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5 ways Connected Fitness apps and products can elevate your training.

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Today’s running competition is fierce and becoming your best takes more than just training. In the past, knowing when to train and how hard to train was simply based on how you felt. Now, through connected fitness apps and products, technology can test your body and tell you when and how to train, how to set goals and track against them. You no longer have to write down how you felt after a long run, or time yourself or even track your distance – connected fitness products do this for you allowing you to focus on one thing, your run. Below are five ways that connected fitness can elevate your training:

  1. Set Goals and Smash Them

Connected fitness apps such as MapMyRun make it easy for you to set goals, track them, beat them, and set new ones. You can track time, cadence, duration, distance and splits, making it super easy for you to see how you are tracking against your goals.

  1. Know when you’re ready to push the limits

The new Under Armour Record-Equipped shoes will tell you whether or not today is the day to push your limits. Each Record-Equipped shoe has a chip that not only tracks your run, but analyzes the explosive power in your jump to tell you whether or not your body is ready to train. To perform the jump test, simply jump around before your run. After setting a baseline, your jump score will measure muscle fatigue and recovery rate to suggest how intensely to run. To learn more about the shoes and the jump test, click here.

  1. Track your route

No more Google maps, no more getting lost. Apps like MapMyRun, make it easy for you to track your route and your time. If you have smart running shoes, simply go out for a run and the GPS tracker in the shoes will track your route, time, stride length, and more. Even if you’ve left your phone at home, Under Armour Record-Equipped shoes will track and store your run data for up to five runs before needing to be synced.

  1. Stay connected with some friendly competition

There’s no better way to push yourself than a little healthy competition. If you can’t get out and run with your friends or crew don’t worry, connected fitness allows you to have an online community where you can share your routes and results.

  1. When to get new shoes

Running in a pair of worn down sneakers is a recipe for an injury, and knowing when your favourite pair has run its course and are ready to retire is tricky. Under Armour Record-Equipped shoes keep track of how far you have run and send you a notification once your shoes have reached the 650 km mark – that’s approximately 15 marathons. After 650 km, it’s time to ditch the shoes and buy a new pair.

UA Record Equipped

Under Armour joins as new title sponsor of the Eastside 10k

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Canada Running Series announces Under Armour as the new title sponsor of the Eastside 10k race, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th this year.

In addition to the title sponsorship, Under Armour is the exclusive athletic footwear, apparel and Connected Fitness sponsor. All participants will receive Under Armour technical running shirts and race organizers will receive technical apparel and footwear. This collaborative partnership will also bring cutting-edge innovation to the Canadian road running scene with activations across Under Armour’s digital training platforms, MapMyRun® and UA Record™. These platforms will include official training programs for runners of all abilities. There will also be an ambassador program and community outreach for run crews and clubs.

“This is a strategic partnership between two premier high performance brands,” says Canada Running Series president, Alan Brookes. “This partnership with Under Armour, the global leader in innovation performance product, is about bringing the latest and greatest to the Canadian road running scene. Together we will be able to grow the Under Armour Eastside 10k into an even bigger and better international running event, and something that is in, for and with Vancouver’s Eastside.”

“Under Armour is passionate about making all runners better and we are thrilled to partner with Canada Running Series to elevate the awareness of the Eastside 10K race,” says Shana Ferguson, Director of Marketing, Under Armour Canada. “This is one of the highlights of the Vancouver fall racing calendar, as the race winds through some of the most historic and vibrant areas of the city, and we are looking forward to outfitting runners in our innovative gear.”

Under Armour’s partnership with the Eastside 10k is the company’s first title sponsorship of a Canada Running Series race. In the U.S., Under Armour has enriched the running experience at signature events, including San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers 12K, and Washington, D.C.’s Cherry Blossom 10-miler & 5k. As in San Francisco and Washington D.C., Under Armour will enhance the experience in Vancouver in all phases of the run.


Registration for the Under Armour Eastside 10k is now open at Registration is limited and we encourage runners in Vancouver and across Canada to register today!

Eric Gillis and Leslie Sexton win 4th annual Eastside 10K

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VANCOUVER, September 17th

Eric Gillis, who recently finished tenth at last month’s Olympic marathon, won today’s 4th annual Vancouver Eastside 10K, a Canada Running Series event. His time of 30:16 was enough to hold off BC Endurance project runner, Justin Kent, who put some pressure on Gillis between the 6-8K mark. Gillis finally got away at 8K and held on for the win. Justin had a time of 30:26, ahead of last year’s winner, Geoff Martinson who clocked in at 30:43.

“The race was a bit slower today because of the weather but it was all about the effort.” Said Gillis, “I wanted to gain some much needed Canada Running Series points and get tuned up for Toronto next month.”

09-17-16-sextonOn the Women’s side, it was first time Eastside 10K runner, Leslie Sexton who managed to beat out Vancouver locals Dayna Pidhoresky and last year’s winner, Olympian Natasha Wodak. Leslie, who was in third place for the majority of the race, had a surge at the 7.5K mark and clocked in at 33:17 under rainy skies. Dayna’s time of 33:35 was enough to hold off the always competitive Wodak who finished with a time of 33:42.

“This is a great race,” said Leslie. “I wanted to use this race as a tune up for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon coming up next month so I was extremely pleased with my result.”

Despite the weather, the event attracted 2,300 competitors and raised over $24,000 in support of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Watari Support and Counselling, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the Breakfast Club of Canada. Participants can continue to fundraise online until October 2nd on line at

“We were so thrilled with the turnout today,” said Canada Running Series president Alan Brookes. “Canada Running Series events are all about community and the Eastside 10K is a perfect example of people coming together to support their local charities.”

Information and complete race results can be found at, as well as registration for the 2017 Canada Running Series West events.

10 tips for 10km – Dylan Wykes

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Dylan Wykes, winner of the inaugural Eastside 10k and coach at Mile2Marathon, gives us 10 tips for this year’s event. Check them out!

  1. Be prepared for race morning: Leave nothing to chance. Know what you are going to eat, know how you are going to get to the race, know where you are gonna stash your gear. Arrive early, no need for added stress on race day, you are there to compete and perform. Unnecessary stress will affect your performance.
  2. Warm-up: For some this is a 20min run and active strides. For others this is a 5min walk and some stretches. Either way, get those muscles loose and ready to go, it’ll help avoid injury and have you primed to perform.
  3. Find your place: Get on the start line and line up with people whom are at your same level. A 45min 10km is a great accomplishment, but you probably shouldn’t be lining up at the very front- you will get pulled out too hard and you will impede faster runners. Also, if you wanna run 35min get yourself to the front- if not you are gonna spend too much energy passing people and you may be trampling over slower runners. Be smart here.
  4. Get off the line: The 1st km of this race is the fastest. You will feel fresh and there is a nice downhill. If you are several seconds faster than your goal pace do not worry, get the 1st km in and then settle into your race.
  5. Settle and Flow: From 2-6km you should relax and find your flow. If you are pushing too hard at 3km you are gonna be suffering hard by 8km. Have your goal pace in mind and focus on maintaining that effort and rhythm. Being 5 seconds too slow is fine as you can make up time with a strong last 2km, but being 5 seconds too fast can be disastrous as when you blow up you’ll be giving time back in chunks.
  6. Enjoy the Scenery: The Eastside 10km course takes you on a tour through one of Vancouver’s most beautiful and culturally rich neighbourhoods. Appreciate the city and take it in. We live in a really friggen cool city.
  7. Find a Group: There is power in numbers when it comes to racing. Working as group can help a lot. A group can pull you along, you can fight the wind together and you can thrive off the positive vibes that come from sharing a common goal. Find a friend and roll together.
  8. Focus: This is racing, it is supposed to hurt! Your legs will burn, you’ll fight for breath and you’ll wanna stop. You trained for this. Focus on your goals and stay positive. The pain of racing is brief, but giving up will sting for a whole lot longer.
  9. Bite your tongue and give’r: Ok, you got to 9km. Time to get going! This is where you put your head down and give it hell. Dig deep and push. Give it everything you have until you cross that finish line.
  10. Reap the spoils: Congrats on finishing the Eastside 10km! Now enjoy yourself a bit- go get brunch, drink a beer or just do something to spoil yourself. You have earned it!

More info on the Eastside 10k can be found here.

Eastside 10k elite field announced, past winners Martinson and Wodak defend, joined by Olympians.

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The Eastside 10k elite field is shaping up to be one of the fastest 10k events in Vancouver. Geoff Martinson and Natasha Wodak will have their work cut out for them as they toe the line to defend their 2015 victories.

The men’s field features Dylan Wykes, Kevin Coffey, Theo Hunt and Rob Watson, all top contenders for the title. Eric Gillis fresh off his 10th place finish at the Rio Olympics, will be pushing the pace in contention for top placing in this year’s Canada Running Series.

On the women’s side, Natasha Wodak, coming off her 10,000m run in Rio, will be pushed by a number of BC racers. Dayan Pidhoresky is gearing up for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Natasha Labeaud has had a strong summer race season. From out of province, Leslie Sexton and Lindsay Carson will be pushing the pace.

The event is on pace to sell out for the third year in a row, so sign up today at If you are not able to run, make sure to come downtown and catch all the excitement on Saturday September 17th, start time 8:30am.

Vancouver Eastside 10k – Elite Male Athletes

Bib First Last City Province Category Twitter
1 Geoff Martinson Vancouver BC Open
2 Eric Gillis Guelph ON Open
4 Dylan Wykes Vancouver BC Open @dylanwykes
5 Kevin Coffey Vancouver BC Open @fluentstep
6 Theo Hunt Vancouver BC Open hunttheo
7 Robin Watson Vancouver BC Open @robbiedxc
8 Evan Elder Vancouver BC Open @EvanElderNZ
9 Christian Gravel Vancouver BC Open CGravs
10 Shoayb Bascal Victoria BC Open
11 Cody Therrien Victoria BC Open @TherrienCody
15 Mark Wilkie Vancouver BC Open
16 Anthony Tomsich Anchorage Alaska Open
17 Blair Johnston Surrey BC Open
18 Mathias Nipen Oslo Akershus Open
19 Nicholas Browne Vancouver BC Open nbrowne1
20 Bryan Andrews Vancouver BC Open
21 Chris Napier Vancouver BC Open @runnerphysio
23 Evan Dunfee Richmond BC Open
24 Kirill Solovyev West Vancouver BC Open Kirillsolovyev
25 Ramsey Ezzat North Vancouver BC Open
27 Tim Adkins Vancouver BC Open
28 Josh Seifarth Vancouver BC Open
29 Thomas Nipen Oslo Oslo Open
30 Jeremy Hopwood Richmond BC Open Jeremyhopwood
31 Ben Hanke Vancouver BC Open repstos
32 Drew Nicholson Surrey BC Open
33 Tristan Simpson Richmond BC Open
34 Tom Michie Vancouver BC Open
35 Nicolas Jirot Burnaby BC Open
36 Gus Amundson Vancouver BC Open
41 Kevin O’Connor Vancouver BC Master
43 Craig Odermatt Victoria BC Master
44 Anthony Skuce Vancouver BC Master @outforarun
45 Jeremiah Ziak Vancouver BC Master
46 David Guss Calgary AB Master
47 Simon Stewart Edmonton AB Master @stewsimon
48 Chris Barth White Rock BC Master
49 Vince Brotherston Courtenay BC Master
50 Tatsuya Hatachi Coquitlam BC Master
51 James Newby Squamish BC Master
52 Russ Esau Abbotsford BC Master @resau66


Vancouver Eastside 10k – Elite Female Athletes

Bib First Last City Province Category Twitter
F1 Natasha Wodak Vancouver BC Open
F2 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC Open @daynapidhoresky
F3 Natasha LaBeaud San Diego CA Open @tashyrunner
F4 Leslie Sexton London ON Open @lesliesexton
F5 Lindsay Carson Whitehorse YK Open
F6 Shannon Banal West Vancouver BC Open
F7 Catherine Watkins Vancouver BC Master @runmommaster
F8 Courtney Olsen Bellingham WA Open
F9 Ellie Greenwood North Vancouver BC Open @eLLiejG
F10 Lissa Zimmer Vancouver BC Open @lissa2s
F11 Sabrina Wilkie Vancouver BC Open @sabrinawilkie
F12 Catrin Jones Victoria BC Open
F15 Jenn Dowling-Medley Vancouver BC Open
F16 Christy Lovig Kelowna BC Open @clovig
F17 Jen Moroz Vancouver BC Open jen_moroz
F18 Neasa Coll Vancouver BC Open @neasacoll
F19 Kate Gustafson Vancouver BC Open
F20 Melissa Ross Nanaimo BC Open @melissaross929
F21 Adrienne Gomes Squamish BC Open
F22 Kristyn Webster Port Moody BC Open
F23 Laura Morrison Vancouver BC Open
F24 Shannon Dale North Vancouver BC Open
F25 Allison Ezzat North Vancouver BC Open
F26 Morgan Cabot Vancouver BC Open morgls_c
F27 Meredith MacGregor Vancouver BC Open meredithshelagh
F28 Stephana Cherak Edmonton AB Open stephanacherak
F29 Brittany Dunbar Chilliwack BC Open brittd03
F30 Cheryl Pepin North Vancouver BC Open
F31 Justine Stecko Victoria BC Open
F32 Katherine Moore Vancouver BC Open
F41 Melanie Kassel Chilliwack BC Master
F42 Darcie Montgomery North Vancouver BC Master
F43 America Aznar Edmonton AB Master @mekiaznar
F44 Jill Delane Vancouver BC Master @jillplouvier
F45 Margreet Dietz Squamish BC Master @MargreetDietz
F46 Rika Hatachi Coquitlam BC Master


Crew Charity Competition at 2016 #Eastside10k

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VANCOUVER – July 25, 2016

Back by popular demand, this year’s event will again feature a Crew Challenge supporting our charity partners. There are some new components though, including cheer stations, costume contests, and more!

Also new this year, the competition will be between Charity Teams rather than individual crews and clubs. This means more crews can get involved to make a difference – your run crew just needs to decide which Charity Team it will be competing for. In the end there will be four Charity Teams, each team composed of multiple crews.

Charities which crews can compete for:

Outline of Competition for each Charity Team:

  • Average times for fastest five males plus fastest five females will set base score/time
  • Every runner counts – for each finisher, Team’s time will be reduced by 10 seconds
  • Fundraising – for every $100 raised, Team’s time will be reduced by 10 seconds
  • Additional time reductions can be achieved through the Head-to-Head Crew Event (details TBD – held on another date), Best Costume Prize, and Cheering Stations
  • Charity Team with the lowest cumulative time wins!


  • Crew/Club leader should email with their charity preferences (rank 1 to 4) and expected crew participation by August 5th – leaders will be given a discount code for their team.
  • After official Eastside 10k Charity is confirmed for each crew, they must set up a fundraising page at
  • Must commit to fundraising at least $50 from the crew to be eligible for the competitions.
  • Participants must designate their crew team by September 11. This can be done during registration, or by emailing before the deadline. Note that this team selection is by Run Crew / Club – your crew leader will notify CRS which charity your crew will represent.

Check out how last year’s challenge went down in these videos – part one | part two

NEW – Eastside 10k Clinic from Mile2Marathon

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The Eastside 10k’s ‘10 weeks to your best 10k’ is coached by Mile2Marathon coaches Dylan Wykes and Rob Watson. These two have completed a combined 20 marathons under 2:20 and have represented Canada on the biggest stages that road racing has to offer at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and the Boston Marathon. They have also competed locally in all of the Canada Running Series Events. Dylan was the champion of the inaugural Eastside 10k & Rob has countless top 3 finishes in the Canada Running Series West events.

mile2marathonDylan and Rob both also have strong backgrounds in coaching. For the past several years Dylan has been coaching runners of all abilities through his specialized Mile2Marathon training programs. Rob has also been active in the coaching game, having helped guide several athletes to PB’s in all different events. Be it those looking to complete their first 10km, to others racing the Boston Marathon, Dylan and Rob have the experience to make it happen.

The Eastside 10k Clinic is designed to help athletes take their 10k training and racing to a new level. Prior distance running and racing experience is recommended for athletes to be able to take full advantage of what the clinic has to offer. Athletes should be running 3 times per week (or more) and have completed a 5k in 30 minutes or faster.

In addition to receiving a 10-week training plan tailored towards your specific goals, we will also provide in-person guidance at two weekly group workouts (time and location TBD). These workouts will teach you the why’s and how’s of proper 10km training. We will lead athletes through various types of workouts, including tempo runs, interval workouts and fartleks. All of this will culminate on September 17th as you toe the line at the Vancouver Eastside 10k, confident and ready to smash your PB!

  • Start Date: July 11, 2016
  • Cost: $100
  • What’s included: 10-week training plan tailored to your goals & 2 weekly practices for 10 weeks. 20% discount code for your Eastside 10k race entry.
  • Times & Locations: Tuesday evenings @ 6pm – Location TBD, Saturday mornings @ 8am – Pt. Grey Secondary School Track
  • Goal: Eastside 10k
  • Pre-Reqs: ~30 minutes for 5km.
  • Coaches: Rob Watson & Dylan Wykes of Mile2Marathon Coaching

To register, contact Mile2Marathon coaching at

More info on the 10 Week Clinic | More info on the Eastside 10k Race

Record setting Day for Natasha Wodak and the Eastside 10K

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VANCOUVER. September 19th. Vancouver local Natasha Wodak continued her banner year with a win at Saturday’s 3rd annual Vancouver Eastside 10K, a Canada Running Series event.  Wodak’s time of 33:04 was enough to break the course record and was awarded an additional $500 for her efforts.  Dayna Pidhoresky  ij_ves10k15_1040was second with a time of 34:01 and rounding out the field was Kelowna’s Malindi Elmore with a time of 34:32.  On the men’s side Geoff Martinson ran a fine solo effort of 29:32 to crush the trailing pack by more than a minute. Calgary’s Trevor Hofbauer was 2nd and Chris Winter 3rd in 30:25 and 30:55, respectively. Defending champion Kelly Wiebe finished a disappointing 4th in 31:18.

Natasha ran a great race maintaining the lead for almost the entire event.  “It’s a really fun way to end out my season with a win and a course record is great,” said Natasha.  “My plan was to come out strong with the leaders and then I took off at the 2K mark and stayed out in front.”

Natashacr_ves10k15_0686_1’s win wasn’t the only record broken at today’s event.  The fastest growing running event in BC attracted 2,300 competitors and raised over $28,000 in support of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Watari Support and Counselling, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the Breakfast Club of Canada. The record fundraising amount was achieved largely because of the efforts of the East Vancouver Run Crew and Fraser Street Run Club who raised $5,300 and $4,700 respectively.  Participants can continue to fundraise online until September 28th on line at

“We were thrilled with the turnout today,” said Canada Running Series president Alan Brookes.  “Canada Running Series events build communities through running and the Eastside 10K is a perfect example of people coming together to support their community.”

Information and complete race results can be found at

Labeaud and Wiebe To Defend Eastside 10k Titles. By Paul Gains

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VE10K NatashaNatasha Labeaud returns to the Vancouver Eastside 10k September 19th ready to defend the title she won a year ago, but also as a much more experienced athlete.

Though she represented Canada at the 2014 Chiba International Ekiden, it was only this past March that the 27 year old ran in her first global championships, the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Guiyang, China.

She finished 60th there helping the Canadian team to a 10th place finish. Then this summer her 8th place finish in the Pan Am Games 5000m final illustrated her tremendous versatility.

Labeaud calls Kelowna, B.C. home but resides in San Diego, her husband Marco Anzures’ home town. Although her father was born in New Orleans her mother is from Montreal and so she has had dual citizenship since birth. Marco serves as coach and sometime training partner to his wife.

“I race in B.C. fairly frequently, and will be racing there more with the indoor season and additional road races,” Labeaud said this week. “I remember that the Eastside race was organized well, there were great volunteers, and wonderful crowds. The course is hilly, but there are some parts of it that you can really get rolling.

“I am excited and confident about racing the10k distance as it is part of my training for a major race this fall.”

Labeaud, who completed her Master’s degree in journalism at Georgetown University, must go to extraordinary lengths to keep her health and fitness.

She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2006 and can only eat unprocessed foods while avoiding wheat, barley and oats. It can be even more difficult when she travels. But like the champion she is, Labeaud has had to learn to adapt.

On Saturday she will face Natasha Wodak, the Canadian 10,000m record holder (31:41.59), who raced that distance at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing where she was 23rd. The race is part of the 2015 Canada Running Series with points going towards an overall prize.

Wodak is coming off a busy weekend where she was a member of Rachel Cliff’s wedding party Friday, then flew to Toronto and won the Canadian 5km road championship in 15:58.

104_cr_ve10k14_7813_2The men’s race is no less compelling. A year ago Kelly Wiebe set a new course record in the event when he beat his BC Endurance Project training partner, Geoff Martinson, by over a minute. His time was 29:20.

Wiebe, 26, is also a versatile distance runner having finished 50th at the 2015 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and is a past winner of the Vancouver Sun Run. He has just returned to Vancouver following ten weeks of altitude training in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“My fitness level is okay, not my best,” he reports. “Training has been going well over the summer – I have been very consistent – it’s just I haven’t been doing much specific 10k work yet. I have mostly just been developing a base for the fall season.”

“I will be competitive up front for sure. I can’t guarantee a win, because competition will be tough with guys like Geoff Martinson and Chris Winter, but I will be competitive with the top group.”

The race starts at 8:30 a.m. on the Dunsmuir Viaduct traversing the Eastside and Gastown before returning to the Viaduct.

Four charities are front and centre: the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Watari Support and Counselling, Greater Vancouver Food Bank and new to this year, Breakfast Clubs of Canada. They stand to benefit from the more than $12,000 already raised – double the 2014 amount.


2015 #Eastside10k Elite Start List

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Vancouver, BC – September 10, 2015
Elite list and numbers for the 2015 Vancouver Eastside 10k

Men’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province Twitter
1 Kelly Wiebe Vancouver BC @kwiebely
2 Kevin Friesen Vancouver BC @KevinFriesen7
3 Geoff Martinson Vancouver BC
4 Theo Hunt Vancouver BC @HuntTheo
5 Trevor Hofbauer Calgary AB @TrevorHofbauer
6 Richard Mosley Vancouver BC
7 Chris Winter Vancouver BC @cwinter3
8 Nicolas Jirot Burnaby BC
11 Tim Huebsch Vancouver BC @huebyt
12 Nicholas Browne Vancouver BC @Nbrowne1
13 Bryan Andrews Vancouver BC
14 Nick Hastie Vancouver BC @nehastie
15 Gus Amundson Vancouver BC
16 Ramsey Ezzat North Vancouver BC
19 Kevin O’Connor Vancouver BC @Superkrun
20 Craig Odermatt Victoria BC
21 Simon Stewart Edmonton AB @stewsimon
22 Anthony Skuce Vancouver BC @outforarun
23 Tyler Ginther Surrey BC
24 Jack Cook Edmonton AB @athleticsnorth
25 James Newby Garibaldi High. BC
26 Barry Young Vancouver BC @BourryYang

Women’s Start List

Bib Number First Name Last Name City Province Twitter
41 Natasha LaBeaud San Diego CA @tashyrunner
42 Natasha Wodak Vancouver BC @tasha_wodak
43 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC @daynapidhoresky
44 Malindi Elmore Kelowna BC
45 Catherine Watkins Vancouver BC @runmommaster
46 Kate Gustafson Vancouver BC @atrueworld
51 Katherine Moore Vancouver BC @Runningintoyoga
52 Jen Moroz Vancouver BC
53 Shauna Gersbach North Vancouver BC @Roseyrunner
54 Mel Russell Victoria BC
55 Allison Ezzat North Vancouver BC
56 Tamasin Reno Vancouver BC @tamasinreno
57 Sabrina Wilkie Vancouver BC @sabrinawilkie
61 Melanie Kassel Chilliwack BC
62 Sara Massie Vancouver BC @SaraMassie18
63 Karen Warrendorf Vancouver BC @kwarrendorf
64 Margreet Dietz Squamish BC @MargreetDietz
65 Jill Costantino Burnaby BC