Under Armour Spring Run-Off Training Tips

By March 25, 2022Uncategorised

Before running any 5K or 8K race, you’ll need to train your body to be in top form. Under Armour has tips for every aspect of your training preparation.


Strength training helps build muscle and increase mobility. Add lifting into your routine three days a week, with one upper body day, one lower body day and one full body day, focusing on high reps with low weights. Flat shoes such as TriBase Reign 3 training shoes help maximize ground contact and improve overall stability.


Starting a diverse running program several weeks before the race is an effective way to maintain endurance and meet personal goals.

  1. Tempo runs are fast runs at a steady pace, working at a threshold. Tempo runs make runners stronger milers with less fatigue.
  2. Hill repeats help runners build strength and improve speed. This teaches your body to recover quickly.
  3. Interval runs involve short, intense runs repeated with short breaks between. Interval runs increase muscle size and cardiovascular health.
  4. Long runs involve a steady and comfortable pace. The purpose of long runs is to increase endurance and stamina.


Cooldowns, stretching and foam rolling are proactive actions to keep the body injury-free as muscles are strained while training. Cooldowns at the end of a workout bring the heart rate down and promote gradual recovery. Try a brisk five-minute walk, followed by static stretching – holding each stretch for 30 seconds.

Foam rolling before and after workouts helps to alleviate soreness and increases flexibility. By implementing 10-15 minutes of foam rolling into your workout routine, runners become more muscular, less injury-prone and recover faster. 


The key to any fitness goal is to complement your training with a balanced diet. The morning of the race, leave yourself at least a 1.5 – 2-hour window to eat. You want to be able to fuel your body, but if you eat too close to race time your body will expend energy trying to digest. Hydration is also crucial. To ensure your body is ready to perform, you should be drinking 2 – 3 litres a day leading up to the race to avoid cramping.


The hardest part of the race won’t be the actual running but rather staying motivated leading up to the race. Set your goals and create a playlist of songs you love. Organization is also key to success. Plan out your training schedule ahead of time, setting small, achievable goals. By writing down goals and results, you’ll make yourself accountable and be able to see the progress you’re making in real-time.

Read the official UA Spring Run-Off Training plan here and show us how you’re applying these training tips on Instagram with #UASpringRunOff.