Can I transfer my registration to another participant?

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We will be allowing runners to transfer their bib at the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup on March 30th-31st ONLY (See the Race Kit Pickup schedule here!)

How to transfer:
1. The original participant sends the new participant their bib number and written permission to pick up the bib and transfer the registration
2. The new participant will go to Race Kit Pickup and pick up the race kit, including participant shirt
3. The new participant will take this race kit to the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup to transfer the registration. Please Note it is a $10 CASH ONLY fee for all participant transfers.

Participants purchasing a transfer bib will receive the original registrant’s shirt size and style.

There will be an opportunity to exchange the un-worn shirt after the race period. Sizing and exchanges are not guaranteed, but you can let the new registrant know that they can email after the in-person event is over on April 1st to see if we have their desired inventory

Can I transfer into another sub-event?

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Yes, we will be allowing distance transfers into the in-person event until March 25th at 11:59 P.M. Transfers into the virtual event will be accepted until March 31st.

To transfer your distance, visit the event page and click the ‘Transfer’ button on the left hand menu.

There is a $10 administrative fee to transfer between events, plus any additional registration fee difference between events.

If I want to cancel my registration, what are my options?

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When you register, you will have the option to purchase an insurance policy from Reg Shield for a small fee. This policy will cover you and allow you to cancel your registration if you are unable to make it to the race due to illness and various other reasons. Like all insurance policies there are exclusions so please read the fine print. The insurance does not cover your entry fee if we are forced to cancel the event because of the pandemic or other extenuating circumstances.

We ask that anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 on race day stay at home.