What is RegShield and how does it work?

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RegShield covers athletes of all backgrounds. Racing isn’t easy. Athletes are likely to run into problems like injury, sickness,or a litany of other covered reasons.

RegShield is a protection product made for athletes by athletes. Our protection provides coverage for 16 different roadblocks. These are the reasons that most athletes are unable to compete in their events.

For more information regarding coverage please click here.

I forgot to add RegShield when I was registering, can I add it now?
Participants have 48 hours after completing their registration to add RegSheild. There was a link included in your confirmation email.

If more than 48 hours have passed since you have registered, then you are no longer able to add RegShield to your registration.

Is there a deadline to submit a claim?
Yes, all your refund request must be submitted more than 45 days after the Event.

If I transfer my registration, is the RegShield policy applied to the new registration?
No, It does not transfer.

If I transfer my registration to a new participant, can I still submit a claim?
No, you can only submit a claim for active registrations.

How do I submit a claim?
You will need to file the claim directly with RegSheild by going here and complete the validation and claim form online.

You can find a list of the necessary documentation here.

If you properly complete the claim and provide the required documentation, the average turnaround is less than 2 business days to payment completion.

How do I find the status of my claim?
For the status of your claim please email: Help@FanShield.insure and our Escalation team will notify you of the current status.

I filed a claim and it was approved where is my payment?
You can find out about payments here.

I did not add RegShield coverage to my registration, can I defer my registration for 50% off next year?
Yes, RegShield has  NOT replaced our deferral policy.