The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First CRS Event

Deciding to participate in your first Canada Running Series (CRS) event begins an exciting adventure. With events spread across the calendar year and across Canada, CRS caters to runners of all levels with various distances and unique experiences. 

This guide will help you select the perfect CRS event, considering factors like training, location, season, and personal running goals.

Understanding Canada Running Series Events

A Year Full of Running Opportunities

CRS organizes several flagship events yearly, from fun runs to marathons. Each event is set against the backdrop of Canada’s most scenic locations, from city streets to zoological parks. 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s available:

CRS East Highlights

  • Move Your Paws For The Polar Bear Cause: Kickstart your year with a winter run on February 24, 2024, supporting polar bear conservation.
  • Spring Run-Off: Celebrate the arrival of spring on April 6, 2024, with 5K and 8K races that challenge runners with the infamous Kill the Hill segment.
  • Under Armour Toronto 10K: Experience the heart of Toronto on June 15, 2024, in a 10K race known for its vibrant atmosphere and strong community spirit.
  • Oasis ZooRun: On September 14, 2024, run alongside exotic animals. There will be races for the whole family, including 5K, 10K, and Cub Run options.
  • TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon: This is the pinnacle of the CRS calendar, held on October 19 & 20, 2024. It offers a marathon, half-marathon, and 5K races along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront.

CRS West & Montreal Highlights

  • Vancouver Half Marathon: Challenge yourself with a half marathon on June 23, 2024, featuring stunning views of Vancouver.
  • Under Armour Eastside 10K: Dive into Vancouver’s vibrant east side on September 22, 2024, in a 10K race that showcases the city’s diversity.
  • 21K de Montréal: Join the spring race fever in Montreal on April 20, 2024, with a half-marathon that weaves through the city’s iconic locations.

Community Partner Events

  • Freestyle 5K: On May 4th, 2024, enjoy a 5K run that supports a charitable cause. It is perfect for families and runners looking to give back.
  • Rev&Run: This unique event, which will take place on July 19, 2024, combines running with a post-race automotive show.
  • Scarborough 5K: On August 10, 2024, explore Scarborough’s scenic routes in a welcoming 5K event suitable for all ages and abilities.

Choosing Your Perfect CRS Event

  • Training Timeline and Seasonal Considerations

Plan your event based on how much time you have to train and your preferred running weather. Early-year events like “Move Your Paws” are significant for winter enthusiasts, while “TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon” in October allows ample time for comprehensive marathon training over the warmer months.

  • Location and Community Atmosphere

Consider whether you prefer a local event or a destination race. Events like the “Under Armour Toronto 10K” and “Oasis ZooRun” offer unique urban and zoological settings, providing memorable experiences beyond the race.

  • Setting Goals and Making the Choice

Whether aiming for a personal best or participating for the joy of running, there’s a CRS event tailored to your aspirations. For beginners, the “Freestyle 5K” or “Scarborough 5K” offer accessible distances with supportive crowds. More seasoned runners might aim for the challenge of the “Vancouver Half Marathon” or the “TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon.”

Your first CRS event can start a lifelong love affair with running. When choosing your event, consider your training preferences, location, and personal goals. Remember, every CRS race is more than just a run; it’s an experience, a community, and a chance to challenge yourself. 

Pick your race, lace up your shoes, and enjoy every step of your CRS journey.