

Results will be reviewed for one week following the event. During these seven days, athletes are able to lodge a formal, written protest to the race director for review. After the week, results will be finalized, prizing cheques and age category iTab Ribbon Hanger will be issued. Prize cheques will no longer be distributed on event day.  

*Prize money winners in the Open, Canadian and Masters categories are not eligible to win an age category award. 

Event Records 

Additional prizing may be awarded if the Event Record is broken. More details to come. 

Men: 29:20 Kelly Wiebe (2014) and Ben Preisner (2022) 
Women: 32:37 Malindi Elmore CAN 2022 

Claim Your Award 

Participants have 30 days to claim any prizes. Please send an email to awards@canadarunningseries.com with your mailing address, age category and the place you came in and your prize will be mailed out to you. 

Adaptive Athletes

We welcome and encourage adaptive athletes to race the streets of East Vancouver with us! Please consider the following details about the event and the race route when deciding if the Under Armour Eastside 10K is right for you.

  • The 10K route involves some tight turns with a minimum radius of about 12m
  • The race route involves both downhill and uphill sections, the steepest of which occur at the “Kill the Hill” section of the route by Pandora Park, on Templeton Dr from Dundas to Franklin, and around Pandora Park back down to Dundas. St.
  • The race route passes through the cobbled streets of Gastown – these roads are often uneven and can contain loose bricks.
  • Race Kit pickup occurs at Sport Chek (788 Robson St). in the two days leading up to race day. Kit Pickup occurs on the main floor of the store, and the store has an elevator for shopping needs as well.
  • Every water station on course has an accessible toilet. Accessible toilets are also located at the start/finish area and in the medical tent.
  • The start/finish areas is at the Woodwards Building (108 West Cordova St) with accessible access from multiple sides of the venue.
  • There is street parking available in close proximity to the start/finish area, as well as local parking garages. Please note, access to Easy Park Lot 31(160 Water St) is only accessible via the Water St entrance/exit. The Cordova exit/entrance is closed for the race.
  • All athletes must be able to maintain a pace of 10:30min/km to ensure race completion within the course limit.
  • Adaptive athletes will be assigned a corral based on their expected finish time noted during registration. Please contact us at  to request an early start option.
Adaptive Devices Permitted on Course
  • Recreational and pushrim wheelchairs
  • Handcycles are not permitted on course
  • Motorized wheelchairs are not permitted on course
If you would like to use an adaptive device not listed above, please contact .

Stay Connected

Use hashtags #UAEastside10K and #RunCRSWest to stay connected to the race community, follow us on Instagram @runcrswest, and let us know you’re coming via our Facebook Event page.