by Katherine Moore (@RunningIntoYoga)

It’s OK if you can’t touch your toes.

Yoga can benefit athletes physically as it builds strength, endurance, stamina, and increases flexibility. It also teaches you to breathe more efficiently, improves mental focus, and can help you stay calm and centered during challenging situations. When you practice yoga, you are in a space where you are practicing postures and being encouraged to drop the performance based process. This can help relieve stress and anxiety and help relax your body in the moment.

It can also be translated to a great cross training tool for runners. During your training for the Modo 8k, you can incorporate these postures into your training program. You will experience a steady development of strength that will last your entire life. Remember: strong flexible muscles can help maintain a healthy, less injury prone body and a relaxed mind.

03-09-yoga-lungeHigh Lunge

Stack the right knee over the right ankle and walk the left foot behind you. Lift high onto the ball of the foot. Press your inner left knee up and engage the thigh muscle. Keep bending the right knee until the right thigh is parallel to the floor. Push into both feet and lengthen the upper body. To challenge yourself, slowly lower the back knee to the floor 5-10 times to strengthen your legs. Keep the abdomen lifted and engaged the whole time. Breathe slowly and evenly.
Opens the hips and groin, strengthens the lower body and improves balance and stability.

03-09-yoga-warriorWarrior Two

Stand with feet below the wrists. Turn the right foot out so it lines up with the center ankle, center knee and hip. Bend your right knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Push strongly through the left leg and the outer edge of the left foot. Keep your spine centered lift your chest and engage your abdonminals. Extend through both arms and breathe evenly. Take 10-15 breaths on each side.
Opens the hips and groin, strengthens the whole body, improves balance, and stabilizes the hips and pelvis.


Place forearms on the floor. Stack your shoulders over your elbows and walk your knees back until your hips are in line with your shoulders. Lift your knees off the floor with toes tucked under. Lift inner knees and engage thigh muscles. Keep abdominal muscles engaged and front ribs lifted in. Keep a long, toned upper torso. Breathe slowly and evenly. Stay as long as you can keep breath even and proper alignment. To modify place knees to the floor.
Strengthens the whole body, builds endurance and stamina.

03-09-yoga-treeTree Pose

Standing on the right foot, lift the left foot and place it on your inner shin or thigh (not on the inner knee). Push strongly through the standing foot and engage the right thigh muscle. Lengthen your tailbone and lift the abdomen. Keep the hips aligned. Lengthen and lift the spine and chest. Extend the arms up over your head and balance for 10-15 breaths.
Strengthens the lower body and opens the hips. Improves balance and coordination. This pose leaves you in a state of rejuvenation.