Spring Run-Off

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 21K de Montréal

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21K de Montréal – Liste des Départs Élites

Femmes/Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Elissa  Legault  Mascouche  QC
F2 Élisa Morin Montréal QC
F3 Alex Castonguay Boisbriand QC
F4 Laurianne Lepine Québec QC
F6 Jasmine Canse Montréal QC
F7 Alexandra  Hynes Ottawa  ON
F8 Maria  Zambrano  Calgary  AB
F9 Andrea Hill Ottawa ON
F10 Andreanne Sansoucy Boisbriand QC
F11 Emma Ollivier Montréal QC
F12 Angela  Maciocia Vaudreuil  QC 

Hommes/Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
1 Mohamed Aagab Campbellton NB
2 Alexander Maxwell Ottawa ON
3 François Jarry Montréal QC
4 Jean-Samuel Lapointe Québec QC
5 Marc-Antoine Senneville Trois-Rivières QC
6 Mahamat Ali Hissein  Montréal QC
7 Arnaud Francioni Montréal QC
8 Daniel Fournier Waterloo ON
9 Félix-Antoine Bédard Montréal QC
10 Baptiste Broyer Montréal QC
11 Guillaume Dupire Montréal QC
12 Hugo Sigalas Montréal QC
13 Ianis Garé Montréal QC
14 Félix Côté Boucherville QC
15 Cal DeWolfe Halifax NS
16 Hédi Sonnallier Montréal QC
17 Liyang Wang Calgary AB
18 Rachem  Baghdad  Verdun QC
19 Nicolas  Paradis St Bruno  QC
20 Louis-Philippe Garnier Montréal QC
21 Alvaro Cueto Saint-Hubert QC
22 Benjamin Raymond Laval QC
23 Jacob Cameron Ottawa ON
24 Hadout Moussab Montréal QC

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Spring Run-Off

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Laura Desjardins Toronto  ON
F2 Sasha Gollish Toronto ON
F3 Erin Teschuk Toronto ON
F4 Courtney Brohart Calgary AB
F6 Becca  Brennan Toronto  ON 
F7 Kathleen  Lawrence Toronto ON
F8 Heidi Ohrling Collingwood ON
F9 Stephanie  Ryall London  ON
F10 Livia Coburn Toronto ON
F12 Lauren King Toronto ON

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
1 Jeremy Coughler London ON
2 Kyle Grieve Toronto  ON 
3 Sergio Raez Villanueva Mississauga ON
5 Alex  Neuffer Halifax NS
6 Miles Avalos Toronto  ON 
7 Mitch Kirby Kingston ON
8 Matthew Lozano Ajax ON
9 Ryan Tyrrell Hamilton ON
10 Caleb Beland Sudbury  ON
11 Lucas McAneney Waterdown ON
12 Daniel Fournier Waterloo ON
13 Romain Carette  Toronto ON
14 Aaron De Jong Mississauga ON
15 Andrew Alexander Toronto ON
16 Robert Kanko Dundas ON
20 Bernie Hogan Bancroft ON
21 Timothy Fowler Toronto ON
22 Charles  Bedley Toronto ON
F13 Ian Guiden Ireland IRE

Postponement Details for the Under Armour Spring Run-Off

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Thank you so much for your patience as our team worked on the postponement of the 2020 Under Armour Spring Run-Off. First off, let us say that we are as disappointed as you are that we won’t be running in High Park on April 4th, but the safety and well-being of our participants, volunteers, event staff, spectators, families and the community at large is always our top priority. 

Instead of it being our opening race, we are looking forward to closing out the Canada Running Series season in High Park on our new date of November 7th. In place of cherry blossoms, we’ll get to see the fall leaves turning in Toronto’s most beautiful park.  

What does this mean for your registration? You have two options, each including a free Virtual Race to keep your training enthusiasm high:  

  1. Postpone your race to this fall. Date: Saturday November 7th, 2020.
  2. Defer your race to next spring. Date: Saturday April 10th, 2021.  

Both options are free of charge. You have until Thursday, April 16th at 11:59 p.m. EDT to decide which option works best with your schedule. Once you’ve made your choice, follow these steps to lock in your new race date:  

  • Log into your Participant Dashboard ( 
  • Use your email associated with your Race Roster account, 
  • Select ‘Yes, I have a Password’ and enter your password 
  • Click on edit registration data 
  • Update your selection by picking the postponement date or deferment date. 
  • Get ready to run your Virtual Race!  

What is a Virtual Race? 

A virtual race is completed at a time and place of your choosing. You will run or walk the race distance that corresponds to the distance you signed up for – either 8K or 5K – and once complete, you will visit Sportstats to upload your race time. Your finishers medal will then be mailed out to you! Kids Run participants can also enjoy their own virtual race, complete with medal mailed out to them, but we do not require them to upload their time to Sportstats. 

We will have more information regarding the virtual race, such as the timeline you need to run it in, available in the coming weeks, so watch your inbox for that exciting announcement! 

If you’ve been fundraising, the good news is fundraising will remain open until the fall.  Every dollar you’ve raised so far will still go to support discovery and innovation by the scientific and clinical teams at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  

Whether you choose to run this fall or next spring, we’re here to support you. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions and to make sure you’re set up to have a great race experience. You can reach out to us on TwitterFacebook MessengerInstagram or at any time.  

Entries are non-refundable as per our refund policy. You can find our full registration policies here. 

The excitement of running through High Park in the fall, or next spring is something we hope carries you through training until your feet hit the start line.   

Under Armour Ambassadors Give Spring Run-Off Training Tips

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Before you take the thousands of steps you need to cross the finish line, you’ll have to do some planning. We’ve reached out to Under Armour ambassadors – Kevin Yeboah (Personal trainer), Ruben Rapetti (Professional chef) and Laura Sanhueza-Miller (Ironman participant and running influencer) – to provide their best tips to prepare for race day. Whether you’re new to running or just looking for tips on how to improve your time, below are a few ideas to help achieve your spring running goals.


The key to any fitness goal is to complement your training with a balanced diet. Ruben suggests ditching those white sugars and opting for a more balanced mix of complex carbs, vegetables and protein like chicken or tofu. The night before the race, load up on carbs! You’re going to be expending more energy than usual, so heavy pastas will help keep you going. Ideally, Ruben recommends aiming for a 3:2 complex carbs to protein ratio. The morning of the race, leave yourself at least a 1.5 – 2-hour window to eat. You want to be able to fuel your body but if you eat too close to race time, your body is going to expend its energy trying to digest. Hydration is also key! To ensure your body is ready to perform, you should be drinking 2 – 3 litres a day.


If you’re new to running, it’s best not to wake up on race day and hope for the best. Starting your training several weeks prior will help ensure your goals are met. To avoid injury and carefully increase mileage, Laura suggests the following steps:

  1. Warm up with an 8-minute brisk walk to get your muscles moving
  2. Light jog for 2-3 minutes, followed by a 5-minute brisk walk (repeat 3-4 times)
  3. Cool off with a brisk 5-minute walk
  4. Finish off with static stretching – holding each stretch for 30 seconds.

As the training continues, you can steadily increase the amount of running by 1-2 minutes each week and decrease the amount of walking.

Kevin suggests adding in weight training in between running days. Try for 3 days a week, with 1 day focusing on upper body, 1 on lower, and 1 on a full body routine. Keep weights light and reps high! He also recommends wearing training shoes like the UA Project Rock 2 for gym sessions instead of running shoes so that you can maximize ground contact and get superior stability.

Under Armour shoesMotivation

The hardest part of the race won’t be the actual running but rather staying motivated. Laura is all about vision boards. Set your goals and grab some images on the internet to stay inspired. If crafting isn’t your thing, Ruben suggests setting a playlist of songs you love. Putting your phone on shuffle risks playing a song that will lower your energy and you want to ensure your energy levels are always at their best. Organization is also key to success! “Plan out your schedule ahead of time,” says Kevin. “Write things down and set small, achievable goals.” By writing down your goals and results, you’ll make yourself accountable and be able to see the progress you’re making in real time. Check out Under Armour’s HOVR Machina running shoes which are digitally connect to MapMyRun. The shoes provide real time results so you know how you’re tracking against your goals.

Final suggestions

Kevin – Before a race – don’t eat spicy food!

Ruben – Enjoy yourself!

Laura – Run for you and get after it – that medal has your name on it!

Read the official UA Spring Run-Off Training plan here and show us how your applying these training tips on Instagram with #TheOnlyWayIsThrough and #UASpringRunOff.

How To Train For Your First Race

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Training for your first race can seem intimidating but don’t worry, we have a few tips from our title sponsor Under Armour to help you cross the finish line.

Get the Right Gear

The first step to conquering a 5K or 8K is finding the right running gear. It all starts with a properly fitted shoe. Comfort is the most important thing to look for when picking your perfect pair. When you walk, the shoe should feel like it’s rolling along the ground: it wants you to run in them. If you can’t decide between a long-distance shoe or racing flat, try Under Amour’s newest running shoe, the HOVR Machina. The HOVR Machina provides runners with a comfortable, but light-weight cushioning to help you run longer and faster. The shoes are also digitally connected so you can use Under Armour’s MapMyRun app and get personalized coaching tips along the way. Once you find the shoe that’s right for you, give yourself at least two weeks before the race to break them in.

Train and Recover

Once you’ve got the right gear, you’re ready to start training. To help you reach your goals and prevent injury, it’s important to follow a good training plan. If you don’t know where to start, check out our official Spring Run-Off training plan to help runners at every level conquer the race. This plan combines mobility, endurance and strength training to help you become a better runner. Find a pace that works for you and don’t be afraid to take breaks. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on training, stay tuned to the CRS blog as we’ll be sharing another blog post with advice from some of Under Armour’s trainers and ambassadors.

Get social!

Training alone can seem daunting on your first go. Grab a friend or join a run club to keep you motivated. Even when you’re running alone, find support and motivation from other runners on MapMyRun. Share your milestones and create challenges with your friends to keep your training sessions interesting. For even more inspo, find people who motivate you online. Follow running influencers like, @dvdjoseph and @emilyrudow for tips, tricks and the extra push you need to get you on your feet.

Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy the run!

We’d love to see how you train for your first race. Show us how you’ve put these tips into action on Instagram with #UASpringRunOff.

Running Through the Elements – How to Train in all Types of Weather

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An April 5K or 8K run is a great way to start off your race season, but with unpredictable weather, training can be difficult. Through the weather changes, through the pain, through the doubt – in order to cross the finish line, the only way is through. Stay motivated by coming prepared – no matter what mother nature throws at you. Below are some tips from our friends at Under Armour on how to train through any weather condition:


There’s no easier time to get motivated to move than when the sun is shining. A beautiful, clear sky is all you can hope for on race day. Make the most of your time outside with our title sponsor Under Armour’s newest footwear technology, the HOVR Machina. HOVR Machina provides an extra edge over your fellow racers by mixing the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer. For more accurate training results, check out the MapMyRun app which all UA HOVR shoes can connect with. The shoes and app work together with Form Coaching, providing real-time, personalized guidance to make sure your form doesn’t break down mid run. The app also tracks your stride length, cadence and distance, helping you analyse your run and keep improving.


Sometimes, pushing through the excuses is the hardest part of training. Your biggest battle won’t be with the rain, but with yourself. You know you need to keep your schedule and get a run in, no matter what the forecast predicts. When the rain hits and you need to layer up, try outfitting yourself in the UA Qualifier Storm Packable Jacket. The jacket is fitted with UA storm technology, ready to repel wind and water to shield you from the elements.


Running in the cold can seem scary, but don’t let the bitter winter weather stop you from getting outside. Once you get moving, your body warms up quickly, so you don’t require as much bulk as you may think. The UA Intelliknit is a performance sweater made for keeping warm on the coldest of days. The lightweight feel offers breathability, while the reflective bands on the arms provide extra safety for those late-night and early-morning runs.


When the weather is unbearable, opt for a training session on the treadmill. Under Armour’s new HOVR Sonic 3 are great for distance runs, providing a lightweight feel with a little extra comfort and cushioning.

Read the official UA Spring Run-Off Training plan here and show us how you train through the elements on Instagram with #TheOnlyWayIsThrough and #UASpringRunOff. Register to run with us on April 4th at