Introducing the Edmonton 10k Elite Field

If you are planning to cheer on the runners at the Edmonton 10k race on July 22nd, here are some of the names and bib numbers to watch out for! Toronto’s Sasha Gollish and Hamilton’s Reid Coolsaet will be looking to defend their 10K titles earned in the Toronto 10K on June 16th. With some pretty tough competition coming from local Alberta runners and runners from across the country, it will be a race to watch!

2018 EDMONTON 10K – Men’s Elite Field

Bib First Name Last Name City Prov
1 Reid Coolsaet Hamilton ON
2 Evan Esselink Guelph ON
3 Trevor Hofbauer Calgary AB
6 Kieran McDonald Edmonton AB
8 Michael Nishiyama Edmonton AB
9 Matt Setlack Cold Lake AB
10 Michael Stewart Edmonton AB
11 Charly Allan Edmonton AB
13 Richard Reid Edmonton AB
14 Matthew Hope Red Deer AB
15 Dejene Gulitat Edmonton AB
16 Andrew Cassidy Edmonton AB
17 Logan Roots Kingston ON
18 Benard Onsare Calgary AB
19 Trevor MacLean Edmonton AB
20 Simon Stewart Edmonton AB
21 Craig Odermatt Victoria BC
22 Brian Torrance Edmonton AB
23 Marty Robertson Edmonton AB
24 Brian Yorke Edmonton AB

2018 EDMONTON 10K – Women’s Elite Field

Bib First Name Last Name City Prov
F1 Sasha Gollish Toronto ON
F2 Dayna Pidhoresky Vancouver BC
F4 Leslie Sexton London ON
F5 Emily Setlack Cold Lake AB
F6 Morgan Lawley Edmonton AB
F10 Alecia Kallos Edmonton AB
F11 Emma Cook-Clarke Calgary AB
F12 Melissa Kalyn Calgary AB
F13 Taylor Carlin Edmonton AB
F14 Jodi Nesbitt Red Deer AB
F16 Rachel Humphreys Edmonton AB
F17 Madeleine Cummings Edmonton AB
F18 Kimberley Doerksen Roberts Creek BC
F19 Lisa Flemming Edmonton AB
F21 Katherine Moore Vancouver BC
F23 America Aznar Edmonton AB
F24 Anushree Patel Edmonton AB