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Race Roster Spring Run-Off

April 6, 2019
Toronto, ON
5 km Team Results

Race Roster Spring Run Off - 2019
Team Results - 5 km
BibNameOfficial TimeAge Group
1.Group Hug 13:21:55,81
3946Jason Chao0:30:34.0M35-39
3953Winnie W Yu0:31:21.7F35-39
3952Michael Yu0:34:12.5M25-29
3951Jim Yu0:35:32.0M60-64
3949Ada Yu0:45:43.0F60-64
3950Jason Yu0:46:57.2M30-34
3948Janet Fernando0:54:39.7F30-34
3947Christopher Fernando0:54:39.9M30-34
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