What is a Virtual Race?

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A virtual race allows our runners to run or walk their race anywhere, and any time within the virtual race period. The virtual race period for the Oasis ZooRun is August 17-September 17. The online results platform allows runners to upload their time and see their results compared to other runners. Race kits will be mailed to all Virtual participants.

How do I redeem my complimentary entry to the Toronto Zoo?

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You will receive your admission voucher in your race kit.

To use your pass, simply bring your admission voucher to any available ticket booth at the Toronto Zoo and you will be granted admission. Current admission information can be found here.

Your admission voucher is valid until Dec. 31, 2022 and cannot be replaced so please keep it in a safe spot.

Please note that the cost of parking is not included with your complimentary admission.

Can I transfer distances?

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Yes, we will be allowing distance transfers at the help desk at Race Kit Pickup at the Toronto Zoo. There is a $10 administrative fee associated with all transfers. If you wish to transfer to a distance that is more expensive, you will be charged the cost difference between your current registration and the new distance.

How do I input my results?

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Participants will be able to upload their distances and times from August 17-September 17. Once you have completed your activity, you will track it on the Race Roster Results Platform by following these steps:

– Login to your Participant Dashboard (link to https://raceroster.com/signin)
– Locate your Oasis ZooRun virtual race on the right side of your participant dashboard
– Select the [Post Your Result] button under your virtual race
– Add the distance and duration of your run and/or walk
– Select ‘Submit Results’

If I deferred my 2020 entry, am I automatically registered for 2021 or do I have to register again?

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To participate in the 2022 event, you will need to complete the current registration form and enter your deferral code in the Promo Code section.

Find your deferral code by going to https://raceroster.com/dashboard/participants and use the dropdown at the top to search past events. Choose the 2020 Oasis ZooRun and then find the code under the “Additional Details” portion of your registration.

What happens if the event sells out?

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Unfortunately there is limited space in this event, and once we are sold out, we are unable to open more spaces. We do not maintain a waitlist for our events. We hope you will join us for another of our virtual events. You can find our events here: www.canadarunningseries.com