How do I input my results?

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Participants will be able to input their distances and times from April 1st to April 30th. Once you have completed your activity, you will track it on the Race Roster Results Platform by following these steps:
    1. Go to the Race Roster Results Platform
    2. Login to your Race Roster account
    3. Select your distance by clicking the ‘Event’ drop down
    4. Click the ‘Post An Activity’ button
    5. Add your activity details
    6. Select ‘Submit Activity’

You can upload your race result more than once if you improve your time, but please be mindful that this may not be the time to run a PB. Run well within your ability to keep yourself and those around you safe. Remember, you can upload your times between April 1-30.

Once your results are uploaded to Race Roster, you will have the chance to win some awesome prizes from our race partners! Prizing will be based on participation, not performance, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.   

When will I get my shirt and medal if I run the Virtual Race?

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We cannot wait to get your shirt and medal to you! For anyone who chose the pickup option from the Canada Running Series Office or Warehouse, your race kit will be available for pickup from April 7th to April 11th.

For anyone who chose shipping, it will begin on Tuesday, April 6th, and will continue on a weekly basis until the end of the Virtual Race Period.

Can I change the shirt size I initially requested?

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Can I change the shirt size I initially requested?

You are able to change your shirt size online before the deadline of Wednesday, March 31st at midnight.

How to Change your Shirt Size

1. Login to your Race Roster Participant Dashboard

2. Confirm that you’re managing the correct registration. To switch the event and manage a different registration click the <- All events button and select the appropriate event.

3. Click the Edit registration button.

4. You will then be taken to the Edit registration details page where you can make any updates to your registration. Each part of your registration is broken up into respective fields.

5. Once you have made the appropriate edits, click the green Save button to complete the process.

The shirt size I requested does not fit, can I exchange it?

If your race shirt doesn’t fit, you will be able to exchange it after the Virtual Race Period by emailing based on shirt size availability.

What is the design of the shirt?

You can see the design here: Adult & Kids

How do the shirts fit?

Check out our sizing charts here