Challenge yourself to the traditional 21K or half marathon distance. If you’re comfortable completing 10Ks and want to try something new, the half marathon is for you!

Virtual Period: April 23rd – June 14th

Entry Cost: $40 (plus tax and processing fees)

Welcome Package includes:

  • Event branded neck gaiter
  • 21K finisher medal
  • Race bib
  • Coupon code for 1/2 dozen bagels free when you purchase a minimum of 2 dozen online from St-Viateur Bagel

Options to receive your Welcome Package:

  • Shipped anywhere in Canada by April 23rd for a cost of $10
  • Free curbside pick-up available at Boutique Courir in Montréal from April 23rd-May 2nd.

Finisher Package includes:

  • Saucony Race T-shirt

All Finisher Packages will be shipped by June 14th at no additional cost. Curbside pick-up is not available.

Training Plan

Saucony 21K 12-Week Training Plan.


Join our Banque Scotia 21K de Montréal Strava club to connect with other people training for the virtual race! We’ve created some suggested training routes throughout Montreal and around the original in-person course to keep you moving!

Join our Strava Club

Stay Connected

Use hashtags #Scotia21kMtl and #RunCRSvirtual to connect with our virtual race community. Join our Coureurs du Banque Scotia 21K de Montréal Facebook Group and follow us on Instagram @runcrsmtl.

Inputting Your Results

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Participant Dashboard.
  2. Find the Banque Scotia 21K de Montréal Virtual Race.
  3. Click on “Post Your Result.”
  4. Choose your distance and input your time (input a number for hours, minutes and seconds; use 0 if needed.)
  5. Click “Submit Results.”
  6. Once your results are submitted, click on your name in the results, and then click “Download Certificate” to receive your Virtual Finisher’s Certificate.


2021 Saucony Shirt

Participants will receive a Saucony Stopwatch technical shirt featuring an original design by Montreal artist/illustrator Francorama!

2021 Finisher Medal

This year’s finisher medal features five Montreal landmarks: the Biosphere, Jaques Cartier Bridge, Olympic Stadium, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, and Quai de L’Horloge.

2021 Neck Gaiter

New for 2021, participants will receive a reusable, washable neck gaiter, made with 2-way jersey knit stretch fabric. This item can also be worn as a bandana, headband, beanie, scarf, or hairband!

1/2 Dozen St-Viateur Bagels

Coupon code for 1/2 dozen bagels free when you purchase a minimum of 2 dozen online from St-Viateur Bagel.