Where can I find my bib number?

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When do I get my bib number?

Bib number and corral colour will be provided to you in our last minute information e-mail on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019.

If you registered multiple participants with one email account, then you will only receive an email for one participant.

Once the bib numbers are assigned, you will be able to find them here.

Can I have a custom bib number?

Bib numbers are assigned automatically, and we are not able to accommodate custom numbers.

How do I get my first name to be printed on my bib?

If you have registered before the before midnight Friday, September 13th, 2019  deadline your first name will automatically be printed on your bib.

I did not receive a bib number, how can I pick up my race kit?

You will be able to look up your bib number at packet pickup.

If you registered after the Friday, September 13th, 2019 deadline you will need to have your bib number assigned at the help desk at Packet Pickup.