Can I participate with my support device?

By February 3, 2020Accessibility, Course
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Can I participate in a wheelchair?

Athletes using non-motorized wheelchairs are welcome in the Half-Marathon event. Please indicate on your registration form if you are planning on participating in a wheelchair and email with your expected completion time and to discuss whether an advanced start would be appropriate. Note that the 3-hour course time limit still applies to all participants.

Can I participate with my handcycle?

Handcycles are not permitted to be used

Can I participate with my Nexus Rollator Walker?

Yes, you are able to participate with a Nexus Rollator Walker.

Can I participate with my motorized wheelchair?

Motorized wheelchairs are permitted in the 5k event. They must not exceed a speed of 5km/hour and must not exceed 40″ length x 30″ wide.