Missing Children’s Network

Founded in 1985, the Missing Children’s Network is a non-profit organization whose goal is to assist parents in the search for their missing child and to contribute, through public education, to the reduction of disappearances of children. A missing child is without a doubt the worst nightmare for any family.  No one can ever imagine living such a terrible ordeal.  The sad reality is that on average, 18 children go missing every day right here in Quebec.  The Missing Children’s Network was created to support and counsel these devastated families.  In order to pursue our critical mission, we need your generous support!

If you would like to support the cause of missing children while participating in a motivating sports activity, easily adapted to suit every level of fitness, please contact Nadia Moise at accounting@missingchildrensnetwork.ngo

Thank you for allowing us to continue our fight in ensuring the personal safety of our youth and in reuniting missing children with their families.