How does baggage check work?

By February 23, 2020Baggage Check

Baggage Check Rules:

  • You must use your clear drawstring kit bag for your Baggage!
  • Absolutely no other bags will be accepted.
  • The kit bag will be included in your race kit and is sized appropriately so that all bags checked on race day will fit in the baggage check areas, ensuring efficiency at both check-in and pick-up.
    • Width = 14.5 inches / 37cm
      Length = 18 inches / 46cm
  • You will receive a sticker in your bib envelope that corresponds to your bib number. You must attach this sticker to your bag in the box marked “PLEASE AFFIX BAGGAGE STICKER HERE.
  • We strongly recommend that you leave your valuables at home! lululemon Edmonton 10K is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including any and all property checked at the Baggage Check.