When will I get my shirt and medal if I run the virtual race?

By June 25, 2020Post-Race
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If you have selected to pick-up your race package at the Toronto Zoo, Canada Running Series office or warehouse, we look forward to seeing you! Our team will assemble your race package with care and include some great sponsor swag.  

To ensure speedy service and the best experience, please wait until we contact you by email to let you know that your package is available for you to collect! 

If you do not reside in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), our team will be assembling your race package for mailing. We will endeavour to get your package to you as quickly as possible, however, we cannot make any guarantees on scheduled delivery dates. Please ensure we have your full and complete mailing address in your Race Roster account to help prevent delays. 

If you live in the GTA but are unable to pick-up your package, our friendly staff will most likely hand deliver your race package. They may attempt to contact you if they have trouble leaving your package in a secure spot, so watch out for a call or text from an unknown number.  

If you did not select an option to collect your race package, please contact us at info@canadarunningseries.com