Association québécoise de la dysphasie, Région Montérégie

The purpose of the Association québécoise de la dysphasie, Région Montérégie is to raise awareness of the reality for people with DLD (developmental language disorder or dysphasia) within the community. DLD is a primary language impairment which affects verbal expression and often comprehension. The impairment can be observed in more than one component of the language, such as phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatic components. The Association is composed of people living with DLD, their family members and members of the community who have dysphasia at heart. The Association supports and encourages mutual aid amongst the members. The Association informs its members and the community of their rights and the services that are available to them.

Please help us create awareness of DLD, to ensure integration in school and workplaces to become easier and that allow people who are living with developmental language disorder to live normal lives within our society.

Please write to for more details.