Can I defer my entry due to pregnancy or postpartum?

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Yes! Please review our pregnancy and postpartum deferral policy below.
Who is eligible:
Anyone who is a registered participant, and is or becomes pregnant prior to race day and chooses to not participate in the event due to such circumstances. For clarification, Canada Running Series considers postpartum to be 24 weeks following the birth of a child.
How to request a pregnancy or postpartum deferral:
To obtain a pregnancy or postpartum deferral, the participant must:
Submit a pregnancy or postpartum deferral request in writing to any time after registering for the event, but no later than 14 days before race day.
Provide written confirmation of the participant’s pregnancy signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional.
What does a pregnancy or postpartum deferral provide:
A participant who obtains a pregnancy or postpartum deferral will have their original registration deactivated and will be provided a promo code that can be used to register for one of the next two subsequent events. The promo code must be used to register for the same Canada Running Series Event as the original registration. If it is not used within the following two years, no refund or additional deferral will be provided.
If a participant becomes pregnant again during a pregnancy or postpartum deferral period, they may request a second consecutive pregnancy or postpartum deferral. This would permit them to defer their race entry a second time.
Canada Running Series will allow no more than two consecutive pregnancy deferral requests per event. If the individual is unable to participate after requesting two consecutive deferrals, the participant understands they will not be offered a refund. However, participants are allowed to request additional non-consecutive pregnancy or postpartum deferrals for future pregnancies.

How does the Kids Run work?

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Registration includes:
– One (1) finisher medal
– One (1) Under Armour souvenir shirt
– Race Bib
– Under Armour Promo Code

Kids Run Start time: 9:45 a.m. The Kids Run is an 800m event for kids ages 2 to 10.

Kids ages 2-5 years old should run with a parent. Kids ages 6-10 years old are in a kids only division. This is NOT a timed event.

Kids Run Start line location is on Lake Shore Boulevard West, west of Ontario Drive. Participants will be organized in different start corrals, based on age.

Kids Run finish line is the same as the Kids Run start line.
Please note — all children must be picked up by an adult at the finish area, following the guidelines below:

– All children will receive 2 identical bibs. One bib must be worn by the child participating.
– The second bib must be worn by the adult accompanying or picking up the child at the finish area.

These procedures are in place for the safety of your children. Please respect our event staff as they take the time to check this at the finish area.

What are the processing fees that I’m charged with my registration?

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Race Roster collects a fee on all transactions (processing fees) as this is an industry standard. Their team assists our races from beginning to end, and this fee allows them to provide meaningful customer support to all participants, covers merchant costs of processing the transaction, the technology costs of developing an online registration platform, includes event cancellation protection for participants in the case of an emergency, and ensures that the online race experience is seamless for all.

We understand that some people aren’t familiar with where these fees are spent, and may think they are an irrelevant added cost, though without them, we would not be able to host the events that we do.

Can I transfer distances?

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Yes, we will be allowing participant transfers for this event until June 4th at 11:59 P.M. There is a $10 administrative fee to transfer between events, plus any additional registration fee difference between events.
To transfer your registration, visit the event page and click the ‘Transfer’ button on the left hand menu.

Can I transfer my registration to another runner?

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Yes, we will be allowing participant transfers for this event until June 4th at 11:59 P.M. There is a $10 administrative fee associated with all transfers.
To transfer your bib, visit the event page and click the ‘Transfer’ button on the left hand menu.
If you would like to transfer your bib after June 4th, you will need to do so at the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup at the Under Armour Store.
How to transfer
1. The original participant sends the new participant their bib number and written permission to pick up the bib and transfer the registration
2. The new participant will go to Race Kit Pickup and pick up the race kit, including participant shirt
3. The new participant will take this race kit to the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup to transfer the registration. Please note it is a $10 CASH ONLY fee for all participant transfers.
Participants purchasing a transfer bib will receive the original registrant’s shirt size and style. There will be an opportunity to exchange the un-worn shirt after the new participant completes their race at the Help Desk in Bandshell Park. Sizing and exchanges are not guaranteed.
Please note that any participant transferring their bib to someone else is responsible for collecting the cost of registration directly from the person they are transferring it to. That is not facilitated by the Under Armour Toronto 10K.

If I want to cancel my registration, what are my options?

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Race entries are non-refundable and non-deferrable, as noted in the waiver you accepted during registration.
If you purchased RegShield registration protection insurance during registration, you can file your claim here:
You also have the option to transfer your registration to another participant or another sub-event prior to the transfer deadline of June 4th.
You do not need to email us if you are transferring your registration, you will just need to follow the instructions linked above.