Eastside 10k elite field announced, past winners Martinson and Wodak defend, joined by Olympians.

The Eastside 10k elite field is shaping up to be one of the fastest 10k events in Vancouver. Geoff Martinson and Natasha Wodak will have their work cut out for them as they toe the line to defend their 2015 victories.

The men’s field features Dylan Wykes, Kevin Coffey, Theo Hunt and Rob Watson, all top contenders for the title. Eric Gillis fresh off his 10th place finish at the Rio Olympics, will be pushing the pace in contention for top placing in this year’s Canada Running Series.

On the women’s side, Natasha Wodak, coming off her 10,000m run in Rio, will be pushed by a number of BC racers. Dayan Pidhoresky is gearing up for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Natasha Labeaud has had a strong summer race season. From out of province, Leslie Sexton and Lindsay Carson will be pushing the pace.

The event is on pace to sell out for the third year in a row, so sign up today at Eastside10k.com. If you are not able to run, make sure to come downtown and catch all the excitement on Saturday September 17th, start time 8:30am.

Vancouver Eastside 10k – Elite Male Athletes

Bib First Last City Province Category Twitter
1 Geoff Martinson Vancouver BC Open
2 Eric Gillis Guelph ON Open
4 Dylan Wykes Vancouver BC Open @dylanwykes
5 Kevin Coffey Vancouver BC Open @fluentstep
6 Theo Hunt Vancouver BC Open hunttheo
7 Robin Watson Vancouver BC Open @robbiedxc
8 Evan Elder Vancouver BC Open @EvanElderNZ
9 Christian Gravel Vancouver BC Open CGravs
10 Shoayb Bascal Victoria BC Open
11 Cody Therrien Victoria BC Open @TherrienCody
15 Mark Wilkie Vancouver BC Open
16 Anthony Tomsich Anchorage Alaska Open
17 Blair Johnston Surrey BC Open
18 Mathias Nipen Oslo Akershus Open
19 Nicholas Browne Vancouver BC Open nbrowne1
20 Bryan Andrews Vancouver BC Open
21 Chris Napier Vancouver BC Open @runnerphysio
23 Evan Dunfee Richmond BC Open
24 Kirill Solovyev West Vancouver BC Open Kirillsolovyev
25 Ramsey Ezzat North Vancouver BC Open
27 Tim Adkins Vancouver BC Open
28 Josh Seifarth Vancouver BC Open
29 Thomas Nipen Oslo Oslo Open
30 Jeremy Hopwood Richmond BC Open Jeremyhopwood
31 Ben Hanke Vancouver BC Open repstos
32 Drew Nicholson Surrey BC Open
33 Tristan Simpson Richmond BC Open
34 Tom Michie Vancouver BC Open
35 Nicolas Jirot Burnaby BC Open
36 Gus Amundson Vancouver BC Open
41 Kevin O’Connor Vancouver BC Master
43 Craig Odermatt Victoria BC Master
44 Anthony Skuce Vancouver BC Master @outforarun
45 Jeremiah Ziak Vancouver BC Master
46 David Guss Calgary AB Master
47 Simon Stewart Edmonton AB Master @stewsimon
48 Chris Barth White Rock BC Master
49 Vince Brotherston Courtenay BC Master
50 Tatsuya Hatachi Coquitlam BC Master
51 James Newby Squamish BC Master
52 Russ Esau Abbotsford BC Master @resau66


Vancouver Eastside 10k – Elite Female Athletes

Bib First Last City Province Category Twitter
F1 Natasha Wodak Vancouver BC Open
F2 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC Open @daynapidhoresky
F3 Natasha LaBeaud San Diego CA Open @tashyrunner
F4 Leslie Sexton London ON Open @lesliesexton
F5 Lindsay Carson Whitehorse YK Open
F6 Shannon Banal West Vancouver BC Open
F7 Catherine Watkins Vancouver BC Master @runmommaster
F8 Courtney Olsen Bellingham WA Open
F9 Ellie Greenwood North Vancouver BC Open @eLLiejG
F10 Lissa Zimmer Vancouver BC Open @lissa2s
F11 Sabrina Wilkie Vancouver BC Open @sabrinawilkie
F12 Catrin Jones Victoria BC Open
F15 Jenn Dowling-Medley Vancouver BC Open
F16 Christy Lovig Kelowna BC Open @clovig
F17 Jen Moroz Vancouver BC Open jen_moroz
F18 Neasa Coll Vancouver BC Open @neasacoll
F19 Kate Gustafson Vancouver BC Open
F20 Melissa Ross Nanaimo BC Open @melissaross929
F21 Adrienne Gomes Squamish BC Open
F22 Kristyn Webster Port Moody BC Open
F23 Laura Morrison Vancouver BC Open
F24 Shannon Dale North Vancouver BC Open
F25 Allison Ezzat North Vancouver BC Open
F26 Morgan Cabot Vancouver BC Open morgls_c
F27 Meredith MacGregor Vancouver BC Open meredithshelagh
F28 Stephana Cherak Edmonton AB Open stephanacherak
F29 Brittany Dunbar Chilliwack BC Open brittd03
F30 Cheryl Pepin North Vancouver BC Open
F31 Justine Stecko Victoria BC Open
F32 Katherine Moore Vancouver BC Open
F41 Melanie Kassel Chilliwack BC Master
F42 Darcie Montgomery North Vancouver BC Master
F43 America Aznar Edmonton AB Master @mekiaznar
F44 Jill Delane Vancouver BC Master @jillplouvier
F45 Margreet Dietz Squamish BC Master @MargreetDietz
F46 Rika Hatachi Coquitlam BC Master