Chikondi One Heart Angels Orphanage

At the Chikondi One Heart Angel Orphanage we provide education and sustainability for children in Blantyre Malawi Africa. The word Chikondi is a Chichewa definition for “Love”. The word Chikondi is to honour the African people and their language, therefore, a heartfelt connection. Over 90% of your donation go directly to help support the children and has a huge impact on the quality of life for these children. Philanthropists who donate make a bigger, positive difference in the life of children in Malawi Africa. We will feed 100 children & help the grandmothers.

The Mission of Chikondi’s is to be an example of Love and Faith in Action and an exciting journey of transformation. We have a passion for children, we are creating a brighter future for them and experience the joy of changing a child’s life!