What is a Virtual Race?

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A virtual race allows our runners to run or walk their race anywhere, and any time within the virtual race period. The virtual race period for the Under Armour Eastside 10K is August 17-September 17. The online results platform allows runners to upload their time and see their results compared to other runners. Race kits will be mailed to all Virtual participants.

Is there Race it Pickup for the Virtual Events?

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Shipping is included in the cost of all virtual registrations and your Race Kit will be shipped to the address entered at point of registration.

If you are participating in the Vancouver Special, your virtual items will be included in your Race Kit that you will pick up at Race Kit Pickup.

We hope to begin shipping virtual race kits in mid- late August. You will receive a shipping notification once your race kit has been shipped.

Can someone else pick up my race kit on my behalf?

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Participants registered in a virtual-only event will have their race kits shipped to them.

If you are registered for an in-person or hybrid event, someone else can pickup a race kit on a participants behalf. The person picking up the race kit must have a copy of the participants confirmation email or written authorization from the participant via email, text or direct message stating that they have permission to pick up the kit.