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The Ins and Outs of Mid-Run Fueling

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As the distances increase in both training and racing, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of fueling on the run.  The advancements in sports nutrition have helped create the number of products available to help fuel our working muscles mid-run.  Every runner handles fuel differently, from the amount they can consume, to the type of product, to the flavour that sits best in their gut.  It’s all about trial and error, mixed with the science of what one’s “optimal” fueling strategy is.

There is a myriad of choices for running fuel.  With every flavour imaginable, runners can choose from a variety of energy gels, chews, drinks, and everyday foods to help them on the run.  By ingesting some form of carbohydrate, the primary fuel source for working muscles, it helps to replenish depleted glycogen/calories while on the move.  There is a limited amount of stored carbohydrates in our muscles, even after carb-loading effectively.  Companies that specialize in fueling such as PowerBar, have invested an inordinate amount of time and research into developing products that can equip an athlete with the resources that they need in training and races.  Creating products such as endurance fuel like PowerGels and Gel Blast chews, to pre-workout energy bars, and post-workout protein bars, there’s a product that can help to refuel your working muscles at any point of your training.

Due to the lag in absorption time, it’s not as simple as taking a gel and having it instantly fuel and replenish fatiguing muscles.  It takes a bit of time to be digested, absorbed into the blood stream, then delivered to your muscles, so the timing of fuel intake is crucial.  Our brains are fueled by glucose in the blood, so when we ingest a gel, we give our brain an “instant” boost to clear any haziness that occurs when our stores are low.

The frequency at which we can take gels is very individual and depends primarily on our stomach’s reaction to the ingested sugars.  When racing, the body is working hard to sustain your exertion, so it diverts blood away from the digestive system as your working muscles need it more.  By taking gels early in the race before you really need them, you will allow the stomach to digest and transport the glucose to your muscles before it rebels completely.  Most products suggest taking a gel every 45-60 mins during exercise.  Avoid taking more than one gel at a time as it can spike your blood glucose and leave you feeling sick from too much sugar.

Throughout your training, try to practice a fueling strategy as often as possible.  The stomach/digestive tract, just like any other muscle in your body, can be trained.  The more often you use gels and force your stomach to handle the digestion and distribution of sugar while on the run, the less likely it’ll be that you have GI distress come race day.

Other important notes:

  • Always have water with your gels/chews/etc.  It will help dilute the sugar enough to make it easier for the gut to digest and absorb into your system.
  • Prone to stomach problems? Instead of taking a full gel every 45-60 mins, try taking a 1/4 of a gel every 20 mins instead.
  • Using natural food works too.  Use homemade staples like dried fruit, baby food pouches, gummy candies, or honey.
  • Can’t eat and run?  Opt for a sports drink: something like Gatorade is great, just be sure to have the proper ratio of glucose/fructose and some electrolytes to keep everything balanced.

Win a PowerBar prize pack!

If you’re running the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon on June 25, there will be stations with water and Gatorade located every 2-3km along the course, as well as a PowerGel station at approximately 13km.

Want to win some PowerBar product this week? Tag one of your friends in our Facebook or Instagram posts and you’ll be entered to win a race entry for each of you into the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and a PowerBar prize package! The draw will take place on May 19th.

#ScotiaHalf 2017 Charity Profiles – Family Places

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Throughout the Lower Mainland, there are many Family Places that offer support, resources, and programs for families with young children who are under 6 years old.  Family Places provide help to young families to ensure their children are raised in a healthy and happy environment.  Not only do these places assist parents and caretakers with the necessary resources and activities to promote the child’s development, they  have drop-in and learning programs for the children too.

Four of the local Family Places are participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge in 2017.  If you want to learn more about their programs, or wish to donate, click on their link below for more information.

West Side Family Place SocietyWest Side Family Place

West Side Family Place makes a difference in the lives of families.

We know that raising children can be lonely, frustrating and sometimes bewildering. West Side Family Place provides a safe space for mothers, fathers, and caregivers with young children from all backgrounds to gather and play, free from judgement or the long-term commitment of registered programs.

Please join us in support of this amazing organization and help us continue to provide a welcoming space and practical programs that support the healthy development of children in the community.

For information about how to get involved, please contact Diane at 604-738-2819.


South Vancouver Family Place SocietySouth Vancouver Family Place

Our mandate is to support families (with children newborn to 5 years), in building healthy relationships and community networks by providing our services in welcoming, nurturing and respectful environments. In addition, we operate a licensed preschool serving 70 local families.


Please help South Vancouver Family Place to continue offering diverse and relevant programming for vulnerable families in South/East Vancouver. Join our team as a fundraiser, get your friends to also join our team as fundraisers, or to sponsor you. Every single penny sponsored to you is donated directly to South Vancouver Family Place.


Mount Pleasant Family Centre SocietyMount Pleasant Family Place

We are gathering a team of passionate supporters to run/walk 5K on Sunday, June 25 to help us raise awareness to the support we give to families with young children. For forty years the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society has been providing a safe space where families with young children can make new friends, learn new skills, and receive support.

When you join our team, you get access to fundraising tools, training, team/race day photos, team spirit and the heartfelt gratitude of families that you’re literally stepping up for. All you need is a passion for healthy families.

For more information, please visit

Eastside Family Place SocietyEastside Family Place

You can help young children and families! Eastside Family Place is again participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and we invite you to join our team or to make a donation today.

Parents often describe Eastside Family Place as a “home away from home,” a “lifesaver,” and a “microcosm of what we want the world to be.” We ARE the proverbial village raising the child!

Please help by joining & walking with us to raise funds. If that’s not possible, you can still support young children and families in East Vancouver by DONATING NOW through this page. Thank you!

Asics Pace Team at #ScotiaHalf 2017

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We’re excited to introduce the 2017 Asics Pace Team for this year’s Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon! Two pacers will run with each of the following pace groups – 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, and (new this year) 2:30.

1:45 Pace Group Leaders

Mike Hsiao

Mike is a recent engineering graduate, avid volunteer and a marathon runner who was diagnosed with the Fatty Liver Disease as a child. In 2012, while he was in second year university, he collapsed and was sent to the ER due to a combination of many health conditions, including being borderline obese. Since then, Mike decided to make a change to become healthier. He picked up running and an active lifestyle (and lost 1/4 of his weight in the progress). He has kept going since, and have ran over 60 races varying from a 5km to full marathons. Mike has made a goal to do 100 races before he is 25 to raise awareness for many health causes. Mike is the founder and CEO of Race Force, which is a nonprofit organization that have helped organized or assisted more than 150 sporting events (such as Scotiahalf) since inception. Mike is excited to be an Asics pacer for the 2017 Scotiahalf for 1:45 and invite you to connect with him!

Kevin Schwab

Following his Half Marathon debut in Munich in 2010, Kevin has been running 10Ks and Half Marathons throughout Canada over the past few years. His two running highlights to-date include winning the M<25 age group at Scotia last year, as well as completing his first Full Marathon in Portland in October. Battling with injuries for most of the last half year, Kevin is excited to assist other runners in achieving their goals at Scotia this summer. Oh and getting to wear bunny ears – that’s pretty big, too.

2:00 Pace Group Leaders

Greg Faber

I started running in 2012 to shed some pounds and reclaim my health. It started with casual walks just to get my body adjusted to movement. As I saw other people running through the park, it motivated me to do more. I picked up my pace and before I knew it I was running my first 5km race. Today, I am proud to say that I have completed many races ranging from 5k’s to ultra marathons and what started out as simple exercise has turned into a lifestyle.

I have since not only lost all the excess weight I carried around, but have gained a whole new community of friends and likeminded individuals that have all caught the running bug. Moving forward, I want to inspire and motivate others to reach their own running goals. I found that pacing for the Scotiabank Half-Marathon is one way to give back to the sport I love!

Elisha Allen

Elisha is a Vancouver local with a life-long love of running. Over the past few years she’s completed a variety of long distance races including a 23 km trail race up Whistler Mountain and the 2017 Boston Marathon. She’s extremely passionate about helping others explore and enjoy running and can’t wait to help you reach your half-marathon goals! If you want to check out her latest running adventures you can Elisha on Instagram @theruntoboston.

2:15 Pace Group Leaders

Andy Arevalo

Andy Arevalo is a runner that has started his running since 2015.

In late 2015, he came across a local Chinese running group called LaPower. He joined the group and has made many good friends that share the same passion in running and life style.

He has run many race such as The Sun Run, BMO half marathon, Scotiabank half marathon, and the Rock “N” Rock Half marathon in which he had made his PB in the race.

Having this opportunity to run as a pacer for the Scotiabank half marathon 2017 is his honour. This is going to be a very exciting and memorable experience for Andy, and he is going to achieve your goal with you.

Courtney L.

I started running in 2010 and got hooked. It started with one half marathon just to see if I could do it and has led to many more half marathons, marathons, 5k and 10ks all over North America. I love to run and I love to get other people excited about running. And I enjoy helping people reach their running goals. I have lead running clinics and paced numerous 10ks, half marathons and marathons. It is a great feeling to help someone reach their goal – to be a small part of their success is awesome. I am looking forward to running with the group to make the 2:15 half marathon time!

2:30 Pace Group Leaders

Sharon Sandhu

Hi name is Sharon and I moved from England to Vancouver in 2012. I first started running in 2011, my friend who was a run coach convinced me to try something new and I signed up for my first half marathon in Basingstoke UK (with hills). Running has always been a great way to meet people and I am super excited to be a pacer at the Scotiabank Half Marathon, this will be my third year running the course and I’m looking forward to being a source of motivation for the awesome runners on the day!

Lisa Brown

My name is Lisa Brown and I am the pacer for the 2:30 group. The party corral!

My first race was the Scotiabank half marathon in 2013. I was hooked. Since then I have run 7 half marathons, 3 full marathons, numerous 10 and 5k races. For the last year I have been volunteering with learn to run and 5k clinics.

Run with the Asics Pace Team this June – sign up today!

Half to Half Training Program

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Spring racing season is in full swing so it’s always worth looking forward to your next goal. The months of training that have prepared you for a spring 10km, Half-Marathon, or other distance can set you up for many subsequent races.

If your spring goal was a Half-Marathon, keep the momentum going with the Half-to-Half program below! We also have a beginner 5km program and simple Half training schedule as well. Race a 10k this spring? Scroll further down for the 10k-to-Half program.

Half-to-Half Training Program
May 8–14 Rest 5km Cross-train 4km Rest Cross-train 10km
May 15–21 Rest 7km Cross-train 6km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 13km
May 22-28 Rest 7km Cross-train 7km Rest Cross-train 15km
May 29- June 4 Rest 8km Cross-train 7km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 17km
June 5–11 Rest 9km Cross-train 8km Rest Cross-train 19km
June 12–18 Rest 8km Cross-train 8km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 12km
June 19–25 Rest 5km Rest 4km Rest Rest 21.1km — Event Day!

Cross-train with swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga, or strength training. Make sure not to over do it on these days as they are part of your recovery process. Recovering properly is essential to bridge between your two races, so actually rest on those Rest Days! When adding in hills, try to incorporate a few steady climbs into your route, anywhere from 200m to 500m long.


If you’ve just finished your training for a 10k, it’s a perfect launching point for a new distance: the Half-Marathon. Running 21.1km may seem daunting at first, but it’s likely that when starting to prepare for your 10km race that seemed scary too! With a gradual build in mileage, this 10km to Half-Marathon program will prepare you to toe the start line at your next Half-Marathon with confidence!

10k to Half-Marathon Program
Apr 24–30 Rest 4km Cross-train 4km Rest Cross-train 7km
May 1–7 Rest 5km Cross-train 4km Rest Cross-train 10km
May 8–14 Rest 6km Cross-train 5km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 12km
May 15–21 Rest 6km Cross-train 6km Rest Cross-train 14km
May 22–28 Rest 7km Cross-train 6km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 16km
May 29–June 4 Rest 8km Cross-train 7km Rest Cross-train 18km
June 5–11 Rest 8km Cross-train 7km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 20km
June 12–18 Rest 8km Cross-train 7km w/ hills Rest Cross-train 12km
June 19–25 Rest 5km Rest 4km Rest Rest 21.1km — Event Day


The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k offers the perfect summer race weekend. The Half takes participants along a beautiful route from UBC to Stanley Park. The 5k route features Lost Lagoon and the English Bay seawall. Bask in the summer sun and sign-up for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon or 5k today!

Date: June 25, 2017
Start time: 7:30am (Half) | 9:30am (5k)
Start location: East Mall, UBC (Half) | Stanley Park (5k)
Finish location: Stanley Park

#ScotiaHalf 2017 Charity Profiles

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Over the next few months we’ll be profiling some of the amazing charities involved with this year’s Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k along with some of the great work they do. This week, we spoke to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

Want to get involved? Find out more about the Scotiabank Charity Challenge here!

Royal Columbian Hospital FoundationRoyal Columbian Hospital Foundation

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is Pounding the Pavement for Preemies!

We are working together with friends and family to fundraise for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This year our goal is to raise $88,000 to fund the remaining balance of our Infant Transport Incubator. An Infant Transport Incubator is a self-contained, mobile, intensive care unit for sick or premature babies to be transported to a neonatal intensive-care unit for specialized treatment.

The Van Marrewyk family experienced first-hand the exceptional care from the RCH Hospital after the birth of their triplet daughters in 2010. Wanting to give back, they organized an annual 5km walk for family and friends that also acted as a fundraiser for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Royal Columbian Hospital. Those Christmastime walkathons raised $110,000. As the family and the Foundation discussed future fundraising efforts, we all saw an advantage in joining the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. We caught up with the Van Marrewyk’s about their involvement, their goals and their story:

How/why did you decide to use the Scotiabank Charity Challenge as a big fundraiser instead of continuing with the walk you’ve put on in the past?  Do you still put the walk on as an annual event? 
This option was brought forward to us by the RCH Foundation.  The biggest reason that we joined forces with both the RCH foundation and Scotiabank Charity Challenge was for ease and exposure.  This fundraiser was never about our family it has always been about the NICU.  When we did the walk it was located in Ladner and it was difficult to bring the entire NICU community to us so it was always more of a family and friends event.  Now the event has been able to reach more of just the NICU community and that was ultimately what our family wanted.  Our dream was to raise awareness about the NICU and give the NICU families a place to come together and celebrate our miracles that have come through the NICU. 
We do not still do the walk, like everyone these days we are a busy family and the walk consumed roughly 6-8 months of our year trying to plan, execute the walk, and then finally send out all of the thank you’s.  We know how much goes into an event like this and for the foundation to take this work off of our plate has been amazing for us.  The RCH Foundation is truly the backbone of why this fundraiser has continued.

Royal Columbian Hospital FoundationWhat made you become so involved with the RCH Foundation?  I’m sure many families have been helped through their care, but what made you decide to give back over the years? 
Without the NICU we would not have our family of 6.  Our children were very sick when they came under the care of Dr. Al-Mudaffer of the NICU.  He and his team (doctors and nurses) made sure that they would find the answers of why the kids were so sick and he did.  The RCH Foundation was our avenue to ensure that our money made it back into the RCH NICU’s system.  They have been absolutely amazing in their tireless work and continue to exceed all of our expectations.  They always make things happen and always looking our for not only the hospitals best interests but also the families of the patients.  They make things happen!

Where does the money that’s fundraised go to every year? Is it based on the needs of the neonatal unit? 
Queenie (NICU Manager) still allows us to choose where this money goes.  Every time we start a new year we are given a few choices and the monetary amount of the items that we are discussing.  The current focus is an Infant Transport Incubator. Before this, we raised money to purchase a jet ventilator, which provides a gentle and effective mode of ventilation to help the most fragile premature babies breathe, since their lungs are not developed enough for them to breathe on their own. We’ve also purchased infusion pumps that deliver fluids and medications as well as a couple of isolette incubators.
The Incubator stretcher that we are currently still working on has been a special piece of equipment because we have an agreement with the hospital that we will continue to raise funds for this piece of equipment (forecasted 3 years) but the piece of equipment has already been purchased.  The hospital is paying for this piece of equipment and we are paying them back, what an amazing relationship!

When you sign up for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon or 5k, you can choose to run for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Already registered to run? You can join their fundraising team today or make a donation to their team.

Dr. Peter AIDS FoundationDr. Peter AIDS Foundation

The Dr. Peter Centre is a leader in providing HIV care for individuals who face complex social and health issues, including mental illness, addictions, poverty, homelessness and social isolation.

Located in Vancouver’s West End, the Dr. Peter Centre provides three programs – day health, 24-hour specialized nursing care residence, and enhanced supportive housing, which together form a campus of care with integrative HIV services supporting personal autonomy and effective use of health care resources.

Now in our 8th year, staff and volunteers of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation form the “Red Ribbon Roadrunners” and run in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge to fundraise. Our team runs not only for fitness, but also to support compassionate care for people living with HIV.

We chose the Scotiabank Charity Challenge as one of our yearly fundraisers because it is a world-class race that provides a seamless platform that allows us to focus our efforts and resources on fundraising. It is also a great way to meet new people, get in shape, and have fun!

The Red Ribbon Roadrunners participate annually in the Scotiabank Half-Marathon and 5k in support of the life-changing work of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. Every contribution makes a difference. When you run, walk or pledge on behalf of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, you help provide vital care for people living with HIV.

Our food and nutrition program is the cornerstone of our model of care. Every day in the day health program, nutritious breakfasts and lunches are served, providing the high level of nutrition needed for a person to fully benefit from HIV treatment and to bolster the immune system.

In our day health program, a meal is so much more than a meal – it’s THE draw for engagement in HIV treatment and other HIV care.

Our goal is to raise $5000, enough to fund 1000 meals at the Dr. Peter Centre!

Dr. Peter AIDS FoundationWhen you sign up for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon or 5k, you can choose to run for The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Already registered to run? You can join their fundraising team today or make a donation to their team.

lipstick-projectThe Lipstick Project

The Lipstick Project is a small, Vancouver-based non-profit that provides free, professional spa services to men, women and children who are facing significant health challenges. Through partnerships with organizations like Ronald McDonald House, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and the Vancouver Hospice Society, our volunteers deliver comfort, dignity and compassionate care to those in need. We’ve never participated in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge before and are really looking forward to engaging our community in this new way this year!

lipstick-projectWe chose to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge because it is an event that such a diverse group of our community can participate in. Because volunteering with our organization requires a very specific skill set, there are lots of supporters and fans in our community who can’t volunteer with us. This event is a great way to engage our entire community and rally them around a specific cause.

People can run for our charity by signing up here and joining our team. We’re very excited to make this a community-building event that is much more than just on race-day. That’s why we have partnered up with Rackets & Runners’ run club for training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. We also have an active Facebook community where we’re posting training tips, gear info, stretching videos, and different tidbits to help people make the most of this experience.

The funds raised will help us continue our programs and services in the coming year. We’re also always hopeful to expand the reach of our organization to serve more people, and success in this fundraising endeavour would help us to bring those expansions to life.

When you sign up for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon or 5k, you can choose to run for The Lipstick Project in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Already registered to run? You can join their fundraising team today or make a donation to their team.

Check back next week – we’ll be talking to another one of our great charities! You can find the full list of our partner charities here.

Council for Responsible Sport – Inspire Certification

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Canada Running Series has a longstanding commitment to producing sustainable events in our community and is excited for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k‘s invitation into the Council for Responsible Sport‘s Inspire program! The new Inspire program recognizes the sustained commitment of events that have been certified multiple times and challenges them to mentor industry peers and share their stories. The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k is the fourth event to earn Inspire status and the first to do so in Canada. It is the second event to earn Inspire status at the Gold level.

“The Inspire program grants events and organizers with proven records of hosting certified responsible events a position of exemplary leadership within the community of organizers positively influencing the sports events industry,” said the Council’s managing director Shelley Villalobos.

“We are pleased to welcome the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k to the Inspire program this year. We hope to elevate the level of attention to the exemplary work organizers have been doing for several years now with regards to zero waste, procurement, access, and community legacy at the event.”

Highlights of achievements in the past include:

  •  98% Waste Diversion Rate for our Expo, Start Area, Finish Area, and course with Green Chair Recycling
  • All discarded clothing from Start Area collected and donated to shelter programs
  • Majority of food purchased is locally and/or organically produced, with surplus food being donated to local food banks
  • Striving for Carbon-Neutral – all event operations and 50% of local participant travel was offset with carbon credits in 2015
  • Free post-event shuttles and bike valet reduce two-way trips and car drops
  • Marketing materials are printed using biodegradable inks on FSC certified paper

In 2017, the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k will expand upon these achievements by replacing all generators at the start/finish venues with pollution-free power stations and solar panels. Recycling and waste reduction initiatives will continue to be fine-tuned and the event will expand upon the bike valet program in Stanley Park.

Events may opt into the Inspire program on an invitation only basis after earning two consecutive certifications from the Council (certification is good for two years). The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k earned an invitation in 2017 after first becoming certified in 2013 at the Silver level, and earning a recertification at the Gold level in 2015. Program participation entails three core requirements including annual reporting on key performance indicators, mentorship of another event or organization on a specific aspect of their responsible sport programming and sharing the event’s responsible sport story publicly.

Why Runners Participate in Event Fundraising

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The Scotiabank Charity Challenge supports over 80 different charities each year through the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k. Each charity has a unique story and background for how they were founded and came to be a part of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. The Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is just one of these stories and they have been a huge part of this event for many years as they fundraise for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), largely in part to the Van Marrewyk family.

The Van Marrewyk family experienced incredible care for almost two months at the Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) NICU after the birth of their triplet daughters. Their appreciation led to the establishment of an annual 5k Christmas-time walkathon for friends and family in support of the NICU at RCH that raised over $110,000. Wanting to further their fundraising efforts, the Van Marrewyk’s and the RCH Foundation saw the advantage of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and decided to take part. The RCH Foundation has raised over $125,000 since 2013 with the focus being on supporting neonatal care.

Making every step count is more than just participating in the event. The Charity Challenge program allows participants to run for the sake of others. Runners and walkers are given a unique opportunity to band together and fundraise for local charities of personal significance, creating a more meaningful race experience. The social aspect of a race is greatly enhanced with the camaraderie between friends, family, coworkers, and like-minded people as they work towards supporting their chosen charity. Helping the greater good is incredibly motivating, especially when individuals set personal goals for both their own race and their fundraising targets through their support both physically and financially.

In the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, Scotiabank covers all of the fees associated with online fundraising, allowing 100% of the funds that have been raised to go directly to the charity of your choice. Over $50 million has been raised nationally through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge from thousands of people running or walking in honour of loved ones, or to simply raise awareness and give back to their community.

No matter what distance you take part in or what amount you raise, your contribution makes every step count for charities in our community.

To take part in the Charity Challenge, sign up as part of a charity team when you register for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k today! A list of current charities is available here with more being added every week.

2017 #ScotiaHalf Shirt Options

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We’ve just received our tentative shirt designs for this year’s Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k participant t-shirts and now we need your input! Take a look at the two options above, then vote on your favourite style. The most popular version will chosen for the 2017 Asics race shirt that all participants will receive.

Voting closes at midnight on January 12.

Shirt Options

Click to enlarge

Scotiabank Charity Challenge raises over $50 million for local Canadian communities

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Runners at 6 marathons across the country set the pace for giving back to the community

TORONTO, ON – (Marketwired – June 24, 2016)

Since 2003, participants at six Scotiabank-sponsored road races from coast to coast have made every step of their run count, raising more than $50 million for local charities through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. This turnkey fundraising program surpassed the $50 million mark thanks to continued efforts from races in Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Calgary so far this year, and in the lead-up to the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon and 5k this weekend.

06-28-16-charitychallenge1200x900The Scotiabank Charity Challenge launched in 2003 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon as a way for runners to fundraise to support local charities. Every dollar raised goes directly to the charities. Scotiabank pays for all transaction fees, credit card fees and the cost of the fundraising platform.

Scotiabank proudly hosts a Scotiabank Charity Challenge at each of six sponsored race events across Canada each year including:

For links to Scotiabank’s races and the charities supported by runners at each one, please visit the Scotiabank Marathons’ page.

“On behalf of all of my colleagues at Scotiabank, I want to congratulate all participants who have run in the Scotiabank road races since 2003 and made every step count by signing up for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge,” said Kyle McNamara, Executive Vice President and Co-Head Information Technology, Business Systems, and Executive Champion for Marathons at Scotiabank. “We encourage everyone to keep the fundraising going, and to work together to support local charities that have a significant impact on Canadian communities.”

“We launched the Scotiabank Charity Challenge in response to runners who told us that they wanted to make their race more meaningful,” said Jacquie Ryan, Vice President, Sponsorships at Scotiabank. “It has been an honour to witness the commitment and dedication of all participants – both on the course and off – as we have grown this fundraising program together.”

About Scotiabank
Through our global community investment strategy, Scotiabank and its employees support causes at a grassroots level. Recognized as a leader for our charitable donations and philanthropic activities, in 2015, Scotiabank contributed $67 million to help our communities around the world.

Scotiabank is Canada’s international bank and a leading financial services provider in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America, and Asia-Pacific. We are dedicated to helping our 23 million customers become better off through a broad range of advice, products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investment banking, and capital markets. With a team of more than 89,000 employees and assets of $895 billion (as at April 30, 2016), Scotiabank trades on the Toronto (TSX: BNS) and New York Exchanges (NYSE: BNS). Scotiabank distributes the Bank’s media releases using Marketwired. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @ScotiabankViews.

Kip Kangogo runs to victory, marking his fifth win at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon

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Over $860,000 raised at the 2016 Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k.

VANCOUVER June 26th 2016 – Over 6,500 people took part in the 18th annual Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k on Sunday, June 26. The event raised more than $860,000 and counting for 81 local charities through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. This amount is a significant contribution to the $50 million raised nationally in the lifetime of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge since its inception in 2003.

Race day saw momentous victories on a sunny Vancouver morning as runners brought their best to the scenic course, stretching from UBC to Stanley Park. Kenyan-born Kip Kangogo of Lethbridge, Alberta owned today’s race, as he has since his Canadian debut in 2009, leading the men’s pack and winning his fifth Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon in eight years with a time of 01:07:03. Kenya’s Pius Kipsang Korir followed in second place, with Kangogo’s fellow Kenyan Canadian, Willy Kimosop in third for the men’s event.


Romanian born American, Adriana Nelson came to Vancouver looking for a half-marathon win, and led the women’s pack from the beginning. She ran to victory three minutes clear of second place, Lindsay Tessier from Toronto.

“We would like to congratulate all of the runners in the 2016 Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k, especially those who participated in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and ran for causes close to their hearts,” said Winnie Leong, Senior Vice President of the BC and Yukon Region at Scotiabank. “This marks a special year for the race here in Vancouver. With the support of the local community, the Scotiabank Charity Challenge reached a fundraising total of $860,000 and counting – helping to take our national fundraising even further past the $50 million national fundraising milestone achieved this past week.”


The race also saw record-breaking moments as Jason Cole and Rand Surbey broke the Guinness World Record for fastest half-marathon pushing a wheelchair. The powerhouse duo had a strong finish in the race and in their fundraising efforts, raising over $15,000 for the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. The Scotiabank Charity Challenge also saw a record broken as Cassie and Friends Society raised over $120,000 this year, surpassing the most a charity has raised through the Challenge in Vancouver, annually.

“Today we saw residents of Vancouver and surrounding areas unite in an inspiring way – from talented runners to dedicated supporters cheering on race participants, we witnessed a great deal of athleticism, philanthropy and community spirit,” said Clif Cunningham, Canada Running Series Western Race Director. “With the combination of outstanding running achievements and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for local charities here in BC, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.” 


Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k Results:

Half-Marathon Results   

Half-Marathon Male 

1. Kip Kangogo – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada:  01:07:03

2. Pius Kipsang Korir–  Kenya: 01:07:29

3. Willy Kimosop – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: 01:08:11

Half-Marathon Female         

1. Adriana Nelson – Boulder, Colorado, USA: 01:14:35

2. Lyndsay Tessier – Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 01:17:30

3. Robyn Mildren – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: 01:18:55

5k Results

5k Male          

1. Alistair Kealty – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: 17:07

2. Dorian Baysset – Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada: 17:56

3. Samuel Yeung – Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada: 19:28  

5k Female               

1. Olivia, Willett – Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada: 18:57

2. Carina Blafield – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: 20:12

3. Hannah Ye – Leesburg, Virginia, USA: 20:22

To see a list of charities involved in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, please visit the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5k website.

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