Running Through the Elements – How to Train in all Types of Weather

By February 14, 2020Spring Run-Off

An April 5K or 8K run is a great way to start off your race season, but with unpredictable weather, training can be difficult. Through the weather changes, through the pain, through the doubt – in order to cross the finish line, the only way is through. Stay motivated by coming prepared – no matter what mother nature throws at you. Below are some tips from our friends at Under Armour on how to train through any weather condition:


There’s no easier time to get motivated to move than when the sun is shining. A beautiful, clear sky is all you can hope for on race day. Make the most of your time outside with our title sponsor Under Armour’s newest footwear technology, the HOVR Machina. HOVR Machina provides an extra edge over your fellow racers by mixing the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer. For more accurate training results, check out the MapMyRun app which all UA HOVR shoes can connect with. The shoes and app work together with Form Coaching, providing real-time, personalized guidance to make sure your form doesn’t break down mid run. The app also tracks your stride length, cadence and distance, helping you analyse your run and keep improving.


Sometimes, pushing through the excuses is the hardest part of training. Your biggest battle won’t be with the rain, but with yourself. You know you need to keep your schedule and get a run in, no matter what the forecast predicts. When the rain hits and you need to layer up, try outfitting yourself in the UA Qualifier Storm Packable Jacket. The jacket is fitted with UA storm technology, ready to repel wind and water to shield you from the elements.


Running in the cold can seem scary, but don’t let the bitter winter weather stop you from getting outside. Once you get moving, your body warms up quickly, so you don’t require as much bulk as you may think. The UA Intelliknit is a performance sweater made for keeping warm on the coldest of days. The lightweight feel offers breathability, while the reflective bands on the arms provide extra safety for those late-night and early-morning runs.


When the weather is unbearable, opt for a training session on the treadmill. Under Armour’s new HOVR Sonic 3 are great for distance runs, providing a lightweight feel with a little extra comfort and cushioning.

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