Q: Where do I pick-up my Age Category award?
A: On race day, you can pick-up your age category award at the Awards tent located in the Party Site. After the event, please contact awards@canadarunningseries.com to arrange pick-up of your age category award.

Baby Strollers

Q: Where do I start the 10k if I’m participating with a Baby Stroller?
A: All baby strollers will start at the back of the purple corral.

Q: What do I do with the “STROLLER” bib?
A: The STROLLER bib should be attached to your back so that other participants know you are pushing a stroller. The numbered bib should be attached to your front.


Q: Where is the 10k baggage check?
A: Click here


Q: Where are the bathrooms?
A: Port-o-lets will be located at the start and finish areas, and at the on-course water stations.

Bib Number

Q: Where can I find my bib number?
A: Bib Number and Corral colour will be provided to you in our last minute information e-mail on Tuesday, June 5th.


Q: Where can I find out more information about fundraising for the official charity?
A: Click here.

Confirmation Email

Q: I don’t have my confirmation email, how do I pick-up my race kit?
A: You can bring the original registration email confirmation AND/OR a piece of photo ID to packet pickup to pick-up your race kit.


Q: How do I know which corral I should start in?
A: You will be organized in coloured corrals based on the expected finishing time you provided on your registration form. Your assigned corral will be indicated by a coloured stripe on your bib. On race day, enter your corral at the coloured flags that correspond to your bib.

Q: Can I change my corral?
A: If a corral change is required, send an email to info@canadarunningseries.com before Tuesday May 29th or visit the Help Desk at packet pickup or on race day.


Q: 10k course map
A: Click here


Q: What is the official race hotel? 
A: Information coming soon.

Packet Pickup

Q: When and where do I pick-up my race kit?
A: Information coming soon.

Q: Can someone else pick-up my race kit for me?
A: A friend or family member can pick up your race kit provided they have your email confirmation AND/OR a permission letter.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to claim my race kit?
A:You can bring the original registration email confirmation AND/OR a piece of photo ID to Packet Pickup to pick-up your race kit.

Q: Can I pick up my race kit on race day?
A: There will be no race day pick-up.


Q: What do I get with my registration? 
A: You will receive a lululemon participant shirt, finisher medal, personalized race bib, and complimentary race photos.

Q: Can I get a refund? 
A: Entries are non-refundable.

Q: Can I transfer my entry to another person?
A: Yes, you can transfer your entry to another person. Please email support@raceroster.com. The deadline for making changes online is midnight Tuesday May 29th. After that time, all changes must be made in person at the Help Desk during Packet Pickup. There is a $5 fee to make a transfer.

Q: How can I change my address or contact information after I’ve registered?
A: Please email support@raceroster.com. Deadline for making changes online is midnight Tuesday May 29th. After that time, all changes must be made in person at the Help Desk during Packet Pickup.

Q: My size is wrong. How do I change it?
A: Please email info@canadarunningseries.com with your new shirt size. Our Support Team will respond within’ 24 hours once the change has been completed. Deadline for making changes online is Tuesday May 29th at midnight. Please note, shirt sizes are based on availability and once a shirt size has sold out, you cannot choose that size.

Q: How can I change my corral and estimated finishing time? 
A:  If you require a corral change, send an email to info@canadarunningseries.com before Tuesday May 29th or visit the Help Desk at packet pickup or on race day. Click here to view corral colours and times.


Q: Where will the results be posted?
A: All results will be posted immediately after the race on the homepage.

Q: Are the results based on chip time?
A: Yes, results are based on chip time — the total time from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line.

Road Closures

Q: Are there any road closures in the area?
A: Click here. 

Shuttle Buses

Q: Where can I access the shuttle bus and how much is it?
A: Click here.

Souvenir Shirts

Q: Can I exchange my shirt size?
A: Yes, shirt exchanges can be done after the race until 1:00 p.m. in the party site.


Q: Where are the best places to watch the runners at the finish line?

Start Line

Q: Where does the 10k start?
A: Start line location is on University Avenue, north of Queen Street.

Start Time

Q: What Time does the race start?
A: 7:30 a.m.

Time Limits

Q: Time limit for the 10k event?
A: 1 hour and 40 minutes


Q: How can I travel to the race?
A: Click here for transit and driving/parking information.


Q: Can I still volunteer?
A: Click here

Water Stations

Q: Where are the water stations?
A: Water & Gatorade will be available at the following locations:

  • Start Line Area
  • On-course 3 water stations will be available
  • Finish Line
  • Party Site

Entry Policies

Entries are non-refundable, non-deferrable, and cannot be transferred between races.

It is a Canada Running Series policy that entries are non-refundable, non-deferrable, and non-transferable between races. Entries may be transferred between participants within the same event. It is the responsibility of the entrant to pick up their packet from registration. Packets will not be mailed prior to or after the event. After the event has taken place T-shirts may not be available, and prior to the event are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

The transfer of a registration to another participant must be done by logging into our official registration platform here. Only transfers through Race Roster will be accepted as this is the only way to securely manage the transfer of a bib from one participant to another.

Accessibility Information

Service Animal Policy

Service animals are the only animals permitted on course.

Trained, accredited service animals (animals trained to assist individuals with a medical or physical disability) may be permitted on course, provided that the procedures below are followed.

  1. Accreditation documentation by a recognized Assistance Animal program or equivalent. Only working animals (not including retired, trainee and companion animals), are permitted on course.
  2. The service animal must wear an identification harness for the duration of the event.
  3. The owner is responsible to clean up after their service animal.
  4. Race officials have the right to refuse participation if the service animal poses a safety concern.

Please note that the required documentation is to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. All documentation and inquiries should be directed to info@canadarunningseries.com.

Blind Persons’ Rights Act
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Human Rights Code

Participants Requiring a Support Person

Toronto & Montreal Events

  1. The participant will register using the online registration system.
  2. Please contact info@canadarunningseries.com to provide your support person’s name and contact information.
  3. Your guide has 2 options:
    1. The guide can participate in the event at no cost.  They will need to complete the event waiver and wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.
    2. The guide can pay the full registration fee.  They will receive the event shirt, bib with timing chip & finisher medal.  They will need to wear the event “GUIDE” bib on their back.
  4. When the participant picks up their race kit, they will receive the additional “GUIDE” bib.

If you have any questions about the information above, please contact info@canadarunningseries.com.

Vancouver & Edmonton Events

For all Vancouver events, please email crswest@canadarunningseries.com to request registration of a support person, with the event and reason.

Wheelchair Participation

Participants requiring the use of a wheelchair are encouraged to register for the following events:

  • Banque Scotia 21K de Montreal
  • lululemon Toronto 10K
  • Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5K (only racing chairs permitted in the half-marathon distance — please contact race organizers)
  • Under Armour Eastside 10K
  • lululemon Edmonton 10K
  • Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K

Due to the steep hills and narrow paths, we do not encourage participants requiring the use of a wheelchair to register for the following events:

  • Under Armour Spring Run-Off 8K & 5K
  • Oasis ZooRun 10K, 5K & Cub Run

Please note:

  • Motorized wheelchairs are permitted in the 5K events
    • must not exceed a speed of 5km/hour
    • must not exceed 40″ length x 30″ wide
  • Handcycles are not permitted
  • Early start times will not be permitted

If you have any questions about the information above, please contact info@canadarunningseries.com.

Accessible Customer Service Feedback

If you require an alternate assistive device or have any questions or comments with respect to the Accessible Customer Service or registration process offered by Canada Running Series, please contact us at info@canadarunningseries.com.


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    Environmental Responsibility

    Green Initiatives

    The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is imperative for us at our events. We are proud to show you our efforts towards maintaining a sustainable future for our planet. We encourage you to join us in this movement to be as eco-friendly as possible — in your travels, at Packet Pickup, on course, and at the post-race celebration!

    Here are some of the steps we are taking…

    Recycling from Start to Finish

    Each year we strive to be conscientious in our recycling efforts. Green For Life Environmental will be collecting and sorting all cardboard, plastics and other recyclables at the start, all the water stations on course, and at the finish. Please do your part and deposit your plastic water bottles in the labelled recycling bins in the party site.

    Composting Food — No Waste

    We’ll have compost bins in the post-race area located all over the party site for you to deposit your banana peels, apple cores, and other food waste.

    We also give all the extra leftover food to Second Harvest.


    Green Team

    We have created a Green Team made up of very energetic people who are there to help us make our event greener! They will make sure that all waste, recycling, and compost bins are well managed and that all the waste ends up in the right place.

    Green Port-O-Lets

    Typical port-o-lets can hurt the environment with cleaning chemical products and chemical deodorants. We are proud to partner with Chantler’s Environmental Services to use their green port-o-lets. They only use green cleaning products that respect the environment.

    What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint at our events?

    Recycle — Don’t Waste — Be Self-Conscious

    We make our events eco-friendly because we believe that we all need to make an effort to respect our environment and maintain it for future generations. Please help us by putting your waste in the correct bins.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    We encourage all runners, family, friends and spectators to share a ride or take public transportation to packet pickup and to the race. If 10,000 runners all drove 20 miles, we’d produce about 100 tons of CO2. That’s because every mile you drive produces about one pound of carbon dioxide. Carpooling and public transport can dramatically reduce our footprint.

    Check out www.ttc.ca and their Trip Planner (on the left hand side of their site) to see what bus and/or streetcar can take you to our event. Fares: $3.50 per trip; or you can purchase a Day Pass. Details of routes and fares at www.ttc.ca. For all inquiries regarding TTC service on race day: www.ttc.ca or call (416) 393-INFO (4636).

    Read about some of the things the City of Toronto is doing to become a world-leader in Green initiatives: www.toronto.ca/environment/initiatives/ and www.toronto.ca/garbage/