by Katherine Moore (@RunningIntoYoga)

You have been training and preparing for the Modo 8k and these final few days before the race are very important. What you do 48 hours before the race can impact your results. You want to make sure you are prepared mentally, physically, and have everything you need for the race to go smoothly.


Hopefully you have been practising with what to eat before hard training sessions. Try not to steer away from what has worked. Focus on staying hydrated with water and electrolytes. The night before the race eat a carbohydrate rich meal. In the morning wake up 2-3 hours before the race to eat a simple breakfast (oatmeal, toast, granola). Your body will have enough time to wake up and digest before the start of the race.


A few days leading up to the race rest as much as you can. Any time you can get off your feet and relax, take it. All the training is done; now is the time to relax and restore the body before race day.  It is important to get a good night’s sleep 48 hours before the race.  Some athletes have a hard time sleeping the night before a race so try to get as much as you can two nights before.


Have you set goals for the Modo 8k?  To make these goals achievable, begin to visualize yourself reaching these goals.  You can also look back in your training log and remind yourself what you have already achieved in workouts and runs.  Look at the training sessions that you did not think you could complete and remember how you got through them.  It is also beneficial to know the course, your splits, and have a race plan.  Visualize yourself racing the course.

Last Minute Preparation

To make sure everything goes smoothly, make sure to look over the race details (start time, location, parking, washrooms,). To make sure you do not forget anything, prepare all your race gear the night before the race.

Race Day

Get to the race one hour before the race starts.  You will have time to use the washrooms, get warmed up, and finish your drills, strides and stretches.   Remember to stay relaxed, stick with your race plan and most importantly, get out there, Run Fast and Have Fun!