Expert Tips for Success at the Under Armour Toronto 10K 2024 

The Under Armour Toronto 10K is this weekend and as race day approaches, it’s essential to fine-tune your preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or tackling your first 10K, we’ve got tips from Under Armour Ambassadors Laura Sanhueza-Miller, Emily Rudow and Amanda Regnier to help you make the most of race day. 

Plan Ahead  

Having your running gear ready to go is key, especially if you have a busy schedule, says Laura ( Keep an extra set of running shorts and shoes in your car, by your home entrance, at the office, or even underneath your regular clothing for a quick and easy change. Bring this habit into race day so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Practise Makes Perfect 

Emily (@emilyrudow) knows training doesn’t always go as planned. “We all have those days where we fall short of our pace goals, struggle through a bad workout, or feel like we’re not making the progress we hoped for,” says Emily. Remember that practise makes perfect and trying is a small step in the right direction. Embrace your struggles to help develop resilience and grit. You’ll remember all the lessons you learned from those tough workouts and know how to improve for the big moments.   

Explore New Roads 

Staying motivated often involves finding new places to run. Amanda (@runningwithregnier) suggests planning new routes when training feels stagnant. Exploring new locations can invigorate your routine and make you feel stronger. 

Look for the Pacers 

Whether you prefer training solo or with a group, on race day, you’re never alone. Look towards your fellow racers for motivation to keep moving. If you’re racing towards a specific time, UA Ambassadors Jake Myles (@jakemyles) and Stéphane Hetherington (@coachstedotcom) will be two of your pacers during the UA Toronto 10K. Be sure to look for them to keep you on track! 

Enjoy Race Day 

At the end of the day, this is what you trained for! Enjoy the rush and let the cheering crowds boost your spirits all the way to the finish line. 

With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for the Under Armour Toronto 10K. Embrace the journey, trust your training, and most importantly, enjoy the race.