Lymphedema Quebec

One of five breast cancer survivors will develop lymphedema in her lifetime. In Quebec, hundreds of children suffer from lymphedema. The Lymphedema Association of Québec (LAQ) helps all people affected by this chronic swelling of the arms and legs. The LAQ’s mission is to demystify lymphedema and support patients. LAQ is the only Québec charity dedicated to advocate for the rights of lymphedema patients. Give generously to the LAQ and enable us to improve our work with patients, medical teams and the government.

Thousands of Quebecers with lymphedema are counting on you! On April 25, come and walk with the Lymphedema Association of Québec (LAQ)!Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes swelling. People often try to hide the condition because it is debilitating to arms or legs and requires the use of compression garments and bandages. Lymphedema can occur at birth or often after cancer treatments. It cannot be cured and treatments are only partially covered by the RAMQ.