If I deferred my 2020 entry, am I automatically registered for the next in-person event or do I have to register again?

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To participate in the 2022 event, you will need to complete the current registration form and enter your deferral code in the Promo Code section.

Find your deferral code by going to https://raceroster.com/dashboard/participants and use the dropdown at the top to search past events. Choose the 2020 Under Armour Spring Run-Off and then find the code under the “Additional Details” portion of your registration.

Can I transfer into another sub-event?

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Participants can transfer their registration to a different sub-event at the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup on April 7th-8th!

Participants cannot change into a virtual sub-event as the virtual event period has already begun, however, changes into different in-person distances are available if space permits.

Please go to the Help Desk at Race Kit Pickup on April 7th or 8th to make this change. Please Note It is a $10 CASH ONLY fee for all participant distance transfers.

How do I confirm that I am registered?

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You should receive a confirmation email as soon as your registration is confirmed. If you did not receive a confirmation please follow these steps:

– Sign in to your Participant Dashboard.
– Click the confirmation number listed beside your virtual event distance
– Your registration confirmation details will pop up in a new window. You can select to print this receipt for your records

What happens if the event sells out?

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Unfortunately there is limited space in this event, and once we are sold out, we are unable to open more spaces. We do not maintain a waitlist for our events. We hope you will join us for another of our virtual events. You can find our events here: www.canadarunningseries.com