What is RegShield and how does it work?

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RegShield covers athletes of all backgrounds. Racing isn’t easy. Athletes are likely to run into problems like injury, sickness,or a litany of other covered reasons.

RegShield is a protection product made for athletes by athletes. Our protection provides coverage for 16 different roadblocks. These are the reasons that most athletes are unable to compete in their events.

For more information regarding coverage please click here.

I forgot to add RegShield when I was registering, can I add it now?
Participants have 48 hours after completing their registration to add RegSheild. There was a link included in your confirmation email.

If more than 48 hours have passed since you have registered, then you are no longer able to add RegShield to your registration.

Is there a deadline to submit a claim?
Yes, all your refund request must be submitted more than 45 days after the Event.

If I transfer my registration, is the RegShield policy applied to the new registration?
No, It does not transfer.

If I transfer my registration to a new participant, can I still submit a claim?
No, you can only submit a claim for active registrations.

How do I submit a claim?
You will need to file the claim directly with RegSheild by going here and complete the validation and claim form online.

You can find a list of the necessary documentation here.

If you properly complete the claim and provide the required documentation, the average turnaround is less than 2 business days to payment completion.

How do I find the status of my claim?
For the status of your claim please email: Help@FanShield.insure and our Escalation team will notify you of the current status.

I filed a claim and it was approved where is my payment?
You can find out about payments here.

I did not add RegShield coverage to my registration, can I defer my registration for 50% off next year?
Yes, RegShield has  NOT replaced our deferral policy.

Can I participate with a stroller?

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Yes, in the 5K distance only.

We will allow participants to push a child in a stroller in the 5K event only; there will be a $5 fee for this entry. You will be provided with an additional bib that must be worn on the back of the individual who is pushing the stroller. This additional bib is for everyone’s safety and will read “STROLLER” to indicate to those around you that you are pushing a stroller.

This is a recreational category and you will be assigned to the purple corral and asked to start at the back.

Please note, you will only receive 1 finishers medal for this entry.

Why is there an additional $5 fee?

The additional $5 charge for running with a stroller covers the cost of an additional bib as well as administrative support to ensure all stroller runners are prepared to participate safely and enjoy your experience on race day!

How can I update my privacy settings?

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Can you remove my results from sports stats?

If you would like your name removed from the results, please contact Sportstats at privacy@sportstats.ca or here https://www.sportstats.ca/about/contact.xhtml?category=Corrections.

I do not want to be listed on the participant list

If you would like your name removed from the participant list, please contact send an email to info@canadarunningseries.com

What happens if the event sells out?

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Will you be posting the percentage of registrations on your website as events get near full?

We will be posting updates on our social media accounts with updates on registration numbers.

Our events regularly sell out, so register as soon a possible to avoid disappointment.

Facebook   Instagram  Twitter

Can I sign up for a waiting list in the event that a registered participant opts not to run?

If an event sells out, we do not start a waitlist.

You are able to find a person with a registration is no longer interested in participating, and transfer the registration.

I can see that there are lots of people who would still like to register, why can’t you increase the capacity?

Unfortunately, we are not able to increase the capacity of our event. The capacity is based on a variety of aspects including participant safety, road closure timing, participant resources, and many other aspects. With these elements in mind, we are not able to increase the capacity at this time.

Are you able to connect me someone who is interested in transferring bibs?

We do not have a waitlist for our events, and because of that are not able to connect you with someone who is interesting in transferring bibs. Please check out the Facebook Event Page as there are routinely people there who have registered, and for whatever reason, can no longer run.

What are the payment options?

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Can I purchase gift certificates for race registrations?

Yes, you can purchase gift registrations for all of our events. When you visit the event registration page, on the left side menu you will see “Gift Registrations”.

We do not offer general Canada Running Series gift certificates, all gift certificates need to be race and distance specific. Participants are always able to transfer distances if need be.

You will need to select which sub-event you would like to purchase as a gift. After you checkout, Race Roster will e-mail you a unique code for you to pass along to that special someone.

Can I pay for my registration with cash or cheque?

If you would like to pay cash for your registration please email info@canadarunningseries.com for a PDF copy of the registration form you can fill out and drop it off with cash to the Canada Running Series offices at 264 The Esplande.

Can I be invoiced for my registration?

We do not offer invoicing as a payment option for individual registrations.

Can I change the shirt size I initially requested?

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Can I change the shirt size I initially requested?

You are able to change your shirt size online before the deadline of Friday October 30th.

Click here for instructions on how to update your shirt size.

The shirt size I requested does not fit, can I exchange it?

If you have picked up your race kit and realized that your shirt doesn’t fit you will be able to exchange the shirt after the race.

Please bring your unworn race shirt to the information desk after the races until 1:00 p.m. Please visit the Help Desk located next to the 8K and 5K packet pickup and we would be happy to exchange it.

There might be limited shirt sizes available after the race.

What is the design of the shirt?

You can see the design here.

How do the shirts fit?

Check out our sizing charts here.

Can I change distances?

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Deadline for changes is midnight Friday, October 30th


  • You must be logged into your Race Roster Account.
  • You can find the login option at the top right of the registration form.
  • Select the ‘Transfer’ tab on the left side of the registration form.
  • Now select the button called ‘Transfer to a new sub-event’.
  • Follow the next steps to complete the distance transfer.

A fee of $10 will be charged for sub-event transfers.

Can I register for one distance, and then participate in another?

You must participate in the event that you are registered for. We have course marshals along the course that ensure that participants are in the correct event.

You are able to transfer distances (space permitting):

  • You must be logged into your Race Roster Account 
  • You can find the login option at the top right of the
  • Select the ‘Transfer’ tab on the left side of the registration form.
  • Now select the button called ‘Transfer to a new sub-event’.
  • Follow the next steps to complete the participant transfer.

A fee of $10.00 will be charged for participant transfers.

Deadline for changes is midnight Friday, October 30th.

It is after the online deadline, can I still change distances?

You are able to transfer distances (space permitting) at the help desk at Packet Pickup. You will need to first pickup your initial race kit, and then head to the help desk to transfer distances.

Can I change my shirt size/estimated finishing time/corral colour?

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Updating your registration:

  • Log into your Participant Dashboard (http://raceroster.com/signin)
  • Use your email associated with your Race Roster account,
  • Select ‘Yes, I have a Password’ and enter your password
  • Click on “edit registration data”
  • Update your shirt size or corral as needed.

From your Participant Dashboard, you can:

  • Access details for your upcoming events (use white box in top bar to select the right event)
  • Search for other events to sign up for
  • View all your transaction details and receipts
  • Manage your pending transfer requests

Deadline for online changes is midnight Friday, March 27th.

At that time, the data is pulled from the registration system. The bib numbers are then printed with your registration details, your name, bib number and corral colour information.

Any changes after the Friday, March 27th date must be made at Packet Pickup or on race morning at the Help Desk.

If you have any issues, please email info@canadarunningseries.com with your new shirt size or estimated finishing time/corral colour. Our Support Team will respond once the change has been completed.