Theresa Foundation

Established in 2007, the Theresa Foundation is a registered charity based in Montreal which is devoted to meeting the needs and improving the lives of grandmothers and orphaned children of AIDS victims in the village of Mnjale, Malawi, and its surrounding communities.

The funds that are raised by the Theresa Foundation are sent directly to the hands of the people of Mnjale where they are used in a variety of ways and include:

  • The construction of a community centre and wiring the centre with electricity;
  • Sending girls to secondary school who would normally not be able to afford it;
  • Sustaining a farming program for Mnjale and for two neighbouring villages;
  • Supporting the grandmothers and their grandchildren by providing food, training, medical help, blankets, bicycles, transportation, Christmas dinners and a host of other needs.

A dollar goes a long way in Mnjale!

CHARITY CONTACT or (514) 823-3927