A selection of race recaps from the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon:

“I ran the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon three times on the same day; that’s a total distance of 126.6 km. As a survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and rape, I was running to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence in our communities. But more importantly, I was running to demonstrate the resilience we all have inside to overcome life’s greatest obstacles and trauma.”
Author: Jean-Paul Bedard, iRun Magazine
Link to blog: http://www.irun.ca/blog/index.php/like-forrest-gump-meets-groundhog-day-a-triple-marathon-one-kilometre-at-a-time/ 

“This race represents a homecoming of sorts.  It’s the first half marathon I ever completed, so emotionally, it is near to my heart.  It is also so big that it attracts a lot of people from the running community, in-person and online.  In that respect, it feels like a big family reunion.  And much as I enjoy travelling around the province (and beyond) for races, there is a sense of comfort that comes from competing in your backyard. ”
Author: Darren Cooney
Link to blog: http://darrencooney.blogspot.ca/2015/10/race-report-scotibank-toronto.html 

“As for STWM, however, I’m a lifer. This race has changed my life. I was overwhelmed by this year. It was emotional for me. I realized that this race has brought amazingly positive people into my life.” 
Author: Karyn Cooper, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: https://tenminutemile.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/marathon-monday-14/ 

“To my surprise, witnessing 26,000 runners take on the course was much more powerful than any personal running experiences have been. I became obsessed watching each runner pass me wondering what their story was, how they got to the start line, and who they were they running for.” 
Author: Sasha Exeter
Link to blog: http://www.sosasha.com/2015/10/scotiabank-toronto-waterfront-marathon-btgyyz-weekend/ 

“I crossed the line in 3:18:33 – a PB of more than 20 minutes, a Boston Qualifier, but most importantly, a race effort I could be proud of. I started to cry in the finishing chute, which seriously creeped out a lot of the race volunteers. I couldn’t help it – like I said, I’m a giant wuss.” 
Author: Amy Friel, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://thelongslowdistance.com/2015/10/22/the-war-of-attrition-one-marathon-of-a-race-recap/ 

Steve’s Training Vlog: Episode 14 The Race
Author: Steve Lennon, STWM Digital Champion
Link to vlog: https://youtu.be/xIJsxDWrPkE 

“The course was fairly wide open from the beginning and there was always plenty of room to run the pace I wanted. There were more spectators out than I expected, and I was even surprised to see people cheering along the Spadina Road overpass. I finished in 2:07:02 (9:41 min/mile), which was much better than I anticipated.”
Author: Vicky Leung, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://menubyvicky.com/2015/11/02/2015-scotiabank-toronto-waterfront-half-marathon/ 

“Since running this race I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support of friends, family and other runners in the community. It has been incredible.  If I had one word to describe this race experience, it would be “gratitude.” I’m so grateful for everything (and if you made it to the end of this very long post, thank you for reading it!). Marathons are hard. But we did it. I am so proud of all of us.”
Author: Mei Ling, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://plaincanbelovely.com/2015/10/24/chafing-the-dream-scotiabank-toronto-waterfront-marathon-stwm-2015-race-recap/ 

“Jean-Paul ran the marathon three times so people would learn that lesson. A lesson that should never even need to be taught. So, I got to run with this man. This great, wonderful, funny, fantastic, superhero of a man. I got to cross the finish line with this man and share in this glorious victory, and I had fun. I had so much fun! We laughed, we joked, we shared funny and stupid stories.”
Author: Michael Lobsinger, Get Out Do More
Link to blog: http://getoutdomore.com/2015/10/running-with-heroes/ 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this community we have in Toronto is really something special and I am at a loss for words when it comes to the many friends and strangers who reached out to me last week on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in person at local runs to thank me for cheering at STWM. While it is humbling for people to be appreciative of me being out on the course, truthfully I feel that it is what I should be doing and I don’t do it for the thanks or appreciation. I do it because if we aren’t running we should be cheering.”
Author: Allison Miceli
Link to blog: https://kmhungryyogi.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/stwm-2015-wrap-up/ 

“I now officially hold the Guinness World Record for fastest half-marathon in a suit with an adjudicated time of 1:35:47 (1:35:48 chip time), just a little more than four minutes faster than the 2012 record I set out to break. It was as tough as you’d expect. Even training in my Indochino suit didn’t entirely prepare me for how I’d feel during the attempt. When Coach gave me my race plan, I actually laughed out loud. Thankfully, my Pace & Mind teammates refused to let me settle for less and encouraged me every step of the way. It would result in the personal best of a lifetime.”
Author: Nicholas Mizera, Guinness World Record Holder for Fastest Half-Marathon in a Suit
Link to blog: http://thegentlemanjournalist.com/2015/11/01/photo-finish-how-i-set-the-world-record-for-fastest-half-marathon-in-a-suit/ 

“On one hand all I can think about is how much I’ve accomplished and how I only have 5 kilometers to go, and on the other hand every 100 meters feels like a kilometer and I am almost ready to fall over and cry. I am holding back tears and I can feel myself getting more vocal with my breathing. I am huffing and puffing but I will not give up.”
Author: Katie Neilsen, iRun Magazine 
Link to blog: http://www.irun.ca/blog/index.php/experiencing-the-marathon-for-the-first-time/

“When I was selected as a Digital Champion, I never thought I’d be thrown so deeply into the race, and into the running community. Over the summer, I was asked to be part of a photo series for the race, featuring runners from across the city. As I entered the race expo on Octber 17th, I was greeted with a giant version of myself on the wall, where people were signing their names and writing messages to fellow runners. Is this real life?”
Author: Danielle O’Hanley, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://runhanley.com/post/131748943206/toronto-waterfront-marathon-race-weekend-report 

“When I crossed the 40k check point, I knew it was gonna be a PB. And that was my goal! I needed it so badly after trying so many times to break my previous PB of 3:50 from the very first marathon I ran. What a feeling crossing that finish line and watching over your head the numbers you imagined in your training dreams! 3:42:57 is my new PB.”
Author: Jarek Pachocki, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: https://frjarek.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/chasing-pb-at-stwm-what-a-journey-it-was/ 

“I turned onto Bay Street with it’s multiple meter markers of agony. With about 400 meters to go, I totally started to struggle and slowed my step. A tall guy running next to me glanced back and with a big smile pointed to the finish. I nodded, smiled and picked up my pace. We ran side by side until 50 meters before the finish when he smiled again, waved and zoomed ahead, leaping up in the air repeatedly. Thank you random stranger, I thought laughing. I had no kick left to give but I smiled and trekked across the finish with pride. And a personal best of over 4 minutes!​​” 
Author: Cathy Vandergeest
Link to blog: http://www.runningdesigner.com/blog/more-than-a-race-stwm 

“The last 2k were the great!  We ran through the Parkdale Roadrunners cheer section then made our way up Bay street.  Going up Bay street was a sea of cheers and spectators.  We again saw Allison and the Tribe Fitness cheer station; Thank you all again for the cheers during the last 200m.  From then on I grabbed Karen’s hand and we crossed the finish line!”
Author: Mike Van Mil, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://paramedicmike.ca/2015/11/04/we-are-now-marathoners-runcrs-stwm-recap-a-marathon-of-a-post/ 

“The Canada Running Series group does a great job at the finish line with cameras going and an announcer to tell you how the elites were doing. I totally stuck around to see how Lanni was doing. Someone at the finish line said she was super close and lucky for a couple of us, they let us stick around to watch Lanni cross. Lanni came in at 2:28:09 or so, just 10 seconds off her own Canadian record. BUT – she did qualify for Rio 2016! YAY!”
Author: Rebecca Wemyss, STWM Digital Champion
Link to blog: http://runningfoodbaby.com/2015/10/stwm-half-marathon-race-recap/ 

“The last part of the race was extra special, a feeling I will never forget. As we make our way up Bay St., a few hundred metres from the finish line, all I hear is someone screaming “GO VICTORIA GO!” and jumping up and down from the corner of my eye.  It was Maya and the rest of the Blacktoe cheer squad!! It was so great to see them at the 6km mark but I didn’t expect to see them again at this point. All that energy helped me push to the finish.”
Author: Victoria
Link to blog: http://victakes.com/stwm-half-marathon-race-recap/