What is the Green Bib Program?

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The Green Bib Program gives participants with the choice about whether to receive a race shirt and medal as part of their race day experience. If a participant chooses the Green Bib option, a donation will be made to a participating sustainability charity in lieu of a race shirt and medal. On race day, they will be wearing a green bib to indicate this choice.
At Canada Running Series, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, and we want to provide our participants with that same ability. By offering the green bib as a registration option, we allow our participants to be in choice about what they receive as part of their race experience.

Can I have my race kit shipped to me if I’m running in-person?

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All in-person participants with a Canadian mailing address, that register before the shipping deadline, can choose to have their Race Kit (bib & souvenir shirt) mailed to them for an additional fee. The fee is charged per race kit and there is no family or bulk rate option. US and international shipping is not available for this event.
Note: Please ensure your shipping address is correct and includes apt/unit numbers if applicable. An additional $20 will be charged to re-ship any packages that are returned. In the event of a lost or misplaced bib, you must visit the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup.
If you missed selecting this option during registration, you can add it here: https://raceroster.com/store/86384/listing
If you do not choose this option, or you register after the shipping deadline, you must pick up your Race Kit at our Race Kit Pickup location September 12th-13th.
There is no option to pick up your race kit on race morning.

What does the registration fee go towards?

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The cost of the registration fee supports the staging of the event, including, but not limited to, the souvenir shirt, finisher medal, personalized bib, food and beverages before, during, and after the event, an official time run on a measured, certified, and secure course, a post-race experience, and more.

The fuller explanation is that we (Canada Running Series) take on all the responsibility and all the risk of the event. If at the end day when everything is paid for, there is a profit, that modest profit goes to CRS. And if there is a loss, that falls on us too. This way, our charities have a wonderful run experience for their community without the work, liability and risk. And this enables them to devote 100% of their time to fundraising, receive 100% of all donations, and have no fear of loss. We do not charge the charities a penny for providing the event and the fundraising opportunity.

If I deferred my 2020 entry, am I automatically registered for the next in-person event or do I have to register again?

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To participate in the 2023 event, you will need to complete the current registration form and enter your deferral code in the Promo Code section.

Find your deferral code by going to https://raceroster.com/dashboard/participants and use the dropdown at the top to search past events. Choose the 2020 Oasis ZooRun and then find the code under the “Additional Details” portion of your registration.