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Thomas Broatch and Andrea Seccafien blaze to the finish at the 10th Anniversary of the Under Armour Eastside 10K

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Over $36,000 has been raised for local charities that support Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

VANCOUVER, September 24, 2023 — The sun shone down this morning as Canada Running Series (CRS) celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Under Armour Eastside 10K, alongside nearly 3000 participants. There was a glow about this race as Thomas Broatch blazed to a 30:02 finish. Canadian Olympian Andrea Seccafien led the way on the women’s side with a finish time of 34:16.

“It’s my favourite day of the year,” said Ryan Chilibeck, Race Director at Canada Running Series. “Seeing the Vancouver run community rally around this race each year, it really means a lot to our team at CRS and our amazing charity partners. I only wish I could run it myself. The energy is electric”.

With over 2800 participants toeing the line today, we also saw 152 moving with us virtually. This race treats runners to a route that is unlike other Vancouver races, touring the runners through a historic and industrial course, in Gastown and Strathcona.

The men’s field played it tight this morning, opting to run as a pack for most of the race. Vancouver’s Broatch broke away at about 8K with Alex Drover, taking turns in the lead before Broatch made his final push. This 10K race is renowned for its grueling “Kill the Hill” segment, an 800m incline push that tests the fitness of runners. “My favourite moment of the race was the downhill. I ran this course last year and was so happy to make it back,” Broatch commented, all hills considered. He is hoping to carry the momentum from this win to his marathon debut at the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.

It was an amazing finish in the women’s race with Andrea Seccafien and Glynis Sim battling it out to the finish line, finishing in 34:16 and 34:19 respectively. Vancouver’s own Samantha Jory rounded out the top three, crossing the finish line at 34:42. It was great to see Andrea competing today after relocating to Portland to run with the Bowerman Track Club. With her eyes on the Paris 2024 Olympics, this win should give her some confidence as she looks to qualify for Team Canada.

The 2023 Under Armour Eastside 10K raised over $36,000 this year, which brings our fundraising total to over $250,000 since the races inception. This race is a dedication to the community in the Downtown Eastside and we’re grateful for the continued partnership with local charities: Urban Native Youth Association, Downtown Women’s Eastside Centre, Kids Sport BC, and PHS Community Services Society.

Men’s Winners:
1. Thomas Broatch (30:02)
2. Alex Drover (30:12)
3. Trevor Hofbauer (30:18)
4. Mitch De Lange (30:19)
5. Ryan Tyrell (30:23)

Women’s Winners:
1. Andrea Seccafien (34:16)
2. Glynis Sim (34:19)
3. Samantha Jory (34:42)
4. Kiana Gibson (34:55)
5. Leslie Sexton (35:09)

For more information about the Under Armour Eastside 10K, please visit the website:

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Under Armour Eastside 10K

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F-1 Andrea Seccafien Guelph ON
F-2 Leslie Sexton Vancouver BC
F-3 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC
F-4 Samantha  Jory Vancouver BC
F-5 Glynis Sim Vancouver  BC
F-6 Kiana Gibson Vancouver BC
F-7 Katrina Sutton-Allison North Vancouver BC
F-8 Andrea Lee North Vancouver BC
F-9 Keila Stark Vancouver BC
F-10 Katherine Watson Vancouver BC
F-11 Charlotte Browning Burnaby BC
F-12 Megan Crocker Whistler  BC
F-13 Kathleen  Saxon  Edmonton  AB
F-14 Maria Sang Surrey BC
F-15 Rozlyn Boutin Vancouver  BC
F-16 Katrina Lim Burnaby BC
F-19 Carley Gering Victoria BC
F-20 Eriko Soma Vancouver BC

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
M-1 Trevor Hofbauer Kelowna BC
M-3 Thomas Broatch Vancouver BC
M-4 Brendan Wong Coquitlam BC
M-5 Matthew  Hope Edmonton AB
M-6 Tyler  Dozzi Vancouver BC
M-7 Alexandre Ricard Squamish BC
M-8 Daniel Molushet Zewdu Victoria BC
M-9 Yemane Mulugeta Surrey BC
M-10 Evan Elder Vancouver BC
M-11 Kevin Friesen Port Coquitlam BC
M-12 Ryan Tyrell Hamilton ON
M-13 James Hoad London UK
M-14 Mitch  de Lange Thornton ON
M-15 Cole Dinsdale Burnaby BC
M-16 Alex Drover Calgary AB
M-17 Logan Arthur Edmonton  AB
M-18 Christian Gravel Vancouver  BC
M-19 Nicolas Jirot Abbotsford  BC
M-20 Julian Meyer Vancouver BC
M-21 Mark Klassen Mission BC
M-22 Riley Stuermer St. Albert AB
M-23 James Lamers Vancouver BC
M-24 Sam Wensink Langley BC
M-25 Ron  Loewen Surrey BC
M-26 Kyle Kimura Vancouver BC
M-27 Adam Buzinsky Vancouver BC
M-28 Michael Barber Victoria BC
M-29 Carlos Lesser Vancouver BC
M-30 Andrew Geiger Vancouver BC
M-31 Matt Melnik Delta BC
M-33 Nikolai Gauer Vancouver BC
M-34 Gus Amundson  Vancouver BC
M-35 Aryou Manouis Edmonton AB
M-36 Fernando  Medina Mossley ON
M-37 Evan Dunfee Richmond BC
M-38 Aven Kifle Surrey BC

Choosing the right footwear: training shoes vs. race day shoes

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As the sun rises on race day, every runner knows that their choice of footwear can make or break their race. The battle between training shoes and race day shoes is a critical decision.

Training shoes are like a reliable companion. These are the shoes that accompany you through your daily preparation for race day. These shoes are designed for durability and support during long training sessions. The UA HOVR™ Machina 3 Clone Running Shoes are built tough for your longest runs, providing extra springy UA HOVR™ cushioning in the toes to help you explode through every step.

The technology within this shoe supports your training from day one. The UA Clone auxetic upper stretches and adapts to your foot shape and stride for a custom 1:1 fit. The responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact and returns energy to propel you forward. With a combination of carbon rubber and blown rubber in the outsole that provides strategic durability and a lightweight rebound.

During your preparation for the Under Armour Eastside 10K race, your training shoes are your go-to companions, delivering the necessary support and comfort for your daily runs and helping to prevent injuries leading up to the big day.

When race day arrives, it’s time to introduce the race day shoes. Race day shoes prioritize minimalism, so you can put your training to the test. These shoes are designed for speed and breaking personal records. These shoes are often more lightweight compared to training shoes. Their reduced weight helps to conserve energy and support acceleration throughout the race.

The UA Flow Velociti Elite Running Shoes and UA Velociti 3 Running Shoes were built for speed. The Flow technology eliminates the rubber outsole, creating a more lightweight and seamless ride on any surface, while the sock liner creates enhanced resiliency and bounce with every stride.

If you have the goal of finishing the race, then stick with what you know. Your training shoes will provide the support needed for longer distances.

If a personal record is your goal, then as race day approaches, consider incorporating your race day shoes into your runs. This helps your body adapt to the feel of different shoes, so on race day you will be ready to go all out.

In the end, the choice between training shoes and race day shoes ultimately depends on your goals, and which will help you conquer the course to reach your personal finish line.

The Vancouver Half Marathon Draws Over 4600 and Earns $300,000 for Charity

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VANCOUVER (June 25, 2023) — “Tough and beautiful” was the consensus for the 25th edition of the Vancouver Half Marathon and 5K, as more than 4,600 participants toed the line on a picture-perfect Pacific North West morning. Runners and walkers were drawn from 9 Canadian provinces and the Yukon Territory, 18 American states and 29 countries worldwide to test their fitness on one of North America’s most scenic courses that plunged from UBC down through Kitsilano. Event #4 in the Canada Running Series (CRS), the 21.1K doubled as the 2023 BC Half Marathon Championships and was part of the prestigious, new Athletics Canada Road Race Series.

Vancouver’s Thomas Nobbs (1:05:16) dominated the men’s field to cross the line more than two minutes ahead of the rest; while Scotland’s Sarah Inglis (1:15:34) held off defending champion Samantha Jory to claim the women’s winning crown. Behind them over 350 participants raised $300,000 for 29 important charities in the Charity Challenge. 

“Incredible day. It never gets old seeing my community, charity runners and everyone in-between run through Vancouver,” said Ryan Chilibeck, Race Director at Canada Running Series West. “The weather, plus everyone’s energy made for a spectacular day of racing with the West Coast’s finest scenery as a backdrop.”   

Rising star Thomas Nobbs got things over early as he broke from a lead pack of six around the 3km mark. By 5km (15:28) he had opened a 15 second gap and cruised down Spanish Banks and Point Grey to the finish in Kitsilano. Kevin Friesen (1:07:33) was the best of the rest, with Coquitlam’s Brendan Wong (1:07:35) just two seconds back in third. Nobbs, Wong, and Josh Kozelj claimed bronze, silver and gold in the BC Championships.  

Last year’s women’s champion Samantha Jory (1:15:51) battled Inglis all the way to the finish line at Museum of Vancouver coming in 17 seconds behind Inglis. Her overall feeling? “It was tough” but she loves this course. The BC Women’s Half Marathon medalists were Inglis, Jory and Julia Hawkins (1:19:26).  

Canada’s Olympic bronze medalist race walker Evan Dunfee (1:25:57) used the event as a final test of fitness before heading to altitude camp in Saint Moritz, hot weather camp in Barcelona and then the World Championships in Budapest in August. “It was ideal race day weather” said Dunfee but unlike the runners, he “enjoyed the uphill more than the down(hill)”. The heat came out to play but runners kept it cool as they cruised through this morning’s race. 

There were smiles all round as this year’s 29 charity partners took home more than $300,000 to benefit many corners of the community throughout the year ahead. Cassie and Friends ($53,534.15) claimed an extra $2500 as top fundraising team. David Porte led the charge in fundraising and collected $41,542.07.

Canada Running Series returns with the Under Armour Eastside 10K on September 24th with online registration now open at:   

For complete results, photos and further information: 

Men’s Half Marathon Winners:  

  1. Thomas Nobbs (1:05:16) 
  2. Kevin Friesen (1:07:33) 
  3. Brendan Wong (1:07:35) 
Women’s Half Marathon Winners:  

  1. Sarah Inglis (1:15:34) 
  2. Samantha Jory (1:15:31) 
  3. Emily Andrews (1:19:26) 
Men’s 5K Winners: 

  1. Jordan Wilson (16:17) 
  2. Jeremie Queriel (16:27) 
  3. Nikolai Gauer (16:47) 
Women’s 5K Winners:  

  1. Amber Lam (17:06) 
  2. Jouen Chang (17:36) 
  3. Krysta Boyer (18:19) 

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Vancouver Half Marathon

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Samantha  Jory Vancouver BC
F3 Sarah Inglis Surrey  BC
F6 Kathleen Lawrence Toronto ON
F7 Katherine Watson Vancouver BC
F8 Alison Gill Vancouver BC
F9 Maria Sang Surrey BC
F10 Sarah Carter North Vancouver BC
F11 Jen Millar Victoria  BC
F12 Eriko Soma Vancouver BC
F13 Moeko  Sanada  Vancouver BC
29 Joan Chung Toronto ON

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
25 Thomas Nobbs Vancouver BC
2 Kevin Coffey  Kingston  ON 
3 Brendan Wong Coquitlam BC
4 Josh Kozelj Coquitlam BC
5 Derek Scott Vancouver  BC
6 Nicolas  Jirot  Abbotsford  BC
7 Adam Buzinsky Vancouver BC
8 Zac Labrie  Vancouver  BC
9 Ron  Loewen Surrey  BC
10 Imran Khoja Vancouver Bc
11 Drew  Nicholson Surrey BC
12 Gus Amundson  Vancouver BC
14 Graham Spry Vancouver  BC
15 Evan Dunfee Richmond BC
17 Jeremiah Ziak Vancouver  BC
18 David Morrissey Vancouver BC
22 Kris Butler Edmonton AB
24 Carlos Lesser Vancouver BC

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Under Armour Toronto 10K

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Rachel Hannah Toronto  ON
F3 Salome Nyirarukundo Toronto ON
F7 Erin Mawhinney Hamilton ON
F9 Asia Dwyer Toronto ON
F10 Kathleen  Lawrence Toronto ON
F11 Tori Bouck London ON
F12 Andrea Hill Ottawa ON
F13 Lauren King Toronto ON
F14 Laurel Buchanan Toronto ON
F15 Livia  Coburn Toronto ON
F16 Ana Laura Fray New Tecumseth ON
F17 Jay Smith Edmonton AB

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
1 Tristan Woodfine Cobden ON
2 Rob Kanko Dundas ON
3 Dylan Alick Mississauga ON
4 Sergio Raez Villanueva Mississauga ON
5 Reid Coolsaet Hamilton ON 
7 Eric  Bang Toronto ON
8 Caleb Beland Sudbury  ON
9 Mitch  de Lange Thornton ON
10 Jean-Rene Caron Montreal QC
11 Mathieu  Moor Hamilton ON
14 Fernando  Medina Mossley ON
15 Cameron  Cira  Toronto  ON
16 Joshua McGillivray Toronto ON
20 Baghdad Rachem Verdun  QC
22 Timothy Fowler Toronto ON
23 Michael Logue Aurora ON
24 Shinsuke Adachi North York ON
26 Bernie Hogan Bancroft ON
27 Brian Byrne London ON
28 Jason  Skillicorn  Toronto  ON
29 Brent Poulsen Orillia ON

Meet Your ASICS Pacer Team!

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2023 Vancouver Half Marathon – ASICS PACER TEAM


Trying to get under the two-hour mark? Looking for a running buddy to keep you motivated through your race? Pacers are a great resource for runners to help maintain pace, keep you motivated, and maybe push you towards that elusive new PB!

As in previous years, we will be offering a wider range of pace times to help keep you on track. So here they are, our 2023 ASICS Pacer Team at the Vancouver Half Marathon: Read More

Le 21K de Montréal couronne Mohamed Aagab et Elissa Legault / 21K de Montréal crownes Mohamed Aagab and Elissa Legault

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Plus de 3500 participants se sont alignés sur une des trois lignes de départ du 21K de Montréal, la deuxième étape du Canada Running Series 2023. 

Les coureurs du demi-marathon ont sillonné les îles Ste-Hélène et Notre-Dame du parc Jean-Drapeau sous des conditions météorologiques presque qu’idéales : 13C et généralement ensoleillé. Le parcours composé de quatre boucles différentes a permis aux nombreux spectateurs de voir et d’encourager les participants à plusieurs occasions. De nombreux sites d’encouragements, animés par des équipes de course, étaient dispersés sur le parcours. 

Mohamed Aagab de Campbellton, NB (1h05min42) et Elissa Legault de Mascouche, QC (1h12min25) ont confirmé leur niveau de forme de ce début de saison en remportant leur course de façon convaincante. 

Chez les hommes un groupe de 6 coureurs s’est détaché du peloton dès le 4ième kilomètre. Au 14ième kilomètre, le groupe s’était effrité à 3 coureurs : Mohamed Aagab, Alexander Maxwell d’Ottawa et Moussab Hadout de Montréal. C’est au 18ième kilomètre que tout s’est joué, Aagab a poussé une vive accélération pour distancer ses partenaires d’échappée, c’est cette décision stratégique qui lui a valu la victoire. 

Chez les femmes, Elissa Legault a mené la course de bout en bout sans regarder derrière. À la conquête du record québécois du demi-marathon qu’elle détenait jusqu’en mars dernier, elle a pu travailler avec un groupe d’hommes pour de nombreux kilomètres, mais l’arrivée du vent à la mi-course a contrecarré ses plans. Au final, elle devançait par plus de quatre minutes Maria Zambrano de Calgary, AB (1h16min56) et Alex Castonguay de Boisbriand, QC (1h17min40). 

L’énergie et l’enthousiasme des participants et des spectateurs étaient palpables en cette matinée de célébrations pour la communauté de course à pied et les 45 organismes de bienfaisance du défi caritatif du Canada Running Series. L’événement a permis d’amasser près de 500 000$ pour différentes causes faisant de l’événement la plus grande course de collecte de fonds au Québec; la collecte de dons se poursuivra jusqu’au 31 mai. 

Le 21K fut suivi par les 10K et 5K de Montréal. Isaac Fraser (32min21) et Katherine Labelle Nguyen (40min23) ont remporté la victoire au 10 km. Mackenzie Bauer (15min35) et Nina Gunther (17min27) furent les gagnants du 5 km. 

La prochaine étape du Canada Running Series se déroulera le 17 juin prochain pour le Toronto Waterfront 10K, avant de se diriger vers l’Ouest pour le Demi-marathon de Vancouver le 25 juin. Les inscriptions et la collecte de fonds en-ligne sont ouvertes sur

Pour les résultats complets du 21K de Montréal voir Les photos seront affichées sur la page d’accueil de l’événement. 


More than 3500 participants lined up to race on April 22 at the 21K in Montreal, the second stop of the 2023 Canada Running Series. 

The half marathon runners crisscrossed the Ste-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands of Parc Jean-Drapeau under almost ideal weather conditions: 13C and generally sunny. 

Mohamed Aagab from Campbellton, NB (1:05:42) and Elissa Legault from Mascouche, QC (1:12:25) confirmed their level of form at the start of the season by winning their races in convincing fashion. 

In the men’s category, a group of 6 runners broke away from the field after the kilometer 4, but by the 14th kilometer, the group was down to 3 runners: Mohamed Aagab, Alexander Maxwell from Ottawa and Moussab Hadout from Montreal. It was at the 18th kilometer that everything was decided, Aagab surged with a decisive burst to distance himself from the pack, a strategic decision that earned him the victory. 

Among the women, Elissa Legault led the race from start to finish without looking back. She was attempting to break the Quebec half marathon record that she held until this past March. She was able to work with a group of men for a lot of the race, but the wind picked up at the halfway point and her record attempt was foiled. In the end, she was ahead by more than four minutes on Maria Zambrano from Calgary, AB (1:16:56) and Alex Castonguay from Boisbriand, QC (1:17:40). 

The energy of the participants and spectators was palpable, considered a huge celebration for the local running community and the 45 charity partners of the Canada Running Series Charity Challenge. The event is fast approaching it’s goal of $500,000 raised for various causes, making the event the largest fundraising race in Quebec. Fundraising will continue until May 31st. 

The 21K was followed by the 10K and 5K in Montreal. Isaac Fraser (32:21)and Katherine Labelle Nguyen (40:23) won the 10 km. Mac Bauer (15:35) and Nina Gunther (17:27) were the winners of the 5 km. 

The next leg of the Canada Running Series takes place on June 17 for the Toronto Waterfront 10K, before heading west for the Vancouver Half Marathon on June 25. Online registration and fundraising is open at 

For complete 21K de Montréal results, here is the link to Sportstats. Photos will be posted soon on the event homepage. 

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 21K de Montréal

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21K de Montréal – Liste des Départs Élites

Femmes/Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Elissa  Legault  Mascouche  QC
F2 Élisa Morin Montréal QC
F3 Alex Castonguay Boisbriand QC
F4 Laurianne Lepine Québec QC
F6 Jasmine Canse Montréal QC
F7 Alexandra  Hynes Ottawa  ON
F8 Maria  Zambrano  Calgary  AB
F9 Andrea Hill Ottawa ON
F10 Andreanne Sansoucy Boisbriand QC
F11 Emma Ollivier Montréal QC
F12 Angela  Maciocia Vaudreuil  QC 

Hommes/Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
1 Mohamed Aagab Campbellton NB
2 Alexander Maxwell Ottawa ON
3 François Jarry Montréal QC
4 Jean-Samuel Lapointe Québec QC
5 Marc-Antoine Senneville Trois-Rivières QC
6 Mahamat Ali Hissein  Montréal QC
7 Arnaud Francioni Montréal QC
8 Daniel Fournier Waterloo ON
9 Félix-Antoine Bédard Montréal QC
10 Baptiste Broyer Montréal QC
11 Guillaume Dupire Montréal QC
12 Hugo Sigalas Montréal QC
13 Ianis Garé Montréal QC
14 Félix Côté Boucherville QC
15 Cal DeWolfe Halifax NS
16 Hédi Sonnallier Montréal QC
17 Liyang Wang Calgary AB
18 Rachem  Baghdad  Verdun QC
19 Nicolas  Paradis St Bruno  QC
20 Louis-Philippe Garnier Montréal QC
21 Alvaro Cueto Saint-Hubert QC
22 Benjamin Raymond Laval QC
23 Jacob Cameron Ottawa ON
24 Hadout Moussab Montréal QC

Announcing the Elite Field for the 2023 Spring Run-Off

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Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
F1 Laura Desjardins Toronto  ON
F2 Sasha Gollish Toronto ON
F3 Erin Teschuk Toronto ON
F4 Courtney Brohart Calgary AB
F6 Becca  Brennan Toronto  ON 
F7 Kathleen  Lawrence Toronto ON
F8 Heidi Ohrling Collingwood ON
F9 Stephanie  Ryall London  ON
F10 Livia Coburn Toronto ON
F12 Lauren King Toronto ON

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province
1 Jeremy Coughler London ON
2 Kyle Grieve Toronto  ON 
3 Sergio Raez Villanueva Mississauga ON
5 Alex  Neuffer Halifax NS
6 Miles Avalos Toronto  ON 
7 Mitch Kirby Kingston ON
8 Matthew Lozano Ajax ON
9 Ryan Tyrrell Hamilton ON
10 Caleb Beland Sudbury  ON
11 Lucas McAneney Waterdown ON
12 Daniel Fournier Waterloo ON
13 Romain Carette  Toronto ON
14 Aaron De Jong Mississauga ON
15 Andrew Alexander Toronto ON
16 Robert Kanko Dundas ON
20 Bernie Hogan Bancroft ON
21 Timothy Fowler Toronto ON
22 Charles  Bedley Toronto ON
F13 Ian Guiden Ireland IRE