Where can I find more information about participating with a visual impairment (blind)?

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I am a visually impaired runner. Where can I find out more about running with a guide?

If you are visually impaired and would like to be matched with a guide runner, please contact Achilles Canada at www.achillescanada.ca.

How do I register to run with a Guide?

You will register using the online registration system. When the participant picks up their race kit, they will receive the additional “GUIDE” bib.

Your guide has 2 options:

  • The guide can participate in the event at no cost. They will need to complete the event waiver and wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.
  • The guide can pay the full registration fee. They will receive the event shirt, bib with timing chip & finisher’s medal. They will need to wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.

I am running as a guide, how do I get my “guide” bib?

The participant that you are guiding will be given a guide bib with their bib. You will need to wear this bib on your back while guiding a participant in the event.

I am interested in running as a guide.

Thank you so much for your interest in being a guide for one of our participants! We at CRS do not coordinate guides, however, I am sure that Achilles Canada at www.achillescanada.ca would love to hear from you.

Can I participate with my support device?

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Can I participate in a wheelchair?

Athletes using non-motorized wheelchairs are welcome in the 10K event. Please indicate on your registration form if you are planning on participating in a wheelchair and email crswest@canadarunningseries.com with your expected completion time and to discuss whether an advanced start would be appropriate. Note that the course time limit still applies to all participants.

Can I participate with my Nordic poles?

Yes, all participants using Nordic poles are requested to start in the last corral.

Can I participate with my handcycle?

Handcycles are not permitted to be used.

Can I participate with my motorized wheelchair?

No, motorized wheelchairs are not permitted to be used.

Can I participate with my support animal?

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Service animals are the only animals permitted on course.

Trained, accredited service animals (animals trained to assist individuals with a medical or physical disability) may be permitted on course, provided that the procedures below are followed.

  • Accreditation documentation by a recognized Assistance Animal program or equivalent.
  • Only working animals (not including retired, trainee and companion animals), are permitted on course.
  • The service animal must wear an identification harness for the duration of the event.
  • The owner is responsible to clean up after their service animal.
  • Race officials have the right to refuse participation if the service animal poses a safety concern.

Please note that the required documentation is to be submitted at least one week prior to the event. All documentation and inquiries should be directed to crswest@canadarunningseries.com.

Blind Persons’ Rights Act
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Human Rights Code