Chrysalis Society

Chrysalis provides effective, long-term, trans-inclusive residential care & supports to adult women seriously impacted by addiction, violence, poverty, homelessness, exploitation & untreated concurrent mental/medical health issues. A women’s-only comprehensive continuum of residential care: that includes early, post-detox, first-stage stabilization into recovery from addiction; semi-independent living with transitional supports in second stage homes; and independent living through a subsidy in market housing. We’re the only women’s organization of its kind in BC.

Approximately 20% of the women in our care are youth (age 19-24). 30% are Indigenous. By providing indoor & outdoor home environments that are beyond minimal, we reduce the added impacts of stigmas related to addiction & poverty. Women learn through experience that they deserve more than mere basic survival. They learn how to include nurturing self-care and comfort in their own recovery. They learn & discover their own extraordinary worth, & how to give it value.