Sasha Gollish and Jeremy Coughler take the Titles at Spring Run-Off  

Celebrating its 46th edition, the Spring Run-Off has raised $28,500 for Parkdale Community Foodbank  

TORONTO, April 1, 2023 — A sold-out crowd of 3,500 celebrated Opening Day for running in Toronto at the 46th annual Spring Run Off this morning in High Park, the first event of Canada Running Series 2023. Participants were drawn from every Canadian province and 14 American states. Sunny skies and 12c degree temperatures created ideal conditions for challenging the famous hills of the city’s most scenic park.  

Defending men’s champion, Jeremy Coughler of London, ON, put in a surge after the first climb up Centre Road at 3km, then cruised to victory ahead of Rob Kanko  (24:19) of Dundas and Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Alex Neuffer  (24:31). Coughler’s time was a scant four seconds slower than his 2022 victory lap. Sasha Gollish (26:58) showed her strength in the women’s race with a convincing triumph, 22 seconds ahead of Team Canada teammate Erin Teschuk (27:20), showing us why she will be representing Canada at the World Mountain & Trail Championships in Innsbruck-Stubia in June. Laura Desjardins was a distant third (28:10).  

But there were so many more winners on a memorable morning. To continue the tradition since its inception in 1978, Piper Dave MacGonigal led racers to the start lines of the 8K, 5K and Kids Run. Ubuntu Community served up a delicious pancake breakfast with proceeds going to both them and the High Park Nature Centre. Madawaska Maple Products and Marquest Sunglasses handed out further prizes and the primary charity of the day – the Parkdale Community Foodbank — took home $28,500 to help them feed 6,000 needy families in the Downtown and West End every month. Fundraising is still open until April 30th, with the final total expected to go well beyond $30,000.  Additionally, this year’s race supported Trans Canada Trail ($440), Trees for Life ($970) and Canada Running Series Foundation ($2870), bringing the 2023 fundraising grand total to $33,870 already. 

Back for a 7th year, the popular Kill The Hill challenge up the infamous 600m incline on Spring Road to the Finish Line had a new twist with winners being crowned “Heroes of The Hill” in the men’s, women’s and non-binary categories. After racing up the gut-busting, timed, final 365m, Jessey The Elf claimed first in the men’s 8K conquering the hill in 1 minute 12 seconds, with Katie Anderson crowned Women’s Superhero in 1:32. Tanya Hauck placed first in the non-binary race with a time of 2:12. In the 5K, Toronto’s Brittany Moran was first woman in 1:33, with Brett McGonigal finishing first for the men in 1:13, and Noah Simpson-Freeman taking the non-binary category with a time of 2:00.  

Collectively, the running community gathered together to line the hills of High Park and cheer on the participants. The boundless energy of Kardia Athletica, High Park Rogue Runners, Frontrunners, Pride Run, Parkdale Roadrunners, Parkdale Food Bank and RunTOBeer pushed participants through to the finish line all morning to celebrate a resounding success. 

Top Women: 

  1. Sasha Gollish – 26:58  
  2. Erin Teschuk – 27:20  
  3. Laura Desjardins – 28:10  
  4. Courtney Brohart – 28:59  
  5. Becca Brennan – 29:18  

Top Men: 

  1. Jeremy Coughler – 23:51  
  2. Rob Kanko – 24:19  
  3. Alex Neuffer – 24:31  
  4. Ian Guiden – 24:38  
  5. Kyle Grieve – 24:46  

For listing of all Overall and Age Category winners in both 8K & 5K click here. For complete, individual, searchable results click here.