Meet Your #UAeastside10k Pacers!

We’re excited to announce your 2018 Under Armour Eastside 10K Pacer team! This crew has been hand-picked from dozens of applications to ensure our runners are set-up to hit PBs and run their best on September 15th. Check them out, pick your favourite, and run with them on race day!


Lucas Socia

“Earlier this year, I achieved two of my running goals. I ran a half-marathon in 1:20:12 and the Sun Run in 36:00. I’m happy I got that done because my first son was born in May and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to train since then. I’m looking forward to when he’s a bit older and I can run with him in a stroller. I’m excited to be pacing the Eastside 10k once again. Good luck to all runners.”


Vivian Davidson

“My background is as eclectic as my hobbies; I am an athlete, activist and actress who loves my city of Vancouver and anything outdoors.  I speak several languages, love to hike, read, play guitar and sketch in my spare time which is rare as I am usually found helping out at community events and basking in Vancouver’s awesome nature. I am excited to be part of this year’s UA Eastside 10K pacers because I both love this race and consider it an honour to be able to help runners achieve a goal they set for themselves and make the experience of racing as enjoyable, fun and memorable as possible.”



Gary Nisbet

“I’m an avid runner that’s just moved to Vancouver, having paced in the UK I wanted to give something back to the awesome community that I’ve found out here, especially VFAC who have taken me under their wing. I just couldn’t say no to pacing, not when Eastside 10k gave me the perfect opportunity to start my Canadian pacing journey!”


Jeff Hodges

Jeff has been running since high school and plans on qualifying for the New York half marathon this year, and one day heading to Boston. He is excited to pace all the runners up the infamous hill on the course and is excited to add positivity to a fun race day!



James Murray

“Hi! I’m James. My wife and I are relatively new to Vancouver, but definitely not new to the running scene. My favourite running route is around the False Creek seawall, with our Chocolate Lab Gus by my side. I’m looking forward to pacing the Eastside 10K and assisting fellow runners in crushing their goals and gaining new PRs. Can’t wait to meet everyone out there!”


Lisa Dinh

“Ran my first ever 10k in grade 8 with my school team in the Van Sun Run. 10 years later still running in races. Ran my first ultra this year. My most memorable running story was traveling to the Boston Marathon this year. With the high winds and snow storm my flight was delay many times and eventually cancelled the night before the run. So three strangers and I decided to drive from Toronto to Boston to make it 45min before the race day. If you are running with us you’ll hear the whole story. Let’s hope this race day will be better. Can’t wait!”


Melissa Offner

West coast newbie, originally from Toronto and Montreal. Lives for travelling, surfing and running. Always looking for the next outdoor adventure.



Tim Jameson

“I am a new addition to Vancouver having moved from London, England two months back. For me there is no better way to get to know a new place than running its streets and trails so I’ve been jogging round this beautiful city practically non-stop since getting here. This will be my first race in Van and I can’t wait to be a part of the atmosphere on the day – I’m expecting big things!”


Kat Davidson

Kat enjoys winding trails that end with hot springs, steady climbs on long runs and cold beers. She is a fervent believer that all these things go better with conversation and good company. It has been said that she is can make any situation awkward. Kat is excited to pace the UA Eastside 10k so she can run with old friends and make new friends.



Juliane Siu

Juliane (aka Jules) was never a runner until recently. Instead, she grew up playing other sports that included swimming, field hockey, kickboxing, and in her later years, fell in love with the great outdoors: hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowboarding. Jules is excited beyond words to support you as you crush your goals…let’s do this.


Karen McCullough

“I’ve been a runner for over 20 years, running every distance from 5k to full marathon. I’ve been getting faster as I get older and have been crushing a lot of longstanding personal records in the last two years. Now I want to give back to the running community by helping other runners crush theirs too. I’m excited to pacing the 65 minute Eastside 10k as my first time as a 10k pacer!”



Mikaila Johnson

“Hi everyone!! My name is Mikaila Johnson, and I’m a 21 year old interior design student who loves to run! I’ve been running pretty consistently for 3 years now, and I’ve found the sport to be very rewarding both mentally and physically. I’ve had my fair share of pacers who have paved the way to some of my PBs, so I’m really looking forward to helping some of you get there as well!  The running community in Vancouver is awesome, and I’m super excited to be a part of it this September for the Eastside 10km!”

Sharon Miki Chan

Sharon Miki Chan is a freelance writer, runner, and member of the FitFirst Footwear run team, living in Chinatown. She’s excited to roll through her neighbourhood as a first-time pacer for the Eastside 10k.



Shalyn Linklater

“I began running 12 years ago and have never looked back (unless it is a very steep hill). Nowhere have I met such amazing athletes, friends and experienced the best of locations possible. I love to run with people, pacing multiple HM’s and 10k’s – and lead the run group out of my workplace Saje. I have run multiple HM’s, an Ultra and many 10k races. I am super excited to pace the Eastside 10k – running with new people is my favorite and I look forward to getting those newbies through their first 10k.”

Sharon Sandhu

“Moved over from England in 2012, and I’ve participated in many races across BC. Super excited to pace the Eastside 10K, I know several people like me who like to live life on the edge, and happy to run in torrential rain. (Yes, I remember that one well). Looking forward to helping fellow runners cross that line with a smile on their face, we all get a shining medal! Make sure you come say hi!”